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Part 129: Distortion (II)

Music: Footsteps of Destruction

She looks dumbfounded.
Saber sees me and stops her attack on Berserker.

I can make it!
I can feel the danger coming up behind me.

"W-Why did you come out…!?"
I ignore her, run to her at full speed, and grab her arm!

"Are you insane, Master…!?"
"We'll talk later! Just come this way"
I grab Saber in my arms and jump away.

Video: Archer's Shot (mirror)

The "arrow" is released.
Archer's arrows have not had any effect so far.
The black giant ignores it, as if saying it is not worth blocking.
But at that moment…

The black giant turns his back to us and attacks the "arrow" coming at him with all his might

Music: Stop

I grit my teeth and endure it.
The blinding light must have only lasted for an instant.
I manage to survive the destruction.

Saber is staring in astonishment.
…I'm doing the same as well.
I don't know what happened.
Archer's "arrow" razed this cemetery in an instant.

There is a crater at the center of the explosion.
Archer has created this destruction.
But the giant still exists in spite of such abolition.

"Berserker… He is unwounded even after taking a direct hit from a Rank-A Noble Phantasm"

Saber's voice is weak.
Sparks are flying through the night air.
The black giant is standing still in the fire, and everybody here watches this terrible spectacle without words.

The crackling of the flames is the only sound present.
Right when I start to think that this might turn into a big fire…
Something rolls towards me with a noise.

"…A sword?"
No, it is an "arrow".
An arrow with a gorgeous hilt and a spiral blade.
…Even if it's a sword, it is an "arrow" if it's used as a projectile.

Makes me feel like vomiting for some reason.

I shouldn't be able to see him.
I shouldn't be able to see him, but I do.
He's smiling.
He's smiling as if to tell me that he wasn't aiming just at Berserker.

"Damn him!"
I feel a headache.
The chill running down my back won't go away.
My spine is burning like it does when I fail to create a Magic Circuit

"…Hm. I have a better opinion of you, Rin. Your Archer's pretty good."
The girl's cheerful voice echoes through the air.

"All right, come back, Berserker. I wanted to get the boring stuff over with first, but I've changed my mind."
…The black shadow wavers.
The giant starts to retreat through the fire.

"Master. I thank you for saving me.
But can you let go of me now?"
…I hear Saber's calm voice.

"OhYeah, sorry about that."
I manage to answer despite my throbbing head.
I let Saber go, and when I stand up…
I fall on my butt.

"Shirou? What is wrong? Do you not feel wellShirou, your back…!"
Saber sounds tense.
…I can't see Saber's face, probably because of my pounding headache.
Saber supports me and puts her hand behind my back.

"…This is terrible. It is dangerous like this. Please hold still while I remove this piece."
"Huh? What do you mean by that…?"

She doesn't hesitate.
Saber forcefully pulls something out of my back.

"OuYou're rough"
I try to control my breathing.
…I'm a magus, even though I may be an amateur.
I can manage this pain.

"HaaHaa, haa"
But this felt especially bad.
If I had a wing on my back and it was pulled out, I'm sure that's what it would feel like.

Sighing with relief, Saber says something strange.

A way to heal myself?
I shouldn't be able to use such difficult magic.

…Tohsaka comes to us.
I raise my hand to tell her I'm all right.

"I see. Then let's go. People might come here with all the commotion we've caused."
Tohsaka runs out of the cemetery, her long hair fluttering behind her.

…I feel someone support me as I start to fall.
But the feeling fades as all my senses go away.

Video: UBW: Opening (mirror)