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Part 13: Awakening

Music: Quiet Voice

I don't know why it is, but this is the only thing that comes into my mind.
There's no meaning or reason to it.
It may just be one of the aspects making up Emiya Shirou.

To put it simply, a magus is an exception in conflict with modern society.
But even exceptions must band together to survive.
Father told me that the group of magi is called the "Magic Association".
…He also said that I shouldn't associate with them.

The group called the Magic Association hides magic and organizes magi.
They basically keep watch to see that magi do not affect society with magic, but the strange part is that they do not prohibit misuse of magic.

According to Kiritsugu, the Magic Association is only interested in the concealment of magic.
Even if a magus carries out his research at the expense of the lives of many ordinary people, the Magic Association will not punish him.
Their priority is that magic should not become public, so they do not ban magic.
So, they're crazy people who think you can do anything as long as you don't get caught.

Anyway, the surveillance of the Magic Association is thorough.
Most magical research would cost the lives of ordinary people, and as a result, the existence of magic would become public.
So, the Association does not allow research that would harm society.

So magi stay at home and research quietly, while the normal world carries on unmolested.
Hence, magi only try to hide themselves to escape the Association.
…So perhaps, I just don't know it and a magus lives in this town.

There's a slight possibility.

I hear Fuyuki City is a spiritually excellent area.
Such an area always has a distinguished magus with a history.
They are called the "Second Owner", an elite, and the Association entrusts the area to them.
Magi who would live in the area must visit them and obtain their permission to construct a workshop.

The Owner doesn't know that Emiya Kiritsugu was a magus, and Kiritsugu didn't know who the Owner was.
With reasoning like that, I think our position is ambiguous.

Father, the real magus, has passed away.
And I, his son and pupil, don't know the Magic Association and have not the skill to be a magus.
…From the Association's point of view, they would want to catch an amateur like me doing things, but I've seen no movement yet.
No, I've heard that Japan is relatively hidden from the eyes of the Association, so I think I've just not been found out.

But that doesn't mean I can let my guard down.
People say that the eyes of the Association are everywhere. On top of that, if you commit a crime with magic, the heretic hunters of the church will come after you.
…That just means that whatever you use magic for, lack of care will create enemies.
I, Emiya Shirou, just have to study independently, taking that into account

Music: Stop

It's five thirty.
One of my strengths is waking up at this time, no matter how late I go to sleep. I do sometimes make mistakes and wake up late like yesterday, but I usually wake up early.
I think alarm clocks are degenerate, so I haven't used one since I was a kid.

"You foul, degenerate alarm clocks! Get off my lawn!"

"Alright, breakfast…"
Since I let Sakura do all the work yesterday, I have to return the favor this morning.
I should finish preparing before Sakura arrives.

Music: Gentle Everyday

This fucking game never fails to make me hungry.

I'm gonna go with, "Don't fucking ask if you're not gonna give us a choice anyway."