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Part 130: Separation with Rin

Alright, UBW has officially begun! Let's try cranking up the gay a bit.

That'll do nicely, thanks.

It's a landscape I've never seen before.
The fiery sky above.
An infinite number of swords at my feet.
Are they traces of war?
The world is inorganic, and there are no living things.

The ashen wind courses through the forest of swords.
The swords stand like trees in a forest.
It's not just ten or twenty.
Not a hundred or two hundred.
No matter how many there are, if it is impossible for them to be counted, they might as well be infinite.

The tools are rusting without anybody to use them.
A ruin of infinite swords.

He thinks that…
It is like a graveyard.

Music: In the Sunlight

Music: Stop

Tohsaka Rin says this in her normal tone while looking down at me.

Music: Gentle Everyday

I instantly jump back to the wall to get away from Tohsaka.

"T-T-T-T-T-Tohsaka!? W-W-What!? Why are you in my room…!!?"

"I can't have girls in my room! What will Archerkins think?!"

My head spins and spins.
I should've been at that hill of swordsno, at the burning cemetery, so why am I asleep in my room!?

"T-Tohsaka, why are you here, and what was I doing!?"

My head spins even more after I say that.
It's not because of this surprising event.
I'm surprised the most at seeing Tohsaka right when I wake upand it's causing my heart to beat at an abnormal rate.

Tohsaka is just acting cool.

Music: Stop

That snaps my groggy mind into focus.
That's right.
It's natural to be surprised at seeing Tohsaka immediately after waking up.
But that must mean

"…I see. I guess you carried me here after I fell unconscious."

"Wow. You're sharper than I thought. You're confused, but you're thinking as well. Yeah, this is certainly interesting."

I wish she wouldn't say things that I could take as either insult or praise.

"…Then it's been only half a day?
If you were able to get me home, that means we were able to get away?"

"Yup. I'm glad you're so smart."
She must be satisfied.
Saying goodbye, Tohsaka starts to leave.

She speaks clearly.
Her eyes say…
"We're enemies."
…To me.

That's true.
Last night…
In that church, I said I would fight.
So we can only fight each other.

"Hold on. Why are you thanking me?"
"Well, you helped me, right? I'm even more thankful for that if you're my enemy."

Music: Tender Scenery

Tohsaka returns to the room.

I don't know what she wants, but I'm sure it'll be bad if I don't obey.

"Come on."
She taps on the tatami.
…It seems she has a serious matter to talk about.
I sit down.

"Look. I'll tell you, since you don't seem to understand. You'll die if you think like that."
"What do you mean if I think like that?"

"I'm telling you not to thank your enemies. You'll die a hundred times if you're worried about such a thing.
Look, others are just obstacles. Don't think they're like you just because they have human form or they speak."

Tohsaka speaks with a strong voice and sharp eyes.
…She's certainly right.
If it's wrong to feel compassion for an enemy, it is also wrong to consider them to be just like you.
Since I have decided to fight, they are only things I need to defeat.
Yes, I understand her point of view.

"Are you listening to me!? The Holy Grail War is just a war to kill each other, so don't consider other Masters as human beings. Be ready to kill even your own family. Geez, this is the first rule of being a Master."

Tohsaka yells at me in annoyance.
Well, but…
"I understand that. Then why didn't you kill me?"
Isn't this a problem?

Music: Stop

"...then Archer would have been too sad to fight."

Where did her previous attitude go?
She grumbles angrily.

Music: Tender Scenery

"H-Heh. I just didn't feel like it. I owed you and it's not fair to get you when you're sleeping. So I just wasn't in the mood."

"Tohsaka. Didn't you just say something like doing everything to win?"

"Yes. So this is a mistake on my part. It was a mistake I made because I know I'm stronger. Well, I guess it's flab on my mind."
Oh, I heard that phrase before.

"Flab on your mind? Does that mean you're fat?"

Music: Stop

"Fufufu. You sure are funny, Emiya-kun."
Tohsaka smiles.

"But you shouldn't say unnecessary things from now on. Stupid comments will only bring you death."
…That was scary.
I feel a chill and back up.

Music: Tender Scenery

"…Well, that's all I had to say. Ask your Servant about the rest."
Tohsaka stands up and leaves for sure this time.

Music: Stop

And with that, she disappears.
It really must have been a whim of hers to carry me here and to treat me.
She left with no regret or sentiment, leaving only the line that we're enemies.

I take a breath and analyze the situation.
I haven't had time to think since I saw that fight between Lancer and Archer last night.

"…Oh. I see. Then that figure there must've been Tohsaka."
I finally realize.

I was stabbed by Lancer after that, was saved for some reason, was attacked by Lancer again

"Saber saved me, and I became a Master."
What I heard at the church.
The killings called the Holy Grail War.
The Holy Grail which grants any wish, given to the winner.

…I can't absorb all the facts, but I have been attacked three times already.
So I can't be confused forever.
And most of all, I said I would fight since I could not ignore this battle.

A fight for a single chair, called the Holy Grail War.
No matter what your expectations are, once you enter it, you can't survive unless you defeat your enemies.
The problem is that defeating other Masters might result in harm to innocent people depending on your methods.

That's why…
Rejoice, Emiya Shirou.
My reason for fighting is not to win the Holy Grail War.
Your wish will finally come true.
It is to stop those that would try to win it by any means possible.

…It shouldn't be a mistake.
Emiya Shirou has been training in magic to become a superhero, to protect innocent people.