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Part 135: Choice

Music: The End of Reminiscence

Back then, Kiritsugu didn't leave the house often.
Not going outside, he would just laze around the house carelessly.
…I regret it even now, thinking back to it.
Why didn't I notice that it was like the actions of an animal that knows its time of death?

"I wanted to be a superhero when I was a child."
That man, himself a superhero in my child's eyes, said that as if yearning for it.

"What? What do you mean by 'wanted'? Did you give up?"
I became angry and asked him.
Kiritsugu laughed apologetically and looked up at the sky.

"Yes, unfortunately. Being a hero is a time-limited thing, and it becomes hard to call yourself that when you grow up. I wish I'd found that out earlier."
I agreed with that.
I didn't know why, but I thought it couldn't be wrong because Kiritsugu said so.

"I see. Then I guess it couldn't be helped."
"Yeah. It really couldn't be helped."
Kiritsugu answers.
So of course, my response was determined.
"Yeah, it can't be helped, so I'll take your place.
It's impossible since you're an adult, but it should be all right for me. Let me take on your dream."

"I'll make it come true."

Before I could finish, my father laughed.
He made a face like he didn't even need to hear the rest.
After breathing in, Emiya Kiritsugu said…
"YeahI'm relieved."
He quietly closed his eyes and his life ended.

There's no way I can forget it.
I never said it, but I clearly remember it.
The figure of the man who saved the boy who was left to the fire.

Emiya Kiritsugu held up the dying child and said "thank you".
He said "I'm thankful that I found you."
He made a big smile and thanked someone, as if he was saved by rescuing someone.

…The emotion I felt back then is still engraved in my mind.
Nobody saved me.
I couldn't save anybody.
In it all, I was saved, and a person was there to save me.
That's why I decided to become like him.

Become a superhero, so that I could save people and let no one be killed… just like him.
Even if it may be a child-like fantasy, I yearned to become one.

…And thus.
Kiritsugu, the embodiment of my dream, died peacefully, leaving me his dream of becoming a superhero himself.

It's only natural for a child to succeed his father.
Emiya Shirou must become a superhero and save someone just like the old me.

I swore so as a child.
To fulfill the dream of the man I admired most.

…But to be honest, I'm still wondering…
If my idea is the right one.
Where my idea comes from.
What I can do even despite me being just an amateur.
How to make the dream of making everybody happy, which Kiritsugu always talked about, come true.

……Oh, and…
What I can do now that I'm a Master. There are just so many things that my head's going to explode

Music: Stop

"…Geez. I fell asleep here again."
I shake my head and change into my uniform.
It's a bit before six o'clock.
I bet Sakura's already up and preparing breakfast.

I hope you're all starting to see just how much Shirou dislikes girls in this path.