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Part 136: Fuji-Nee Jigoku Guruma / Everyday (II)

For this update, Wandering Knitter would like for Shirou to have portraits... made of Japanese food porn. May we all regret this.

I don't even have to think how troubling it would be to have Saber mad. And Sakura's pretty stubborn too.
So I'm sure it'd be best to ask Fuji-Nee, since she's the one who'll be over it if they did have a fight last night!

Music: Tender Scenery

"Here I go. Fuji-Nee, it's morning!"
I slide open the shouji.
And I step into the tiger's den.

Music: Stop

And I'm flung outside.

That was the expected result.

Music: Gentle Everyday

She plays innocent as soon as she appears.
I see, I see.
So she doesn't remember grabbing me, rolling three times, and throwing me, huh?

"I'm not lying here because I want to.
If you have any memory of it, at least help me up."

"Hm? Oh, I think I remember doing a special attack against this super robot that came to invade Earth."

The question marks appearing beside her make me think that she might recall the event, but she probably won't.

Dismissing what happened with a mere "oh well" is inexcusable.
I'll get her back for this someday, but there's something I need to ask her first.

"Wait up, tiger. What do you mean by 'Saber-chan'?"

"Hm? Saber-chan is Saber-chan. Sakura-chan, Saber-chan, and I are an alliance of girls that spent the night together!"

"That's a big lie. There are only two girls."

No, there were three if you count Rin's participation by hidden camera.

…I see, she rushed in here in a flash. As expected from a black belt. I keep forgetting, but Fuji-Nee was a well-known swordsman back in her student days.

"…Oh well. But you guys got along well? …I thought Sakura wouldn't approve of her stay."

"Hm? Oh, I see now. You're pretty kind, Shirou. You were worried that Sakura-chan and Saber-chan wouldn't get along well, right?"

"…Of course I'll worry. I decided on Saber's stay without her consent, so I'm sure she doesn't like it.
…I don't like it if she hates me for it, but I can endure it. But I don't like it if Saber and Sakura feel bad."

"It's fine. Sakura-chan and I found out that Saber-chan's a good girl.

That must have been a very thorough and invasive examination.

Well, Sakura-chan isn't used to her yet since Saber-chan's kind don't get along with her kind. But they've made peace, so there's nothing for you to worry about."

I don't know what she's so happy about as she makes her way back to the house.
Well, I'm happy too since the problem here is solved now.

Music: In the Sunlight

"Hm? This is a bit thin. Did you change something, Sakura?"

"Yes. I thought Saber-san wouldn't be used to miso soup.
So I didn't put too much miso in it."

"Yes. I like this miso soup better than last night's. But please cook at your leisure since I am used to Japanese food. It will be for our mutual benefit."

"I am used to it.
…But to be honest, chopsticks are tiring. I do believe it is better than fork and spoon, though."

"Yeah. Fork and spoon over chopsticks. Oh, that's not what you put on it. You have to put soy sauce on that."

"No problem. I'll take a dried seaweed as a reward.
Give me seconds, Shirou."

"Here. Don't eat too much and fall asleep again."

"Sensei? I think you should hold back if you're going to be participating in the morning practice…"

"This is fine. I have to eat a lot to make it until lunch. And you're not one to talk, eating riceballs after the morning practice."

"Heh. I was watching you because you were in the corner acting suspiciously. You shouldn't, you know? A girl your age shouldn't eat two meals in the morning.
The devil comes down on your scale like a terrorist. According to my estimate, your weight right now is"

"No! Please don't, Sensei! I won't come cook anymore if you say it!"


"A-And I only eat like that once in a while. It's not like I do it every day!"

"Haha, that won't do, Sakura-chan. Shirou's pretty sharp on details. I bet he knew from the first time you made it."

"First time? You mean during summer last year?"

"…? Is there dust in the air, Sakura? Why are you waving your hands in the air?"

Music: Stop

Breakfast proceeds like that.
The breakfast table is twice as loud as usual.
Then suddenly…
"Over fifty victims were found earlier this morning, and they are undergoing treatment at a nearby hospital"
I see some disturbing news on the TV.

"Let's see… Nobody could contact the victims since last night, so some of their families called the company. But the guard found nobody in there… Why is that?
Why didn't the guard notice when they were in there, unconscious since last night? That's much more than neglecting your job."

Fuji-Nee must have lost her appetite as she stops eating her third bowl of rice.

Saber's watching the news with an intense expression.
…In that case, I'm not mistaken.
I don't know the motive, but this is something that's done by a Master.
I can say it's fortunate that nobody died just like all the other gas leak incidents

"Man, it's getting really dangerous.
You can't work in Shinto for a while. You have some money in reserve, so take a break during times like these, okay?"

I'm happy that she's worried about me, but I can't reply to her.
I know this is no time to be working, but I'm sure I won't be able to come home as often, now that I'm in a war.
Thenif I'm ever late, I'll have to lie to them that I'm working

Music: Tender Scenery

Saber is following me like she did yesterday.
But I can't let her do so today.
The weekends are fine, but there's no way I can take her to school on a weekday.

"Saber, this is as far as you're coming.
Stay here while I go to school. You'll attract a lot of attention if you come to school. Masters shouldn't stand out, right?"

"I'm saying it's all right. I won't be attacked where there are people, so the school's a safe place. In any case, I can manage protecting myself."

Saber's brow twitches.
She must have some argument about me being able to protect myself.

"Let me ask you. Does that mean you can beat the enemy by yourself?"

"Of course not. I'm saying I can avoid danger by myself during daytime.
I won't go to places with no people, and I'll come home before dark.
You can let me do so, right? You have to rest to preserve your magical energy, so you don't have to follow me."

…She's seriously worried about me.
I feel bad about turning her down.

"…I'm sorry, Saber.
But it's all right. And you'll know if I'm in danger, right? You can come to me if that ever happens."

"No. Our connection is weak. The only time I will sense your danger is when your life is in danger. It would be too late if I head out at such a time."

"Hm. Then I should call for you myself?"

"Yes. If you call for me in your mind, it will be transmitted to me, your Servant. …Please use the Command Spell if you believe that will not be in time either. I shall be able to jump through space to aid you if I have its backup."

Jump through space…?
That's pretty much like sorcery.
The right to absolute obediencethe Command Spell is that powerful?

"…All right. I'll try my hardest not to end up in such a situation. I'll come home before dark, so please stay here."
I wave her goodbye and open the door.

Your school is abnormal. Please be on guard all the time. And please do not go near Rin."
Saber says a strange thing with a serious expression.

"…? Are you saying Tohsaka will attack me at school? That's impossible."

She's a true magus.
She is bound by the Association's rule to avoid involving innocent people. And most of all, she wears the mask of an honor student.
I think she'll greet me normally if I do see her.

"…I would like to believe so. Rin is not the type to change her decision out of worry of how she appears to other people.
It seems she feels hostility against you, so it will do no harm to be on guard."
"Fine, fine. I know it's needless worry, but I'll be careful."