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Part 138: Texture / Tiger Dojo 16

Music: Premonition of a Storm

I have an advantage of one floor between us.
So now, I only have to run down to the first floor and get out of the building

Music: Stop

I feel like throwing up when I move.
…It's cold.
I have goosebumps all over me, my joints are hurting, my muscles are heavy, and my organs are half shut down.

"Crapt-this is…"
It's not because of the jelly that I can't move.
This is a bad case of the cold.

In Japan, the common cold is a lethal disease that slowly shuts down your organs before finally devouring your brain.

Tohsaka's magic.
The Gandr Shot, a magic that'll infect the target with a cold, has hit me.
As a resultmy body is so sick that it can't move on its own

"Just as I expected. I knew you'd go there if I prepared an easy escape route."

I hear Tohsaka's voice from afar, as if she's contacting me from the moon.

Her cold finger digs into my neck.
When I realize it's Tohsaka's finger and try to fling it away…

I don't think you knew, but I've known you for a long time."

Music: In the Sunlight

"Oh. …I'm sorry, I made you do it by yourself again. I'll make dinner, so please forgive me."

"Ugh. But I'd be relying on you too much if I made you cook breakfast and dinner. Let me cook tonight. I want to make it up to you for sleeping in."

"You'd better. 6:05? What's wrong with you?"

"Hmm. Then let's cook together.
I'll help you, so please come home early."
"All right. I'll cut work short today."

"Good morning! Everyone sure is doing well this morningwait, huh…? What is this, Shirou!?"
"Huh? What do you mean? Did you forget something at your house?"

"Huh? Huh? Huh? That's weird. I thought something's strange, but nothing's strange at all.

…But it's still bothering me. Shirou, aren't you forgetting something?"
"Forgetting something? Like what?"

Sakura-chan, don't you think something's strange? It feels like we're forgetting something or missing something."

"No. I think it's just your imagination, Fujimura-Sensei.
We're not forgetting anything nor are we forgetting anyone."

"Hmm. Oh well. If I can't remember it, it must mean it's not important."
Fuji-Nee seems satisfied as she sits down and starts eating.
This is a normal morning in this household.

I leave the house as well.

Music: Stop

She must have found it awkward that our eyes met, as she starts walking on quickly.

"Huh…? Oh, morning, Issei.
I wasn't glaring at her. It's just that our eyes met."

"Really? That's fine, but make sure not to pick a fight with Tohsaka, okay? It's her principle to counter twice as hard. You'll be throwing away your last year in school if you do so."

I don't know how serious he is, as Issei murmurs Buddhist scriptures.
But that's needless worry.

"Are you stupid? First of all, I don't even know her.
…Well, she did look beautiful, but I didn't know such a person went to our school."

"Yes, that is the correct response. That thing is too much for us humans. It is our way not to get involved with her.
Huh, I was worried for a second, but everything is settled now!"

Issei goes up the hill.
I watch him go as I stand there.

"Everything's settled? What happened and what ended?"
I hear the first bell from the top of the hill.

I think this is my second-favorite bad end. ...

Video: Tiger Dojo 16 (mirror)

Music: Today's Meal

This is the true ending of Tohsaka-san's route!
Life is back to normal for Shirou. This is indeed a grand finale!

Well, everyone, let's meet next time in Fujimura-Sensei's route, "We don't need tiger"-

Music: Stop

No way, you idiot!

Music: Madder Red Town

Oh, Senpai! Hi, you look beautiful as always!

Just go on and explain the situation, buruma.

Osu! There are two ways to get to this bad end!

One is a simple mistake in your choice. Getting shot at after stupidly escaping forward.

And the other is a bit troubling, and that is the case where you come here from Saber's route.

To put it simply, you need to restart from the morning of the 4th day if the 5th day's title was "Unlimited Blade Works" even though the title on the 4th day was "Fate".

Choosing "…I'm sorry, but I can't" at the end of this update results in a status screen explanation from Saber (duplicated by Rin after the ending), followed by starting the UBW route from this update. This makes it the longest bad end in the game that doesn't involve a reputation check.

To put it more simply

T-That's wrong, Senpai. We came to this bad end because the alliance was not formed. It's not that Shirou betrayed you.


Oh, she's gone…

Anyway, there are two ways to avoid this bad end!

Escape back when you're attacked by Rin! Or if the choice didn't even appear, you have to restart from the morning of the 4th day!

And a special tip for those that came here without seeing any ending!

Um, you can't clear Rin no matter what you do during your first play.

Music: Stop