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Part 14: Dojo scenery

Music: Gentle Everyday

We technically would get a choice here, but it only shows up if you're aiming for the Heaven's Feel route. Doing this requires you to have cleared Unlimited Blade Works, then play through day 1 again and make sure to help Sakura in the morning, then walk her home at night. You then see a scene where you actually walk Sakura home instead of wussing out and letting Taiga do it.

Music: Stop

In the morning, when the sun has just risen, the silence has a holy feel to it that fascinates those who come here.

There's only one thing to do now that I'm here.
Since Kiritsugu died, this place has become a gym to train my body.

Even a magus cannot neglect to train their body.
One of the requirements for a magus is to have excellent physical abilities.
While Kiritsugu was alive, we had many matches here.

Well, it was pretty much him beating on me, so I didn't learn anything about how to win in a fight.
…But I think I learned the difference between a fight and a battle.
In other words, I was taught the difference between killing your opponent and beating your opponent.

Knowledge and experience are different.
Unless I know in advance, it's hard to tell whether I'm involved in a fight or a murder.

You'll know which is which when the time comes.

…It's a simple story.
As long as you learn magic, you might destroy yourself, and times will come when you have to fight.
For a magi, a fight means killing each other.
So I think what Kiritsugu wanted to teach me was to prepare my mind for the prospect of death.

But it's been a while since my teacher passed away.
On my own, all I can do are simple exercises that anyone could do.

"Well then, let's do this properly."
After warming up by stretching, I start my exercises, keeping my attention inside my body.

I comprehend the flow of the Magic Circuit, the friction in my bones, the distortion in my thinking during fatigue, all while I'm training.