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Part 143: Tonight's dinner / Inform Saber

I recall Archer's words and shake my head.

Oh, Shirou... always thinking of Archer's backside

I don't know what he wanted to say, nor do I want to know.
But it's stuck in my head and it won't go away.
A familiar called a Servant.
His honest opinion, scorning heroic spirits as mere cleaners.

Music: Gentle Everyday

Even though she's in the middle of cooking, she comes out to greet me.
"I'm home. I'm sorry I'm late. How much of dinner's done?"

"I just started preparing. But I don't think I need your help. We're having stew tonight at Fujimura-Sensei's request."

"I see. There's certainly nothing I can help with."
Looking, I see that everything's been cut up already.
Knowing how good Sakura is, I bet all she has left to do is to cook it.

"Where's Saber? I don't see her in the living room."

"Saber-san is sleeping. She said she wanted to be woken up when you come home…"
"…Hm. Was Saber mad?"

…If Sakura's hesitating to say it, it must mean Saber's really mad.
It's only natural though, since I broke our promise of me coming home before dark.

"Oh, welcome home, Shirou. Saber-chan was really mad. She said she wanted to talk to you in the dojo after you got home."
Fuji-Nee says something really scary while she munches on a mandarin.

"Fuji-Nee. You didn't happen to tell Saber weird things, right? …Um, like a person who breaks a promise should be punished by getting a beating with a shinai…"

I see.
So my enemies aren't just other Masters. There is another one hiding here as well.

"Can I ask you something? Did you take Saber to the dojo? Did you tell her to use a shinai if she wanted to train?"

"Yeah. We fought a bit, but she's amazing. She doesn't know kendo, but she seems more like a swordsman than I do. Does she do fencing or something?"

"No, I don't think she does. I think she's more like you."
…Like how she swings around a big sword unmatched to her size, and how she attacks enemies like a wild animal.

"Well, I'll accept the punishment since it's my fault.
By the way, about Mitsuzuri. Do you know if she's home or not?"

"I heard about her in the student council room. So, how is it? Did anyone find Mitsuzuri?"

Music: Stop

I stare at Fuji-Nee.
Fuji-Nee's a teacher, even if she may not seem like one.
She keeps quiet about things she shouldn't talk about, and I'm sure she'd tell a lie to comfort a student.
So I have to stare at her to notice any changes while I ask about Mitsuzuri.

"So, Fuji-Nee. Has nothing changed?"

"…I guess it can't be helped. You look like you'll run out if I keep quiet, and it's not like this is a secret.
But this is a special case, you know? I'm only telling you since you're her friend."

"I know. I appreciate it, so tell me quickly."

"I'll tell you the results. Mitsuzuri-san was found earlier today. I'm sure the examination's over and she's home by now.
She's kind of confused, but she doesn't have any wounds and there's no danger to her life. I can't tell you anything else. If you're her friend, ask her about it."

"I see.
So it wasn't serious, huh?"

…Thank God.
I don't know what Mitsuzuri got into, but I know it has something to do with the strange incidents happening in town.
It's likely that the source of it is this Master at my school.
I don't know what I would've done if something happened to Mitsuzuri.

"It's nothing much. I'm just wondering if you know anything about Shinji."

"Um… I'm sorry, Senpai. I spent the night here last night, so I didn't go home. I heard that he skipped school today, but…"

"So you don't know what he's up to, huh? …Yeah, it's no surprise you don't know. Sorry. I asked you something stupid."

"I don't think so. And it really helps when you're here."

…The event in the woods.
If the person there was really Shinji, he has to have some kind of connection with the Servant in black.
Thenthere's the worst case possibility that he is a Master.
If that's the case, wouldn't it be dangerous to let Sakura go back to her house?

"Sakura. Spend the night here tonight. You can use Fuji-Nee's clothes if you don't have a change."

"EhS-Senpai, that's"

"It'd help me out if you can stay here for a while.
Well, you can go home if it's inconvenient for you."

But it's absurd. It's troubling to be asked so suddenly to stay over.

"I'm sorry for saying things to trouble you."
I bow my head and apologize.

"…Okay. I'll do as you want."
Sakura agrees so quietly that it's almost lost in the sound of the cooking stew.

Music: The End of Reminiscence

"Hm…? Yeah, I'm going. But there's one thing I wanted to ask you before that."

"Please go ahead. I will answer anything I can."

I guess I'll get right to the point.
What Archer said…
Servants, who have no freedom, seek the Holy Grail to obtain freedom…
It has to be the case for Saber, but he said Saber would not wish for freedom.

"…Saber. You need the Holy Grail, right?"

"Yes. My objective is to obtain the Holy Grail. I became a heroic spirit for that reason. I believe I told you this before."

"I know. But why?
A Servant can stay in this world without a Master if it obtains the Holy Grail, right?
Thenyou're going to obtain the Holy Grail and do what you wish here, right?"

"No. I will leave this world once I obtain the Holy Grail. It is not allowed for me, someone from a different time, to stay in this time. And most of all, I do not have anything I would want to do."

Her eyes show her determination.
It shows no hesitation nor lies. In that case, there's nothing I can say to her.

"I see. I can't tell you strongly since I don't know what your wish is, but…"

…I think it's unlike Saber to ask for a wish from the Holy Grail.
I don't know what the Holy Grail is.
But I vaguely think that it's not appropriate for this golden-haired girl.

"I promised you that we'll obtain the Holy Grail. …So I'll believe your words for now."

"…? Is something wrong? You have not seemed well since you came home."

Saber looks serious now.
As expected of her. Saber is Saber no matter how well she gets along with Fuji-Nee.
It's annoying, but her true nature is revealed in her fighting, like Archer said.

"I went to school today and found out there's a third Master there. …Um, I had a quarrel with Tohsaka. A lot happened, and we ended up promising a truce until we find the Master hiding at our school…"

I report what happened today in a hurry.
Saber is listening seriously at first, but as the story goes on…

She starts to look at me unhappily.

But I would have liked you to tell me earlier. And if you could have, consulted me beforehand as well."
Saber glares at me.
…I'm ashamed of myself since she's absolutely right.

"Then you will cooperate with Rin tomorrow to search the school?"
"Yup. I'll call for you if we find something strange, so stand by here until then."

"…Phew. It is too lenient a plan, but it will be perfect until you get used to battles.
So we will be going after the Master that set up the boundary field at school?"
I nod.
After thinking for a while…