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Part 148: Assault, stop the okonomiyaki bowl / Peaceful moment

Sakura won the vote, but it was close, so I will post both this one time.

Music: Today's Meal

"Excuse me… Oh, okonomiyaki? Are you hungry?"

"You're wrong. Sakura-chan left me in charge, so I'll be cooking tonight. I'll cook for all three of us, so can you go wake Saber-chan up?"

Wow, I'm surprised.
I don't know about her choice of food, but Fuji-Nee's acting like a woman, huh?

"Yeah. You should be able to cook if you're that old. Huh…? Why are you cooking rice, Fuji-Nee? You don't need rice with okonomiyaki."

"We do. I'm making kani-tama, so it'll just be an omelet if we don't have rice."
Fuji-Nee cracks open an egg as she says so.
The egg drops into the flour she's been mixing.

…I'm surprised.
It seems kani-tama and okonomiyaki are the same in Fuji-Nee's head.

"Fuji-Nee. I know you'll realize your mistake in a few minutes, but I'll come out and tell you."

"Uh… W-What? All right, tell me."
She must think something's wrong as well.
She looks at me with respect.

"Well. That's not kani-tama. It'll be a horrifying dish where you'll be putting okonomiyaki on top of rice. So let's remake this."
I clearly tell her.

"Hmm… Isn't it the same putting omelet or okonomiyaki on rice, kitchen chief?"
"No. First of all, I'm not a kitchen chief. We'll give Saber a wrong impression of Japanese food, so let's remake this."
I take the bowl away from Fuji-Nee.

"No, I'll make some snacks with this later, so this is going into the fridge.
You go crack about five eggs and mix them thoroughly. Oh, the crab and the bamboo shoots are ready? Then I'll make the sauce. I'll let you cook it.
It's all right. If I preheat the pan, even you can do it."

"…? What? I told you to do the eggs. Don't mix them too fast, okay? Use a chopstick and use the whole bowl to mix them."
I don't know if she's listening or not, as she's just looking at me like she wants to say something.

Saying so, she opens the refrigerator.
Well, I'm glad to hear that, but is it a good thing that it's only in the kitchen?

The evidence continues to pile up.

Music: Tender Scenery

…I don't tell her about Shinji.
I don't want her to consider him as an enemy until I figure out his true intentions.

"Then we will not be going out tonight?"
"No. It might be vexing for you, but sit tight for tonight. I don't intend to fight needless battles, and also, we're not in a condition to be fighting freely."

I'm inexperienced as a Master, and Saber has a limit to how many times she can fight since I'm not giving her any magical energy.
We can't be leisurely looking for Masters in our situation.

"But. If you have a will to fight, we cannot spend time leisurely. If we are to stay here tonight, we should use this time to train."

Saber stares at me.
She doesn't even need to tell me.
I brought Saber to this dojo with that in mind.

"I know. Do you remember what happened last night?
We trained a bit since you told me I was slacking off for coming home late last night. …Well, it was more like you were beating me up."

"……! That is because Taiga told me that I had to go hard on you or you would not listen to me. It is not because I was angry yesterday"
Saber says so in a panic.

"No, it's fine. …That was a good lesson for me.
No matter what I do, I can't beat someone I can't beat.
I couldn't realize such a simple thing until I fought you."

"With that in mind, I think it's important to train with you. I don't know how effective it'll be, but I should be able to survive longer in battles if you train me hard."

"Then Shirou…"
"Yeah. Can you train me whenever we have the time?
For today, that'll be until we go to bed."