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Part 154: Saber unhappy

I stand absent-mindedly in it all.
There's no need to hurry.
I know this scenery.
I remember seeing it in a dream before.
So I understand this is a dream and wait for the dream to end.

…It's fine.
My right arm is my right arm.
It's not steel, nor is it a sword.


"It was a dream."
I sigh with relief.
I don't know why I saw a dream like that, but it might have to do with me making a contract with Saber.

"…I guess I'll ask Tohsaka when I get the chance. More importantly, I have to go prepare breakfast now."
It's before six o'clock.
Even though Sakura won't be here, Saber and Fuji-Nee are still here.
It's too late if I'm going to make breakfast for three.

I must have let my guard down, as I try to imagine how it looks in there.
I hide my blushing face with my hand and breathe in the cold air.

"…I need more training. I'll just go cook breakfast now."
I shake my head and walk away.
It's not good for my mental health to have girls staying in the same house as me…

How's a guy supposed to be properly gay with all these women around anyway?

Music: Tender Scenery

"Yeah, yeah. You do your best on your morning work too."

"Yeah. Thanks, Shirou. Your food was really good."
Fuji-Nee bows and heads to school.

I still have about thirty minutes.
I'm already done cleaning up, so I'll act on the decision I made yesterday.

The sounds of our shinai echo.
The clashings sound rather impressive.
I guess I can't take the phrase "learning by watching others" too lightly.
Just imagining a role model makes my shinai lighter and easier to handle.

As usual, Saber is repelling my attacks without losing her breath.

But is something wrong with her this morning?
Until yesterday, I would've received a counter-attack and been knocked unconscious the instant she parried me. But her counters are avoidable today if I become desperate.
…Well, by avoidable, I mean I don't get knocked unconscious. Saber's counters are still very effective.

"Wow, I've let out some good sweat. …But what's wrong with you this morning, Saber? I'm less scared of your attacks today compared to yesterday."

"That is not true. I have fought you like I did yesterday. If you think I went easier, it must be that you are improving."

"Huh? I've improved?"

Saber nods.
…It doesn't seem like flattery, and Saber's not one who would say such things…


"I am surprised. Your technique is so different from yesterday's."
She declares so.

"……Really? No, that can't be true. It must be that you're not doing so good today. All teachers would lose their jobs if someone could get better in a day or two."

"I feel the same way… But, let me see. To put it clearly, there are less unnecessary movements in you now. Your body is already fit, so you can improve just by learning proper techniques."

"There's less unnecessary movement…?"
Come to think of it, my body did move well this morning.
It felt like my shinai automatically parried Saber's, even though my body couldn't react to it.

"…Hmm. I only copied him…"
I murmur.

"As I thought. You ask me for teaching, but you copy Archer's technique, huh?"
She must have already known, and she glares at me.

"Huh? Wow, you can tell!?"

"Of course. You did not have a basic style before. Anyone could tell if one base entered your style."
She looks away as if she's disappointed.

"Uh… Um, it's not like I ignored you. I guess you can say his figure got engraved in my mind because I was with him all yesterday"

'his figure got engraved in my mind'

"No, you do not need to ask for my permission. I have no complaints if you are to become stronger."
What is with that disappointed face?

"I'm telling you I'm sorry. …Even if I wanted to use you as my model, I can't even see how you're attacking. We have different physiques, so it's impossible to copy you."

I feel like I've gotten myself into a deep hole.

"No, let's not talk too much about this.
Anyways, I can fight a bit now."

It is not something that can match Archer or Berserker, so please do not challenge them by yourself under any condition."

Saber declares so.
It seems like she's a master that's remonstrating an elated student, and it brings a smile to my face.
How charming can this cute master be?

Music: Stop