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Part 155: Creeping shadow of the demon

"Yo. I don't know why, but Tiger was really pissed. You should be prepared for it in the fourth period."
"…Oh yeah. We have English today."

I greet the classmate that gives me the ominous news.
The instant I get to the door to go into my classroom…

The world history teacher comes out.

"Good morning, Sensei."

"You were late, Emiya? We went over what would be covered in the exam. Be sure to get it from a friend later."
"O-Okay. I'm sorry for being late."

Kuzuki nods and leaves.
He's Kuzuki Souichirou, the iron teacher that teaches world history and philosophy, and is also in charge of the student council.
He's just as he looks, and he's a rare teacher that gains popularity as the students progress through school.

"Hey. You're here pretty late."
Someone greets me, so I turn around.

There's Shinji, strangely friendly.

"…Shinji? What's wrong? You're acting strange.
Did you not get enough sleep last night?"
I tell him what I'm thinking.

He completely changes and glares at me… then he smiles again.
Shinji was strange yesterday, but he's even stranger today.

"Shinji? Don't tell me you were attacked. Damn, I told you so. If you're not going to fight, you should stay at home."

"……Shut up. Why are you talking like you're the boss?"

"Or what? Are you conceited because you're friends with Tohsaka? ……Don't misunderstand, okay? It doesn't mean you're strong even if you cooperate with Tohsaka. I know you're happy that you got a strong Servant, but it's shameful to be conceited."

Shinji glares at me.
It doesn't seem like he has much composure.

"Oh well, it's good that you came. See, it would've been boring if you didn't come."
That must be all he wanted to say, as Shinji goes back to his seat, chuckling.

Music: Tender Scenery

The guys in the classroom are making a commotion.

"Hey, what's going on?"
I call out to them.
The guys that are secretly talking look at me with suspicious eyes.

"This is no time for questions. Look outside the classroom. But secretly, okay?"
…Gotou must have watched some strange TV program last night.

Outside the classroom in the hallway is a person that's acting more suspiciously than Gotou and the others.

"…Yeah, this can't be just coincidence. Is it just me or does she look like she's glaring? Doesn't she usually look calmer?"
"Oh, you think so too? Yeah, she's getting angrier the more she stays out there. It's harder to go near her now.
She must be irritated. Is something annoying her?"

"It seems like the person she's waiting for isn't noticing her, rather than not being here yet. It's like she hid a birthday present for someone, and she's really pissed now because that person hasn't noticed it even after a year."
"…Gotou, you give ridiculous examples. You're too accurate.
What were you? A general in your previous life?"

…The guys are saying whatever they want.
I timidly look out into the hallway again.

She's pissed.
I don't know what she's mad about, but I think Gotou-kun is right.