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Part 158: Boundary field activation

Music: Surrounded by Smiling Faces

"Hey, Tohsaka. I heard Shinji's familythe Matou family is a family of magi. Did you know that?"

"Yes, I did.
But my dad told me the Matou family declined in the past few decades. He said that the Matou family doesn't have the bloodline of magi now.
That's true. That's why I was surprised to hear that Shinji became a Master."

I see, so she did know, huh?
That's to be expected because she supervises this land and knows about all the magi with a history that live here. So she should know that Shinji's a Masterwait, hold on……!!!!!!"

Tohsaka says so as if it's nothing.

That's strange.
She's looking for the third Master at our school, but it seems like she's not considering Shinji to be a problem at all…

"Tohsaka? Shinji's a Master, right?"

"Yes. But that shouldn't be such a problem. He doesn't have any magical energy, so he shouldn't be able to do anything outrageous.
Our enemy is the Master hiding at our school. Shinji doesn't have the presence of a Master, so he's not the one we're looking for."

"…? Then does that mean there's actually four Masters at our school?"

"I would think so. Well, I don't think Shinji would interfere since I told him not to do anything."

…She makes another worrisome statement.
No, first of all, how did Tohsaka find out that Shinji's a Master…?

"Tohsaka. Can you tell me what happened this morning in detail?"

"…? There's nothing much to talk about since Shinji was the one who told me.
He asked me if I wanted to cooperate with him since he's a Master as well."

Music: Stop

I'm starting to get a bad feeling about this, but I can't stop her here.

…But he still kept on being persistent. So I unintentionally said that I don't need him since I have you, Shirou."

Tohsaka laughs as if it's a funny story.

That must be why Shinji was acting strange today.

Tohsaka freezes.
…I thought so. She didn't know Shinji made the boundary field, huh!?

"You're wrong, Tohsaka. Shinji is certainly not a magus. But he's the one that set up the boundary field. I think his Servant excels at magic like Caster"

Tohsaka grows pale.

She couldn't make the connection to Shinji, huh?

…I recall how Tohsaka was acting until now.
I bet Tohsaka was so worried about what happened last night that she couldn't think about Shinji.
It must be the biggest mistake she's made in her life.

She gets up instantly and glares at the exit.
At that instant…

The disorder is revealed, as if it was carefully timed.

"Boundary field!"
The sky is tinted red.
My body is numbed just by breathing in the red air surrounding the school.
…It doesn't affect magi that can create magical energy inside their bodies, but people with scarce magical energy will faint just by breathing it in and should eventually die

"I know, let's hurry, Shirou!"

Music: Footsteps of Destruction

Breath filled with hatred escapes my closed mouth.
I pour reasoning onto my confused and heated brain as coolant, and I try to grasp the situation.

Tohsaka stops for a second, hesitant to enter this disastrous scene.

…I understand how she feels.
I don't want to encounter such a thing either.

"They're still alive. It doesn't mean we won't make it."
I go near a student and check his pulse and breathing.
…There's no conscious person in this classroom.
Everybody, including the students at their desks and the teacher up front, are down on the floor now.

Most of the students are unconscious, convulsing, foaming at the mouth like it's a bad joke.
…The few others…
A few students have other things happening to them.

Great, now I'm picturing it. Thanks a lot.