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Part 166: Hypnos / Tiger Dojo 18

Video: BFF (mirror)

Mostly for voice acting. I don't think we've heard Issei before.

"Issei. Can you tell me about this unfamiliar woman?
Is she from a foreign country, or is her face covered with something like a turban?"

"What is that? We would kick out such a strange person. …I don't know why you're asking, but she is a legitimate guest.

…My brother is happy that she might be an evil woman, but I strangely like her. I have only talked to her once, but she is a good person even if she may look evil."

"Oh, wow. So asking the question was worth it, seeing how you're praising a woman. Did you fall in love with her?"

Music: Time Together

"D-D-D-D-Don't say such a stupid thing, you fool! I admire a part of her that she doesn't notice herself. First of all, I cannot fall in love with the lover of the one I respect as my older brother, Souichirou"

"…? What's wrong, Issei? Is it anemia or something?"
"No, it's not that I feel bad."

He raises himself real fast.
I laugh thinking that he's acting like a coiled doll.

Music: Stop

Issei got scary

"YOU fell for my trap. The order I implanted into THIS HUMAN functions only when HE meets SOMEONE who INQUIRES about ME."

…The knife in Issei's hand is stabbed into Issei's neck.

My brain that wants to deny the scene in front of me freezes my consciousness.
Issei falls down before me, not knowing what went on.

Poor Issei… he didn't even do anything wrong.

Video: Tiger Dojo 18 (mirror)

I have no idea what any of that was about.

Music: Gentle Everyday

Well, it only takes a second to be careful, but the injury could last a lifetime. How was this dead end that teaches you it's not good to ask just anyone?

Osu! It was such an irrational and sudden death! This is exactly what I expect from "Fate", and it is surely splendid!

Yes. But we cannot forget about the sacrifices!
Let us give Ryudou-kun a three-second silent prayer!

Osu! The three second part is great, master!

Music: Stop

Music: Tender Scenery

Hmm. They have this artificial Command Spell put in them.

They become this thing that executes this one command when they find someone that breaks one of the "three rules" Caster established.

She's good at making things. If she ever captures Shirou, I bet she'll turn him into a formal tool just to support her magic.

Evil! I acknowledge Caster as evil!
As a teacher, I cannot forgive anyone that would use others as they wish!

…I don't know about calling her evil just because of that.

It's true that Caster is weak, sly, and cowardly, but she's not truly bad on the inside.

Hm? Why are you sticking up for such a witch…?
Do you have something in mind?

Oh, I remember. You've done worse to Shirou!

Damn, you found out!

It's only natural. No magic is allowed in this dojo.
You have to bring in a wild lion or a modern weapon to beat me.

Have you repented of your actions?

I won't do anything bad again.


Yes, that's a good girl! The boy's wish is granted as well! Rejoice, Shirou, Ilya is nicer in this route!

Okay, maybe it's not lies.

Fine, fine. So I just have to stay quiet in this route, right?

Music: Stop

Whatyou have put that much thought into this?
Loli-buruma isn't good enough, so you're taking on such a great role in the main storyline…!?