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Part 168: The strange two

I went back home once to leave my bag before I came back into town.
Sakura's house is on the other side of the intersection, on the top side of the residential district.
It's about as far as the distance between the intersection and my place.
I go up the hill that's unlike the Japanese-styled residential district.

That alone captivates my eyes, but her lower half is black as if to emphasize the red color.
She must be matching her black hair.
The clothing suits the lively Tohsaka.

Something thumps.
Shut up.
Something thumps twice this time.
…Damn, shut up. I'm busy right now, so be quiet.

"It's me."
I calmly answer.

Shirou has finally lost it.

It's my heart that's making the noise.
My calm heart suddenly started thumping like it's about to explode.

It does not need to be said what caused it.
Emiya Shirou has never seen Tohsaka Rin in plain clothes.

I can't imagine what I look like right now.
First of all, I can't explain why I'm like this.

I just saw her plain clothes.
I just saw her in something other than the school uniform.

That's what most people would say if they ran into someone dressed like that.

Man, what's up with me?
I don't have any composure.
First of all, Tohsaka is my ally. She trusts me and is cooperating with me.
So I have to answer her trust.

Tohsaka sees me, gets surprised, and starts looking around.

I have no time to resist.
Tohsaka grabs my arm and pushes me into cover!

It's really soft.

"T-T-T-T-T-T-T-T-Tohsaka, hey, hey…!"
"…Geez, just be quiet. He'll hear us if we're loud."

"W-What do you mean…!?"
"We'll be seen by him. …Go back a bit more. We can't hide like this."

Tohsaka pushes her body onto mine.
It feels like a firm piece of meat is being pushed onto the cutting board to make it flat.

"I told you to be quiet…! Can you see him, Emiya-kun? The strange guy that's standing in front of Sakura's house."

My boiling brain stops instantly.
Someone strange is standing in front of Sakura's house?

"…There is certainly someone there. Blond… a foreigner?"
"Yup. He's been watching Matou's house for about thirty minutes now.
I don't think he's spying on it, but I don't like his eyes."

…I can't see his eyes from where I am.
"Tohsaka, let's switch places. I want to take a look as well."

…The footsteps approach.

He goes down the hill without stopping.

But I still feel something weird.
I don't know who he is.
But our lives will come to an end if we follow him.
…He is so ominous that I can declare so.

"…Is he the guy that was talking to Sakura before?"
Tohsaka murmurs.
"With Sakura…!?"

Music: Time Together

"Well, that was my question. But you took me and shoved me in here like a package or something."
I explain exactly what happened to her.

She must have understood, as Tohsaka stops right there.

…It's good she stopped, but she's now glaring at me silently.

Oh, that pisses me off.
I also went into a panic because of the sudden event.
But it's not fair if she's the only one who can make a face like that.
She shouldn't have done it if she didn't want to. Damn, I feel stupid for getting all embarrassed about it.

"By the way, Tohsaka. Issei has nothing to do with all this."
I say so while turning away from her.

"Yeah. Issei's not a Master. Well, it doesn't matter if you don't trust me."

"Huh? No, that's all right. You're not a person who can lie. I bet Issei's innocent if you say so."
Tohsaka speaks plainly.

"……Damn, I lost."
I sigh.
I feel stupid for getting angry if she replies like that… And most of all, I've cheered up hearing her say that.

"But how did you check? I didn't feel a Master's presence from him. So you should only have been able to check by attacking him."

"Huh? No, I only checked if he had a Command Spell or not. That's something he can't hide no matter how much magical energy or Master's presence he hides, right?"

"Oh yeah. It's simple if you just look at his arm."
Tohsaka nods in assent.

But she tilts her head in wonder, as if she's thought of something strange.

"Wait, you didn't…"

"Well, we had a few drinks, things went from one thing to another and before you know it..."

"I just took his clothes off. He fought back, but I took off his shirt by force."

That is the best face. She is scared, and maybe a little bit excited.

Tohsaka freezes while looking at me.
…How strange of her.
What part of that is strange?

Shinji isn't here, and Sakura doesn't seem to be here either.
While I'm wondering what to do now…

"Oh, did you come here because you were worried about Sakura?"
Tohsaka says so as if it's natural to ask.

"…? Tohsaka, you know Matou Sakura?"

"Well, I'm an acquaintance of hers.
The students in the archery club are all in bad condition, so they've been transferred to the hospital in Shinto. That's why Fujimura-Sensei is running around, right?"

"Then what about Sakura?"

"She's sleeping in the hospital right now. …Oh, I see."
"…Ugh. W-What's with that evil smile?"

"Noooothing. But yeah. You should be more worried about the person who comes to help you, rather than contacting me. Oh, I think I'm beginning to understand you now."

Tohsaka smiles meaningfully.
It's really humiliating, but…
"Tohsaka. Why do you know Sakura comes to my place?"

"OhI-I found that out when I went to visit the archery club.
I'm friends with the captain, Mitsuzuri-san, you know?"
With that, Tohsaka starts walking up the hill.

"Tohsaka? Are you going home?"
"Yeah. It's meaningless to stay here. And we need to restart the search for Caster. Let's share our ideas tomorrow."
Tohsaka says "goodbye" and casually leaves.

Music: Stop


"? Fine, what?"

"…Um, this is a what-if question. Um, what if someone is sent for adoption without any regards to their will… How do you think that person feels while they grow up?"

I don't even need to think about this question.

"I don't think it's a big problem. If the place they're adopted to is a good place, I'm sure the person doesn't have any complaints. I'm sure there'll be some complaints if it's a bad place. All children are like that."

"…I see. You're right. Why am I asking such an obvious thing?"