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Part 170: A story of a knight

Music: Quiet Voice

The memory of the man who was set up as a hero…
A story of a knight who was understood by no one.

It's only natural.
Power exists to grant your own wishes.
Compassion does no good for others.
Kirei says so often, but everything is balanced because everything you do comes back to you.
One gets energy because actions circle around to create more energy.

But not having that means never being replenished.
For example, if one lives for others and not oneself, I'm sure one would run out of power right away.
If there were such a thing as disposable money, that's what it would be like.
It'd be used by strangers, and it'd only disappear after it's used.
It's easy to take advantage of it, and that it'd be used is already a given.
That's why in the end…
He saw many betrayals, and his life was ended by "someone" he saved.

…It just makes me mad.
I want to question him, "why?"
He worked hard, put in great effort even though he's an ordinary human being, and he managed a miracle with his own blood.
And his compensation was betrayal and death. It's not even a joke, but he died satisfied.
I have no intention of commenting on someone's life, but…
I can never accept that one thing.

Music: Stop

Music: Whirlpool of Fate 2

It is a scene of some natural disaster, not the result of human conflict.

"Let me make a contract. I shall give you my life after my death. I would like the compensation now."

He weaves the words of contract.
After that, he changed as though possessed by something and saved people who could not normally be saved.
…Oh, so this must be how he became a "heroic spirit".

…Seeing it this way, it's nothing much.
I bet the people he saved were not even in the hundreds.
He cannot even be called a "hero" with such a number, nor would he be promoted to a "heroic spirit".
But the number isn't important.
The qualification of a hero, one who surpasses humans, is to be able to save those that are fated to die.

It is an alteration of fate.
It does not matter if he does not have power as a hero, as long as he averted a disaster that could not be changed, however small in scope.
The world would obtain a "heroic spirit" in compensation for the miracle.

He became a hero and saved those that could not have been saved.
As a result, he became a heroic spirit after he died, and he is now repeating what he was doing before he died
Being a "servant".
I guess compensation for a miracle is to become a convenient disposable tool that will fight for others even after one dies.

Superior spirits chosen from amongst humans. The guardians of humanity.
But they are not ones with free will like the Servants.
Heroic spirits are guardians of humanity.
Guardians do not have a free will, and they are treated as "powers".
They are called forth to protect the world only when a factor appears that could destroy it. They are weapons that destroy these factors.
The Servant system is a summoning ritual that takes advantage of these "guardians".

The guardians are summoned into every age, eliminate the offending factor, and then disappear from this world.
…I would hate to be like that, but he must have been prepared to take on that role.

No, he might have even wished for it…
That it would be perfect if he could save people even after he died.
Even though he did not have the power to save them when he was alive, he must have believed he could avert every tragedy if he became a heroic spirit.
With that in mind, he made a contract with the world to give up his body after his death, and he saved a hundred people.
…Believing that…
…He would be able to save tens of thousands of people afterwards.

How… stupid of him.
That cannot be.
Because for a heroic spirit to be called upon, the place would already have to be a place of death.
Heroic spirits are summoned only into hell.
They appear only when the world is about to be destroyed by people.
Humans are the ones that will perish from their own doings.
So the process of destruction must always be the same.

He killed.
He killed and killed and killed and killed. He killed everyone that was around him when he was summoned to save humanity as a whole.
I don't know how many times he repeated thatnor do I know how many times he will have to repeat it in the future.

Music: Stop

"…I knew it. So that's his memory, huh?"
I sigh and stare at the ceiling.
…This is hard.
He could have told me that I might get a glimpse of his memory when I'm asleep because Masters and Servants are connected.
If he had told me, I could have cut my consciousness so that I wouldn't see such a thing.

"I'll get up. There are lots of things I have to do today."
I get up.
My body is heavy and my eyelids are heavier than steel.
I curse how I'm not a morning person and start changing into my uniform slowly.

"But, well…"
I don't know if this is as I expected or not.
But he used to be a hot-blooded man.
I don't know what hero he is, but it seems he was more honest before.

"…Well, I guess it's natural to have a twisted personality if he led such a life and ended up like he has, even after he died."
I laugh it off.
My face in the mirror looks serious and about to cry, but I decide to laugh.
Because I have to do so or I won't be able to face Archer normally.

Music: Tender Scenery

I don't usually eat breakfast, so it's pretty quick.
I have fifteen minutes until I have to get going. This cup of tea is like a ritual I perform every morning to wake up my half-asleep body.

"Rin, how long are you going to be playing around for?"
But there's one fool that cannot read his master's mind.

"I'm going to relax until seven-thirty. I'll be late if I stay here longer than that."
"I'm not talking about school. I'm talking about the Holy Grail War.

…It is not bad to cooperate with other Masters. But in your case, the partner you chose is too weak."
That again?
Archer tells me to cut my ties with Emiya Shirou every chance he gets.

"I told you I have no intention of doing so. You say so, but I think he's rather suitable. It's true that he's not much help in battle, but he's perfect as an ally.
…Um, I think he would never betray me."

"Trust is usually established through tactics. I cannot trust someone without a reason. Look, he is not someone that will stay and win. If you are to choose an ally, Caster's Master is a smarter person."

Music: Stop

"Don't kid me, Archer. Are you telling me to stoop so low?"
I put my teacup down and stare at Archer.
Even if it may be sarcasm, I cannot ignore what he just said.

"It is true that Caster is a heretic, but she is indeed like a magus.
In that regard, you are not fit for fighting. If you are a magus, you should put results over your wishes."
"It's useless being cynical. I won't change my policy."

"…Man, what is wrong with you? You've gotten strange since you got to know Emiya Shirou. Where did that rationality of yours go?"

I realize that without having you tell me.
But I can't help it.
He doesn't have anything even though he's a magus, and is dangerously single-minded.
It's unproductive to scheme against such a guy, andhe's, um…

"Rin? What's wrong? Did you finally realize your own foolishness?"
"Yeah, there is something wrong with me.
But Archer. This is all because you showed me unnecessary things."


"…No, forget about it. You're my Servant, so I'm only going to do what I believe is right. I'm not as loose as Emiya Shirou, but I do have some things I can't give up. I won't give them up no matter who's telling me so."

"…Humph. Where's your reply, Archer!?"
I take it out on Archer and glare at him.
The knight in red makes his usual gesture.

"I guess it can't be helped. It is the role of the servant to support his master when the master is not doing well. I shall look after you until you return to your usual self."
And he answers with a reply that's neither a 'yes' nor a 'no'.