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Part 171: Another person / Rin shoots

He's a poet and he didn't know it.

"What is this? I haven't been waking up very well recently."
Is it because I have lots to think about or because I'm seeing strange dreams?
Even though I usually don't see dreams, I think I've been seeing something like a dream recently.

"…Well, they were beautiful swords…"
I see images of swords in my dreams.
In them, his shortswords come up pretty often.

"Wait, it's not someone else's business. I have to investigate as well."
…But how will I do that?
I guess Tohsaka is investigating the people at school, so I guess I'll investigate the building.

Music: Tender Scenery

"Hm. I don't know what you were up to, but good job on your work."
He must be done eating already, as he greets me while reading an old poetry book.

"……Thanks. I'm getting some tea since I'll be eating here. Oh, where's the teapot?"

"Oh, it's here. We only have kelp tea, but is that all right?"

"What? Hmm, then I'll just take water. I just can't take the muddled feeling of that tea."

"I see. Then I shall go get some green tea from the teacher's office tomorrow."
I leave the laughing Issei to himself, pour some water into my cup, and sit down at the table.

I clap my hands together and open my lunchbox.
At the same time, someone knocks on the door.
"Huh? There's someone at the door, Issei."

"Hm? At this time?"
Issei slowly goes to the door.

The visitor is Kuzuki, the one in charge of the student council.
I see Kuzuki-Sensei a lot here, but I bet it's "Emiya is in the student council room a lot" from his point of view.

I silently eat my chicken-sprinkled lunch.

The food porn in this update is decidedly sub-par. I give it a D.

There must not be anything important today, as Issei and Kuzuki-Sensei are just chatting.

Munch, munch.

"Hm. I see. Sorry to take your time. I think you know without having it said, but do not forget to lock this place up. And make sure you leave school on time."
"Yes, yes. I know."
Kuzuki-Sensei leaves and Issei comes back in a good mood.

…Wow, I just saw something rare.
It's really rare to see Kuzuki-Sensei chatting about meaningless things with a student.
And with that shy Issei.
…Oh. They might get along since they're both stubborn, but it's still strange.

"Hey, Issei."

"Hm? What, Emiya?"
"I've been wondering for a while, but are you on good terms with Kuzuki?"

Oh, he's surprised.

"No, it's fine if you don't want to answer. I just thought that was the case, so don't worry about it."

"Oh, no. I just realized I haven't told you about it. It is only natural that we are getting along. Kuzuki-Sensei is like a brother to me."
Kuzuki-Sensei is like Issei's brother?

"Hold on. What does that mean?"

"I'm telling you that he's like my older brother.
SouichirouKuzuki-Sensei has been staying over at my place for about three years. He is a naive person as you can see, but he has a sincere heart. He is living under the same roof as me, and he is someone I can respect as a person. It is only natural for me to respect him as my older brother."

Music: Stop

It feels like I got hit in the head with a hammer.
But I act calm and ask Issei to continue.

"Oh yeah. You mentioned something about an unfamiliar woman at your place, right? Does Kuzuki know about her?"

"She is more than that, as she is his fiancee. We are letting her borrow a room until they hold their wedding celebration."

A second shock.
"Issei. You wouldn't call her an unfamiliar woman in that case, right?"
I try my hardest to object with a dizzy head.

"An unfamiliar woman is an unfamiliar woman. Even if she may be Kuzuki-Sensei's fiancee, that is all I can say about her, as I don't even know her name."
Issei stops the conversation as if saying he's angry.

This is something I can't ignore.
Kuzuki Souichirou is coming from the Ryudou Temple, and there is a woman that is said to be at the Ryudou Temple.
I hear Kuzuki-Sensei's fiancee showed up about a month ago.
If that's Caster, all our answers are right there

Music: Surrounded by Smiling Faces

In the classroom after school…
We don't even have ten more minutes until we have to go home, but I tell Tohsaka about Kuzuki-Sensei.

"What do you think? Considering Issei's case, I don't think we should suspect him just because he's from the Ryudou Temple."

"…Kuzuki-Sensei, huh? He's not even a magus to start with, disregarding the fact that he doesn't have the presence of a Master."
I don't know if she's listening to me, as Tohsaka is frowning to herself.

"He's not a magus…? That's good. I guess we can count him out in that case."

"Why? Someone as suspicious as him has to be a Master."
…Well, I'm starting to get used to this.
But I still can't keep up with Tohsaka's thought processes.

"We'll ambush him tonight. I'll try pulling some strings so that he'll have to stay the nightshift, so you be ready too."

"Heyhold on. We can't do that.
Get him on night shift… Are you saying we'll fight him tonight?"
"Of course. There's no guarantee that Kuzuki will come to school tomorrow.
We won't wait. We'll make him stay at school until night and test if he's a Master or not on his way home."

"…Let me ask you to make sure. How are you going to test if he's a Master or not?"

"Using force. Just like I did to you."

The phrase "just like I did to you" sounds a bit sweet.
…So, as I thought, Tohsaka is a bully inside.
Maybe I fought her over the playground's peace when we were small.

"I'm against it. There should be a gentler way to check. We shouldn't have to take such dangerous measures."

"It's not dangerous. I'm not indiscriminate, you know?
I'll just shoot a light Gandr shot at him. If he's a normal person, he'll just sleep in for two days with a cold."

"Ohthat's a problem as well. If Kuzuki is a Master, we'll get into a battle right then and there. As we're the ones attacking him, we won't be able to talk to him."

What part of it do you think is dangerous?"

"I'm the one that doesn't get you! I'm talking about how dangerous it'll be for you."

Tohsaka must have finally realized, as she stops the conversation.

But that's only for an instant.

"I see. That's fine as well. I'll just do it by myself in that case."
She easily concludes.

I guess it's meaningless to say anything to her once she's determined to do something.

"…All right, I'll go along. I don't know what reckless things you might do if I let you be."

"That's my line. …Geez."

"…It's time to leave. Then we'll meet at seven at the park below the bridge. We'll probably end up fighting, so you better be prepared."

She looks away and walks off.
I leave the classroom after her.

Music: Stop

Music: Tender Scenery

I report to Saber about today as soon as I get home.
Saber must agree with Tohsaka, as she is hyped up already.

"So we won't be training today. I'll go make dinner right away, so let's get ready for tonight… Wait, is it bad to eat before going to battle?"

"Huh…? Why are you asking? I believe there will be a problem if we get hungry during battle"
"Well, I was thinking that it might be too heavy. We don't even have an hour left, so we might be better off eating after we come home."

I do not think food will be bad if one has been training and has led a proper lifestyle…"

"Um. Does that mean I can cook dinner?"

"Yes. I believe we will have more energy that way."
…I see.
I have trained to be able to move right after meals, so I guess there's no problem.
But I'll make a light dinner just in case.

"Then I'll be going to the living room. How about you, Saber?"

"I cannot bother you. I will stay here and calm my mind."
I guess she'll be sitting here Japanese-style in meditation.

Music: Stop

We'll have to fight if Kuzuki turns out to be a Master.
Caster is a wary Servant.
She would never give us another chance at a surprise attack if she found out her Master had been attacked.
…Then we'll have to make sure to beat him if we're going to attack.
I can't let my enemy escape, nor can I run away.

No matter who it may be, Caster's Master has to be defeated to stop Caster, the one attacking all the people in this town.
If all goes well, we'll take away his Command Spell and he won't be a Master anymore.
…But in the worst case, we'll have to try to kill each other.

"Oh yeah. I have to take a weapon.
A weapon at my placesomething I can easily put magical energy intowould be a wooden sword.
My success rate of the "strengthening" magic has been pretty good recently, so even a wooden sword would become a good weapon.
But that's only in the case of normal battles.
I'll need a better weapon if I am to fight against a Master or a Servant.

Twin swords of black and white.
If they're about that long, I should be able to use them…
…And most of allI could fight decently if I had those swords.
I'd be able to protect myself, not be a burden on Saber, and be proud that I'm Saber's Master.

My shoulders slump as I head to the porch.
I'll just do what I can.
For now, I'll concentrate on making dinner.
Saber always seems so serious, but it seems Saber is looking forward to the meals. It's been my recent secret joy to make her happy.

Music: Midnight Interval

"Sorry to keep you waiting. I took time since I was getting the necessary things.
How's your preparation?"
I show her the wooden sword bag.
There's one wooden sword in here.
This is about all the preparation I can do.

"…Well, I guess it can't be helped. First of all, we have Saber for hand-to-hand combat. It might be that you'll just end up watching."

…Well, I can't think of a situation where I'll be helping out Saber.

Saber asks with a serious expression.

"Huh…? You didn't bring Archer, Tohsaka?"
"No, I left him at home. We're doing a surprise attack today, so we won't need him if we have Saber, right? To be honest, I don't want to let him see Caster."

Tohsaka starts walking.
…I don't know what she's thinking, but I guess we won't be getting Archer's help.

It's already been an hour since we got here.
A boundary field has been created here

"It's over if we're seen, but the soundproofing is perfect.
Nobody would notice even if a missile is shot here."
According to Tohsaka.

It's so quiet around us.
I guess it's because Tohsaka's boundary field is working, but the town is too lifeless.
It's already been seven days since the Holy Grail War started.
It seems the town is having its spirit slowly drained without anyone noticing.

Music: Stop

"He's coming. Hide, Emiya-kun."
I move to the wall.
…I can't even hear footsteps.
I see a shadow under the streetlight.

He's too defenseless.
I'm suddenly attacked by the feeling that Kuzuki-Sensei might be innocent.

"…Hey, Tohsaka. Don't you think Kuzuki-Sensei is innocent?"
"……Well, we'll find out for sure after we try."
It seems Tohsaka is in doubt as well.
I guess she's still going with the plan, as she points her index finger at Kuzuki.

It is a "curse" to reduce the target's physical ability, considered to be the simplest magic.
Tohsaka's Gandr shot is more like a gunshot, but I'm sure she'll go easy this time.

"Are you ready, Emiya-kun?"
She murmurs.