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Part 172: Ambush / Saber's slash

"I'm shooting now!"
She takes a small breath.
And right after that, a black bullet is released.

She must have made a sound on purpose.
It is slow, and the black haze goes for Kuzuki like a pitcher's changeup.

A wind of disease that will cause him to be sick in bed for two days.
But two days of inaction is fatal for a Master.
There has to be some kind of a reaction if Kuzuki-Sensei is a Master.

Tohsaka jumps.
…Kuzuki does not react at all. Tohsaka's Gandr shot mercilessly hits Kuzuki Souichirou's head

But, right before that.
It is nullified by a robe that suddenly appears in the sky.


Music: Footsteps of Destruction

The man that was supposed to get hit by the Gandr shot looks at us.
…As if saying he knew we were here all along.

I quickly take the wooden sword out of my bag and put magical energy into it.
There's no time to be screwing up the "strengthening" magic.

Female limbs appear from the bluish purple robe.

A complete teleportation is considered to be a sorcery even in this modern world.
Caster has easily performed such a thing to appear in front of us.

"I have warned you, Souichirou. I told you to stay at the Ryudou Temple because such things can happen."
She must think nothing of us, as she calmly talks to her masterKuzuki.
"That is not true. We did catch a target."

"Yes. The fish aren't that large, but it makes no difference since this is quite a haul. Come out now, you foolish magus."

"You're not coming out? That's too bad. I at least wanted to see what you looked like."
"Damn that fox. She should know who we are already"

Tohsaka grumbles from her hiding spot.
Caster must hear it…
"I will give you three seconds. I will do the same attack to you after that."
…Since she says so and points her hand in our direction.

"Emiya-kun, jump out when I give the signal. Saber, are you ready?"
I sense her nodding behind me.
There's something I need to confirm before that.

Music: Whirlpool of Fate 2

"Hey, Shirou!"
…Tohsaka must not want to let me go alone, as she comes out as well.

Caster watches us with composure.

…Kuzuki is standing next to her.
We're about ten meters apart.
No matter how I think about it, Caster's finger would be much faster than me running into them.

But I showed myself in spite of that.
I have to do something before I fight.
That is

"Tohsaka and Emiya, huh? So you two are Masters as well, like Matou? Fate has an odd way of doing things."
…To check the true identity of Kuzuki Souichirou, the one Caster is protecting.

He says so in his usual manner.
I don't feel a presence as a magus from Kuzuki.
No, I don't even feel his desire to win the Holy Grail War.

"Kuzuki. Are you controlled by Caster?"
It's possible that Kuzuki is controlled by Caster like Archer said.
I can't fight against Kuzuki until I get this cleared up.

Caster emits an intent to kill.
That alone tells me the question is off-limits for her.

Her words are not a threat.
"Hold on. Why are you asking that, Emiya?"
Kuzuki stops her in his usual manner.

"There should be reasoning behind your question. Tell me."
…My throat is dry.

It must be Caster's intent to kill. The robed figure tells me I'll be killed if I say something bad.
I bear it and…

"I don't know how you became a Master. But you're an honest human, right? Then you shouldn't be overlooking what Caster's doing.
But since it seems you are overlooking it, I thought you just might not know about it."
I say so while glaring at Caster.

"What Caster is doing?"
"…Yeah. She's putting up her fort at the Ryudou Temple and collecting magical energy from the people in this town. All the coma incidents happening recently are her doing."

"There will be more victims. I'm sure someone will die as long as Caster keeps draining magical energy.
…She said everyone in town is her sacrifice. It won't be long before it's too late."

"I see. A normal human being would not be able to let her be.
So you thought I might be controlled since I am letting her do as she wishes."

"…Yeah. But if you're overlooking her deeds knowing what she's doing, then you're just a killer. We won't hold back on you. But it's a different story if you're controlled.
We'll just defeat Caster."
"No. This is the first time I heard about this."

I don't think it's a lie. Kuzuki Souichirou is straight-forward like when he is teaching.

I sigh with relief, while keeping watch on Caster.
Kuzuki-Sensei is a victim if he's controlled by Caster.
Then all that's left is to defeat Caster

Music: Stop

"But Emiya. Is Caster's doing so bad?"
But still.
Kuzuki Souichirou plainly says so.

Music: Footsteps of Destruction

"Wh… at…?"

"It does not concern me how many strangers die. And besides, Caster has not taken anyone's life.
…But I must say, you aren't very thorough, Caster. You should have drained all of their energy if that is the case."

He's not any different from usual.
Kuzuki Souichirou gives his honest opinion.

"Kuzuki, are you going to involve innocent people in this!!!!?"
"I do not care about anyone. …Well, you correctly guessed my nature.
I am not a magus. I am just a killer that has rotted away."

Nasuverse killers are the best killers.

Kuzuki takes a step back.
He watches us from behind Caster.

I do not care about the Holy Grail War. If Caster and you two are going to kill each other, I will just observe.

"I value my own life. I do not care what Caster is scheming. I only kill those that are attacking me.
Do as you wish, Caster. You can kill them or not."

"Geez, they're both big foxes…!"
Tohsaka complains, but she doesn't move.
No, she cannot move.
In terms of skills as magi, we have no chance of beating Caster.
Masters are magi, so we cannot match an excellent magus like Caster

Music: Stop

Video: Magic Resistance (mirror)

Music: Clashing Souls

Even my voice won't catch up to her.
Saber is already armed and charges at Kuzuki like the wind.

Caster confronts Saber with her casting.

She uses five verses for her spell.
If Saber is a wind for charging ten meters in a flash, Caster is a lightning for finishing her spell even faster.

Can you even have "a" lightning?

"Magic resistance…! No, I don't know a knight that can defend against my magic…!"

Caster screams.
Even Archer had to evade Caster's spell, but Saber is nullifying it just by glaring at it.

Saber's not looking at Caster.
Her target…
The one she has to slash is Caster's Master, Kuzuki Souichirou…!

Music: Stop