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Part 175: Plan failed / Rebound / Result of Utnapishtim

Music: Wandering Shadow

After Caster and Kuzuki disappear…
Without caring for her wounded chest, Tohsaka grits her teeth in regret.

…I understand how Tohsaka feels.
Since we attacked them, Kuzuki will now stay in the Ryudou Temple.
So we will have to go attack their territory if we are to defeat Caster.

But the Ryudou Temple has a gate watcher called Assassin, and Kuzuki and Caster aren't easy enemies either. We'll lose if we just attack recklessly.
But we have to go to the Ryudou Temple if we want to defeat Caster.

There is not much chance of winning even if we get Archer and try to force our way through."

"…Heh. I know how strange that mountain is. I won't follow them out of vexation, nor will I drag your Master into going there."

"Then you will give up on defeating Caster?"

"Are you kidding me? I don't like getting beaten, and more than that, I can't let Caster be. I think your Master has the same opinion on that."
She asks me by looking at me.

Saber must have followed Tohsaka's example, since she looks as if she's asking me whether that is the case.

"Of course. We can't leave those two be.
Caster won't stop collecting magical energy, and her Master, Kuzuki, said he won't stop her. Then we'll just defeat them.
It seems Assassin is at the Ryudou Temple, but everything will be over if we defeat Caster's Master, Kuzuki."

"Yeah. I don't think Kuzuki-Sensei will easily let us take his Command Spell, but we should be able to do something if we capture him.
…I guess we'll have to stick to planning for now…"
I don't know why, but Tohsaka suddenly…

She asks me with a serious expression.

Does she mean reproducing Archer's swords?
Well, I'm still surprised myself, but I don't think she should glare at me for it.

"Answer me. You told me before that strengthening magic is all you can use, right?"

"Well, that's right. Projection is the first magic I was able to use, but I was taught to use strengthening magic because projection is inefficient. …Oh, didn't I tell you about this?"

"No. I'm mad that I haven't heard about it."
She glares at me.
I don't know why, but Tohsaka is really pissed.

"Oh… I guess not. I do it quite often to get myself together after I fail the strengthening magic. But it's not like I can project something useful like I just did now.
I can get them looking the same on the outside, but they were all empty on the inside."

"Empty inside? What do you mean? Do you mean you can only reproduce the appearance?"

"No, I'm thinking about what's inside as well, but I can never manage to do it. That's why I'm surprised right now.
What I imagine isn't close to the real thing, but the swords just now were pretty close."

"I see. Then does it mean you acquired projection before strengthening?"
"It's more like that was the only thing I could do.
My father told me it was useless and that I should use strengthening instead."

…But that's strange. You reproduced Archer's swords for such a long time, but you still can't project normal things.
…Maybe you have a limited attribute.
There are magi who aren't versatile, but very powerful in one matter…"

I will never cease to be amused at Shirou's affinity for swords.

"Let's go home for today.
It seems Saber used magical energy to heal herself, so we have to let her rest."
…And she goes home like that.

Music: Stop

Surprised that I can still walk in this condition, I go with Saber to my room.

More than that, Shirou. Is there anything wrong with your body?"

"…? No, I'm fine. My limbs are still heavy, but this is like muscular pain, so I bet it'll be gone by tomorrow."

"Yeah. You can wake me up too if anything happens. If you get hungry at night, I'll make you something."
I can't provide magical energy for her, so all I can do is make some food to cheer her up.

"…Shirou. Please do not push yourself."

Saber goes to the next room.

"…Hm. …What's going on?"
I guess… I'm tired.
The ringing in my ears annoys me, but I think I can still get a good night's sleep

"Ah, gu, guh"

"HaaHaa, ha, gi"

So you were wondering how Nasu would write a gay love scene…

"Giah, guh!"

I hear a grinding sound with my numb ears.
The sound of creaking bones is coming from within me.
What don't they like?
My bones are twitching as if to complain to me, and my ribs are shaking as if to burst out of my body.


Pain runs throughout my body.
My whole body is pushed down by a great force, but the pain is coming from within.
It's condensed in a small place, but the contradiction is that my body is expanding.


On top of my futon,
I wiggle around like a bug and try to bear the unknown pain.

"Haaah, ah"

…My brain's burning.
My brain must not be able to endure the pain, as it is like a sauna now.
I don't care if this is compensation for magic over my level, or if this is the abnormality Saber was talking about.

…The clock I look at with my vague mind says it's not yet midnight.
I should be able to escape this pain if I sleep, but I'm sure the pain will wake me up even if I do.

Music: Whirlpool of Fate 2

"Damnthis place stinks like piss."
This is all his delusion.
A stranger's child spent a few years in here and threatened the Matou blood for a long time.
That's the only past he knows.
His father never said anything, but his grandfather told him a bit of what happened here.
His father did not choose him and decided to kill off the Matou blood, but his grandfather wished for the revival of the Matou family.

That's why he has no feelings toward his father.
His father taught him existence and failure.
His grandfather taught him superiority and privilege.
Thinking about what his mother gave him, Shinji laughs.

First of all, women are not needed at the Matou household.
He heard that his mother is some Carrier, but she must have become useless after giving birth.
He can bet on it that he'll find what used to be his mother in this room.
But he has no intention of searching for such a thing.
First of all, he does not want to see that which gave birth to his unskillful body.

The basement is filled with decay.
Strange worms are wriggling around deep within the dark.
There should not be any more nutrition to suck out of here, but the worms are still living here in this underground training area.

From the beginning, this place has been used not to raise people, but to raise bugs.
What can be seen inside the dark are swarms of bugs with black wings.
Even the shadows on the walls must be black bugs.
In it all…
A golden man unsuited to this lowest pit is there.

"I have good news. Kotomine said he'll overlook any of our actions. Hah, I thought he showed promise, but he really is useful! That means we won't get in trouble no matter what we do, right!?"
Talking in delight, he walks towards Archer.
Archer finally notices his master.
The red eyes move.

"! Oh, no, I didn't come to complain to you. I don't care where you go and what you do. I respect my Servant's free will. I'm tolerant, unlike others."

Shinji's pressured by the red eyes, but he still approaches Archer.
Even if Archer may be an ominous existence, he is only a Servant.
Therefore, he maintains his arrogance against Archer.
He shows leniency, but he still displays that he is the stronger one.

"Then let's start, Archer. We don't have to worry about catching people's attention. Go ahead and kill all you want, eat lots of souls, and get strong.
…Then they'll be next. We'll have to crush that annoying Saber and go settle things with Emiya."
He pats Archer on the shoulder.
Archer watches as if something unpleasant has touched him.

"What? I told you we're going.
No matter what hero one may be, a Servant has to obey his Master, right?"
He must have imagined himself raping Saber and letting his friend crawl on the ground.
He orders Archer in high spirits.
But the golden man does not move.
"Shinji. You do not understand what the Holy Grail is."
And he says his Master's name for the first time.

"Ignore the other Masters if you want the Holy Grail. They are only sacrifices. If you really wish for the Holy Grail, there is something we must obtain first."
"Something we have to obtain first…?"
The boy, Matou Shinji, looks at his Servant.
His feet are moving back unconsciously, and he has let go of Archer's shoulder.

Archer smiles for some reason.
…Sensing something evil in it, Shinji finally feels uneasiness about the Servant's identity.
The eighth Servant.
A heroic spirit that should not exist.
The strongest king of heroes, said to have existed since the last Holy Grail War

"…Oh yeah. Come to think of it, I haven't asked you before."
Shinji speaks, still trying to preserve his superiority.

"What? I shall answer you if you question me, Master."
"It's about your wish. What do you want to do after you obtain the Holy Grail, Archer?"
It's a natural question.
A heroic spirit that is half immortal and has all the treasures in the world.
What can this man possibly wish for now?

"What? You did not know?"
Archer says so with surprise.
His face is smiling as if he found a small happiness.

"I allow everything that is magnificent. A splendid ornament is something I must admire the most. ButI cannot stand giving it to the meaningless extras."
"It happened a long time ago. I chose ten servants and tried to kill the one that I did not need. What do you think happened, Shinji?"

"Huh? They were all slaves, right? Then didn't you kill them all?"
"No. I actually could not kill anybody. None of the laborers were meaningless in the old world."
He shrugs his shoulders ironically and steps forward.
…A deeper darkness.
He raises his foot over the dark shadow.

"But this world is filled with extras. I believe there would not be a single meaningful person even if I sought through a thousand people.
Man, this world has gotten so friendly to humans."

"…? I don't get it. What do you want, Archer? You want the Holy Grail because you have something you want, right? Then"

Archer does not answer.
The golden man does not even turn to his master and…

"It is a simple thing. A lot of something is ugly by itself."

…Lowers his raised foot into the darkness.

Music: Stop