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Part 176: Half the body paralyzed

"……Good. The pain's gone."
I don't know if I could not bear the pain anymore or if the pain went away at some point.
Anyway, I feel no pain and I don't feel sleepy nor tired.
My head has cleared up, as I managed to get about three hours of sleep.

"All right. I'll go make breakfast."
I get up from the sweaty futon.
As soon as I get up, my left foot slips.

I touch my left foot thinking it's strange.
There's nothing wrong with it.
There's no pain nor blood, andI don't feel like I'm touching my leg.

I don't feel anything on my left leg or my left arm.
I try pinching the left side of my chest and, again, feel nothing.

I guess my body hasn't fully healed yet, even though the pain went away.
The whole left side of my body is numb and it doesn't feel like it's my body. Um, I think something like this happens frequently

"It's like when I sleep in a wrong position in the shed. I'd use my arm as a pillow and blood wouldn't be flowing in it when I woke up."
Yeah, that.
This is like the numbing one gets from having the blood circulation to a limb cut off temporarily.

Well, it moves fine, so it should heal in time.
It reacts slowly and it feels like I'm moving it using a controller, but it shouldn't hinder my everyday life if I'm careful.

Music: In the Sunlight

The perfect update for a Sunday morning. Now I'm in the mood for brunch.

…except I don't have any ham.

The two bow and dig into the toast.

Saber eats the toast and salad like always, munching and nodding.
It's interesting to see Saber using chopsticks, but Western food suits her more.

Music: In the Sunlight

Saber's usually quiet.
It's not that she's untalkative, but it seems like she considers silence a virtue.
So this is how she is during meals.
It's easier for me to stay quiet during meals, so a meal like this is ideal for me.

Then, I realize why it's so quiet this morning.

In a word…

…Fuji-Nee didn't stay over last night.

"Yup. I cooked French food this morning. So just be quiet and eat."
I give Fuji-Nee her mug.

"Hm? But this kind of smells like instant food, Shirou."
"It's just your imagination. Your nose isn't working too well since you just woke up."

"I see. You might be right. Oh, good morning to you too, Saber-chan. I'm sorry I couldn't come home last night."
Fuji-Nee gulps down the hot clam chowder like some kind of sports drink.

I bet there's some special coating on her throat.

This is going places I do not want to go.

"Good morning, Taiga. I did not see you yesterday. Was something wrong?"

"Hm? Yeah, I had to work… well, no. I'm just going around visiting people who are sick. But that ended yesterday, so I can relax again today."

She puts margarine on her bread while she's speaking.
It doesn't really matter, but Fuji-Nee doesn't use butter.
I can ask her why, but I don't want to since I'm sure I'll get a stupid response.

"……Hey, Fuji-Nee. How many students are in a serious condition out of the ones who went to the hospital?"

"No one's in a serious condition. They're all just staying at the hospital to be safe, and I hear they can all come back to school next week.
It's all right, Shirou. Just relax, and don't worry about that incident."

She looks so carefree that looking at her makes me feel like I can trust her.

"I see. That's good."
"Yup, everything's all right. I'll be looking forward to dinner tonight."

She has a peaceful smile.
…Yeah. At times like this, she reminds me that Fuji-Nee is Fuji-Nee.

"Yes. That is fine, but… Shirou. I did not see anything made in the kitchen. Am I to go without lunch today…?"

"…? Oh, no. I can come home early today since it's Saturday. I'll be a bit late, but I'll be back by lunchtime to make lunch."

"I see. Shirou, it is troubling if you do not tell me about such matters. It seems you are pretty careless this morning. Your reactions are slow too. Do you have something that is worrying you?"

"Huh? No. My body's still heavy from yesterday, but this should get back to normal in no time."
The left side of my body is still numb, but it doesn't hurt, so there's no problem.
I can't tell Saber about such a thing and worry her.

"Well, you're right that it's my fault. Meals are your only hobby. I'll make a big lunch to show my apology, so let's call it even."
I wave goodbye and go to the door.

"Hm. I cannot agree with what you just said. It is only that I would not have energy in emergencies if I skip meals"
"Just forget about it. See ya, Saber!"

I touch my numb left leg.
It didn't happen when I was in the house, but I start feeling sick once I start walking.
Even though it doesn't affect my movements, it's a big mental burden to walk with a numb body.

"…No, I have to bear it. This is nothing compared to those two."
Even though she healed up, Saber got her throat cut and was smashed against a wall.
Tohsaka took that hammer-like blow to her chest.
It should be nothing for me, as I didn't actually take a hit.

I step out with my numb left leg and start walking down the hill.
…I feel slightly nauseous.
I walk to school with ghost-like steps.

Music: Madder Red Town

It might be because of my body, but I don't have a sense of time.
I don't remember anything about the lectures, and I'm not too sure what I did either.

"Could this be bad?"
The left side of my body is still numb.
Even though I don't feel anything, having it numb for so long gets me worried.

"I don't feel it, but it seems like it's getting heavier."
…The nausea won't go away either. And, of course, Kuzuki wasn't at school.

"I'll go home. Saber's probably hungry."
I grab my bag to go home.
I think I've forgotten to do something, but I should remember once I go home and rest.

"I forgot to talk to Tohsaka."
I forgot about it since I had my hands full with my body, and since my head was spaced out.
Well, I'm sure nothing big happened since she didn't come see me.
Considering my condition, I can contact her once I get better.

I put the food I bought in the refrigerator, wash my hands, and put on my apron.
I'll be making codfish pot tonight, so I'll use some meat for lunch.
I think about making teriyaki chicken and start getting ready.

"Are you home, Shirou?"
Saber must have heard me, as she comes in from the porch.

"Yeah, I'm sorry I'm late. You can rest while I cook. You must be hungry"
I dropped the dish in my hand since I was preoccupied with Saber.

"Yeah. That's the first time I've done something like that."
I'm surprised as well, so I respond stupidly.

"Sorry. I'll clean it up right away, so you can sit right there."
I pick up a piece.
I drop it.

I guess trying to pick it up with my left hand was a mistake.
…Well, that's a good lesson.
My left hand is still numb, so I'll be really careful when using the kitchen knife.

"Shirou. Please do not push yourself. Please make something simple. I am glad that you are trying to do your best, but I do not want your blood in our meal."
Well, I don't want that either.
I'd be a failure as a cook.

A little blood just makes it taste better. Kind of like salt.

"All right. Then I'll put effort into dinner and make a simple lunch. I'll still make what I was planning to, but I won't use any pumpkin or white radish. Is that all right?"
I take 200 grams of chicken, put it on the cutting board, and carefully ready my fork.
I have to make the main dish with care because of what I told Saber this morning.

"Yes. I will be looking forward to it, Shirou."
Saber replies, as if she can sense my enthusiasm.

I'm more enthusiastic now.
I'll poke some holes first with the fork and