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Part 18: What is burned in

There's no escape even though I know it's a dream.
I run, run, keep running.
In the end, where I end up is how I'm saved after running out of energy.

"I knew I shouldn't have smoked with Fuji-Nee before bed."

"…Oh, it's already this late?"
It's already past six o'clock.
From the kitchen, I can hear the sound of the kitchen knife cutting something.
"Sakura is early as usual."
There's no time to be impressed.
I have to get ready quickly and go help fix breakfast.

Music: In the Sunlight

"Shirou, what are you gonna do today? Will you be working this afternoon cause it's Saturday?"
"No, I don't have work today. I think I'll be doing something with Issei. Why?"

"Oh, nothing. I just hoped you might come and visit me at the dojo today. I'm in a pinch this month."
"Hm? In a pinch? What is?"

"My wallet. I'd be really happy if someone made me lunch."
"I refuse. It's your own fault, so you should skip a meal once in a while."

"Heh, I'm not expecting anything from Shirou. The only one I'm depending on is Sakura-chan. Right, Sakura-chan?"

"Yes. If you don't mind having the same lunch as me, I can prepare one."
"Yep, fine, fine. Let's eat lunch together today then."

Breakfast continues as usual. Today, along with the usual, there's simmered lotus root with chicken.
I don't think she has to make anything this elaborate for breakfast, but I think she made a lot of it to take for lunch too.

Sakura is a member of the archery club, and Fuji-Nee is in charge of the archery club.
It's natural for them to share lunches.

"Oh yeah, Shirou, you were late this morning. Did something happen?"
Fuji-Nee looks at me, sipping her miso soup.
…Geez. She's usually slow, but she gets sharp only at times like this.

"I had a dream about my past. I just woke up grouchy, that's all."

"I see, nothing unusual. I'm relieved."
Fuji-Nee ends the conversation like she's not interested.
I'm not worried at all about it either, so I shouldn't get mad about it.

I used to have nightmares back when I couldn't get the fire out of my mind.
But I saw less of it as time passed, and I'm well over it now that I can let it slide even after dreaming about it.
…But I guess it was pretty bad back then. Since Fuji-Nee has been here since that time, she's sensitive to my change.

"Shirou, are you not hungry? You don't happen to have no appetite this morning, right?"
"I am hungry. I'm fine, so don't try to take my food using my dream as an excuse."

"Man, I'm glad you've gotten so strong, but personally, I wish you were more delicate."

"That's my line. I wish you'd be more sweet."
We make fun of each other without looking at each other.

That proves my liveliness, and Fuji-Nee laughs with relief.

To be honest, I'm glad she's worrying.
But she'll be elated if I thank her, so I act like I'm discontented.

Not knowing the circumstances, Sakura looks puzzled at the way we're acting.