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Part 181: Bread disappearing incident

Music: Ever-present Feeling

There were people that were not saved,
and there was me, who could not save them.
That should be the reason.
What happened after that, and what did I want to become?

In the process, lots of things died.
That's why it was almost empty.
If the wish to stay alive dies, everything disappears.
If you have nothing, all that remains is to die.

That was everything.
Everything disappeared.
There was nothing, so I only had that one thing.
I admired it severely since I could not do it.

…That's right.
I hoped to be of help to many people in place of all those I could not save.
He said it is all false.


What did I want to become, and why?

'I wanted to be a superhero.'

Music: Stop

It's not me that said that, but

Music: In the Sunlight

"Damn. But I still have a headache."
I don't know if it's because of what happened last night, but I don't feel good at my awakening.
I must have had a bad nightmare, as my temples are throbbing in pain.
"Man… I'll go wash my face."

"Huh? There's no bread."
I bought a loaf yesterday, but it's gone along with the bag.

"Should I take it as sincerity that there are three 100-yen coins in its place?"
…I've never encountered such a crime.
The first suspect, Fuji-Nee, wouldn't do such an elaborate thing.
Then there's only one other culprit…