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Part 183: Good morning?

"Oh, she's not in here, like I thought."
The guest room is the same as always.
I don't feel anyone's presence, and there's nothing strange here.
The only thing here is a mysterious rectangular object on the table.

"…What is this?"
The length and width are about 15 centimeters, and it's 6 centimeters tall. It's made of plastic and it looks like a lunchbox.

"Actually, it is a lunchbox."
There's three of them.
I have no idea what it's used for or why.

How can you possibly know what it's called but have no idea what it does?

"Why does Tohsaka…"
I reach out, curious.
I hear a sound behind me.

The faint sound of breathing.
It twists its body and faces in my direction, perhaps because of the bright light.



My breathing stops instantly, and I can't look away.

My throat gulps.
I don't think it'll be bad if I make a sound.
If you're talking about loud, my heart is loud.
It's pounding like mad. If I have to make a comparison, it's as loud as a train.

No, calm down.
I can't afford a mistake.
I have to leave this room quietly, as if nothing has happened, if I wish for our future cooperation to continue peacefully.
I'll probably be killed if Tohsaka wakes up right now, and umI won't be able to cooperate with her if I keep watching Tohsaka.

"Hm… Sorry… it'll a take a while…"

My body jumps.
…Tohsaka's still asleep.
She must be well off in her dreams, as it looks like she'll continue to sleep on.

I sigh and slowly retreat.
…All the while…
I know I shouldn't be watching, but my eyes will not move away from Tohsaka.

…A girl is there sleeping.
Tohsaka is a girl, and it makes me forget that she's a magus and a Master.

Her breath and her disordered pajamas.
This is so heinously destructive.
This is almost unfair.
If I see such a thing, I won't be able to talk to her naturally like I've been doing up to now

"Ah… hm, so bright…"

A defenseless sleeping face.
I slowly retreat to the door, not being able to look away from her.
…How long did it take me?
The two meters were infinitely long and I slide out to the hallway with an almost-exploding heart.

My knees give way and I fall onto the floor.
"Man, what the hell…?"
…Well, it's all my fault.
It's my fault, but shouldn't extenuating circumstances be taken into consideration?

"I'm sorry, Tohsaka."
As I murmur, fatigue assails me.
Well, anyway…
I'm glad I got out before I died of lack of oxygen…

Music: In the Sunlight

"Hm? Oh, morning, Saber. I can relax since it's Sunday and there's no school today. I feel good, so let's go to the dojo after breakfast."
I greet her while I peel some potatoes.

"Yes, that will be great. So your numbness has healed?"
"Oh, you're right. It healed while I was sleeping. It's a bit heavy, but it should be fully healed by tomorrow."

"That is good. I cannot be at ease if my Master is wounded. I can relax if I see you in the kitchen like always."
Saber takes a seat in her usual position beside the table.

Aww… she was worried about her meal ticket.

"Yeah. And thanks to that, I'm starting to forget about it too."
Tohsaka's sleeping face is being replaced with potatoes and onions.

Food porn, indeed.

I should be fine even if Tohsaka comes.
I would be able to deal with her like alwa
"Good morning, Rin. It seems you were able to sleep well last night."
I freeze.
I-I'm so scared that I can't turn to the living room.

"…Morning. It wasn't really like that. The light was bright and there were people moving about even past midnight."
…Tohsaka answers Saber as she goes into the living room.

This is a crucial moment.
Calm down, calm down.
It's easy. I just have to prepare tea for the three of us and greet her as I go see her.

"All right."
I put the cups on a tray and take one final deep breath.

He sure knows how to greet the ladies.

Tohsaka is wearing something unfamiliar again.

Calm down.
It's all right, I saw her in normal clothes yesterday. I should have some resistance.

"No. I mean we're having Japanese food for breakfast this morning.
It'll take a bit longer, so have some tea while you're waiting."
I put the cups in front of Saber and Tohsaka.

"Why are you so slow? We're going out today, so get ready quickly."
Tohsaka glares at me as if breakfast can come later.

"Huh? Um, where are we going?"

"To the neighboring town. I want to go somewhere far away, but we don't have such time, right? So it's a compromise."

Is this some sort of new surprise attack?
I don't get what Tohsaka wants.

"Okay. I get it, but why are we going there?"
"We're going to go have fun, of course. It's a date."

Music: Stop

"Datewho and who?"

"Shirou and I."
She declares naturally.
After tilting my head in wonder…

Music: Gentle Everyday

"Who else is there? I told you last night, right?"

I feel dizzy.
I want to say something back, but Tohsaka is standing so majestically that I can't object.

"Come on, let's go. I knew this was likely to happen, so I made some lunch. Here, follow me and carry this tote bag."

She hands me a green tote bag and leaves the living room.

"Shirou…? Should you not follow her?"
"Ohhold on, Tohsaka!"

Ah, the true danger of the path is revealed at last.