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Part 186: Hazy / Tiger Dojo 20

Music: Footsteps of Destruction

I nod.
I mentally apologize to Tohsaka, who is staring at me, and obey Caster.

We promised to beat Caster together, but she doesn't yell at me and just bites her lip.

"That's a smart decision, boy. That is what I expect from a Master chosen by the Holy Grail. This is a battle you have no chance of winning. It is best for you to obey me."

…Caster raises her arm.
The fingers that were grabbing Fuji-Nee's neck go for my heart.

"Hold on. Promise me one thing before you do as you wish."

"……Fine. It doesn't seem like you understand your position, but I will listen. What compensation do you want, boy?"

"…It's Tohsaka. You sound like you want to kill Tohsaka. Promise me you will not lay a hand on her until she gets home."


Caster doesn't answer.
The purple-robed figure stares at me without moving, and…

"Fuhfufu, ahahahahahahahaha!
I was wondering what you would say, but you obeyed me for such a thing!? That is wonderful, boy! How many years has it been since I laughed so hard…!?"

It's a stupid condition all right, but you have no right to laugh at Shirou."

"Yes, you're right, little lady. You are the only one that can laugh at him. That is why this condition is acceptable.
All right. I was going to kill her here, but I shall make an exception and let her live. It is a wish of my ally. It is sad if I don't grant it."

The magus laughs.
Glaring at her, Tohsaka slowly retreats.

"Goodbye. It was going to end up like this anyway. We'll be enemies next time we meet, Emiya-kun."
…I hear her leaving footsteps
Before they disappear…

…The magus's finger cuts out my mind.

Music: Church on the Hill

…Everything is vague.
I don't feel my limbs, and it's calm as if I'm floating on water.
Algae must have filled up my skull, and I want to laugh at this darkness.

Saber looks away every time I see her.
I think we obtained the Holy Grail quite some time ago.
But she doesn't seem happy at all, and she repeats "I am sorry" every time I see her.

"How do you feel, Shirou? We obtained the Holy Grail thanks to you. Tell me if there's anything you want. I can create anything for you, even if it is Saber or that girl."

If anything, I want a colder place.
A deep darkness that will freeze the algae in my skull and make me want to start dancing.

"Long time no see, Emiya-kun. I finally found you."
I hear a familiar voice.

"Caster was right. You were turned into that to let me go. So I'm the only one who can laugh at you."

I try to raise my hand to greet her, but I can't find my hand.
I recall an embryo in a test tube.
I'm floating in water.
I don't feel my limbs.

"I'll laugh it off.
The bad dream ends here, Shirou."

Music: Stop

Video: Tiger Dojo 20 (mirror)

Please look forward to the new series, "Magical Fuji-Nee, Magical Tiger".