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Part 187: Distortion (III) - Rule Breaker

Music: Footsteps of Destruction

I say so to the magus without looking away.

Three people gasp.
Nobody here expected me to reply like that.

"A-Are you mad? Do you understand the position you are in?"
"Yeah, I get your point. I think you're saying the right thing."

If battles can be avoided, they should be avoided. And if the Holy Grail can be shared, it should be shared.

"But I won't help out a witch that's attacking people indiscriminately.
You're right, but the method is wrong.
…And one more thing. I wasn't forced to be a magus. I succeeded my father out of my own will.
You have no right to say anything about it."

"I see. Then I do not want you. You can die here."
Caster's voice fills with intent to kill.

At the same time, Saber gets ready to attack.

"Don't move, Saber!"
…I stop her with all my might.

"…Please. Don't move, Saber. You too, Tohsaka. We can't move right now."
She'll be killed if any one of us moves.
I'll lose the person that was with me until now, a person that is like an older sister to me.
I can't allow that.

"…You idiot. Then why did you refuse?"
But the two stop.
I take a step towards Caster as if to hide them.

Caster smiles once again.
…Her arm.
Her left arm that was carrying Fuji-Nee points slowly at me.

"…! How unfair, are you going to kill Shirou when he is not resisting!?"

"Of course not. I will not take his life. I am just going to take his rights as a Master. It seems you only have one more, but give me that Command Spell.
You won't come to my side, but you want to save this woman.
You should have been prepared for this when you said that."

I apologize to Saber in my mind and take another step towards Caster.

"All right. But how can I hand you the Command Spell?
I don't know of a way to give it to someone."
"Shirou…! No, even if you do that, it…"

Music: Stop

The black witch says so with a smile.

"I feel the same way. First of all, she's not one to release a hostage. She'll use you until the very end if you obey her."

The two have a point.
So I can only apologize to them in my head.

Caster should be able to cut off my left arm along with the Command Spell with one word.

"No, Shirou…!"

"What's wrong with you…!? There's no need to go that far to save someone else!"
"There is. If I can save Fuji-Nee at the cost of just one arm, I don't even need to think about it."
I point my left arm at Caster.

I don't know what you're intending, but my finger is faster than any of your surprise attacks."
Caster still must not trust me, as she puts some distance between us.

I walk to her.

…Caster's right in front of me, and the other two are far away from me.
I walk to the place where I won't be able to get away and hold out my arm.

The black witch watches me in astonishment.

Her robe flutters.
Caster keeps a hold of Fuji-Nee with her left hand and takes out a strange dagger with her right.

You really are a stupid boy. You are annoying, so a softhearted person like you should die…!"

She swings her dagger.
It goes not for my arm, but my heart, and

Music: Breach

She explodes.
Saber charges in with such speed that I thought she exploded.

She must have figured out that she can't get away.

Smiling happily, Caster puts power into her right hand and

"No, stop, Saber…!!!!"

I pray from the bottom of my heart and reach out with my left arm.

Saber stops.
Her movements are stopped by the absolute obedience enforced by the Command Spell.


Music: Stop

the dagger is stabbed as easily as making footprints in snow.

It feels like time has stopped.
Saber is looking down at her chest in blank amazement.

"Caster, you…"
"Yes, this is my Noble Phantasm, Saber. It has no attack power and is only a key used for rituals.
Butthis is a blade of betrayal that overturns any contract. You are like me now.
Betray your master and entrust your sword to me."

Magical energy flows out like tumbling water.
It spreads through Saber's body, destroys every rule controlling her, and

The connection between Saber and me is completely cut.

Music: Wandering Shadow

The Command Spell to control the Servants…
What used to be on me, the proof of being Saber's Master, is on her arm now

It is a sword of betrayal and negation which nullifies any magic in this world."

Saber is moaning on the floor…
…As if fighting against a poison that entered her.

"Yes, I made her into my familiar. Now, everything is as planned.
Emiya Shirou isn't a Master anymore, and Saber is mine.
There is nothing to fear now that I have her. It does not matter even if Berserker attacks me. I shall go attack them this time…!"
Caster laughs and picks up Fuji-Nee.

"Here, I'll give her back to you. She's important to you, right? Then you have to do your best so she won't die."
Fuji-Nee's body floats up.
She goes through the air as if being pulled by an invisible arm.


I catch her at once.

"Fuji-Nee…! Are you all right, Fuji-Nee…!?"
There's no reply.
But her body is warm.
Fuji-Nee is unconscious, but she's still breathing and is unwounded.

I sigh with relief.

"Are you happy now? I shall spare the woman since I promised you. And… Yes, I shall let you go as well.
Your previous action was so wonderful that it made me angry.

Saber, kill Archer's Master.
If he gets in the way, you can kill your previous Master as well."

Saber glares at Caster while on her knees.

"No, you obey me, Saber. You are mine now. You cannot disobey me as long as I have the Command Spell."

…But on the other hand…
Saber's body slowly gets up against her will.

Music: Stop

"Ah… kuh……!"
I feel a dull pain on my shoulder.
I feel the steel stabbed into my shoulder.
The sword that should be invisible is outlined in my blood.

"You idiot, why?"
I hear Tohsaka's voice from behind me.
…But I can't do anything, no matter what she says.
It's just that my body moved on its own, and most of allI didn't want to see Saber attack Tohsaka.
I didn't want to see it, so I just placed myself in between them

"Ha, ah!!!!!"
That's… not good.
I'm still holding onto Fuji-Nee.
And Tohsaka is behind me as well!

Caster is… saying something.

"Follow the Command Spell, Saber. Just slash them both."
A cold-hearted order.
With sounds as if opposing it…
Saber's arm shakes and stops.

Caster is astonished.
Saber looks down, bites her lips, and desperately pulls back her sword.

She moans in despair.
Saber hangs her head and cries.

Saber pleads with so much effort that she might cough up blood.

I run, my arm pulled by Tohsaka.

"Sa… ber…"
…What a contradiction.
She threw away her pride as a swordsman and told me to run away.
To honor her wish is the greatest help I can provide for her.

…but now who's going to cook for Saber?