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Part 190: Witch's plan / Reason to fight

Music: Whirlpool of Fate 2

But others do not know.
This place has withstood five battles already, each one was a great clash.
Many Servants challenged the Ryudou Temple.
Berserker, Lancer, Rider, Saber, Archer.
This mountain gate is able to enjoy the darkness thanks to the monster that has repelled all five enemies.

The longsword moves.
It is fortunate that the moon is not out.
The arc of the sword moving in a crescent-moon shape is so beautiful that the moon would be ashamed of itself if it saw it.

"Are you listening, Assassin? I told you that you will continue to guard the gate."
He ignores the magus in purple, Caster.
Assassin lowers his longsword and glances at the mountain forest without interest.
"Well, there was an intruder. I saw a strange bird, so I cut it. But it did not spill blood nor scream. Is this one of yours, Caster?"

"……! …I see, this must have been a familiar spying on us. It must be Berserker's Master or that young lady. Either way, this place will not last long."
Caster walks to the forest and looks down at the "thing" on the ground.
It is the corpse of an owl.
It is a bird made from crystal. It is simple, but suited for spying, and must have been made by Archer's Master.

"…Heh, that lady is unlucky. I could have made her my student if she were less talented."

She steps on it.
The amethyst crystals are crushed to powder, scattering star-like dust.

"There are people like this, so I leave you in charge to protect my Master. I will disappear if my Master dies. If that happens, you cannot exist either.
If you do not want to disappear, protect the gate and be prepared even for death."

Caster's words are filled with enmity and contempt.
For her, Assassin is only a tool.
It is annoying for a tool to talk, so it is natural for her to get mad when it starts to speak cynically.

"I see. Good heavens. My life is like a heat haze, but it is problematic if I disappear now. I have made a promise. If I can, I would like to fulfill this promise."
"Then hold your tongue. You only need to protect this place.
If you're able to do so, I can make you real. A low-class like you without a Noble Phantasm can become a heroic spirit, so it should be worth risking your life, right?"

"You do not need to worry. I have belonged to the other world from the beginning. I will act out my role.
But is it all right, Caster? I am not loyal to my master, but you are dishonest as well. Tonight's matter is a secret to your Master, right?"
At that instant, Assassin's body explodes.
A thumping sound.
The curse that was put into his body upon summoning has exploded.

The trees sway.
Assassin is flung into the forest, his chest pierced from within by his own ribs.
His figure is like a bloomed flower.

"Guhgeez. You are getting worse every day, Caster."
"Quiet. If I have to tell you one more time, I will eliminate you before waiting five days."
"…Geez. They say women and mean people are unmanageable, but you have gone too far."

The flashy Servant gets up.
This Servant does not lose his elegance even if he shows his ribs or if his body is covered in blood.

"I am just being a poor loser. I cannot attack you, so allow me to joke around like that.
I will protect the gate. I will protect it no matter what.
But where are you going? Do you not trust my protection?"

"Of course not. You're just insurance.
But that's at an end as well. Once I have control of Saber, I don't have to use this rustic place as my temple."
"…Hm, so you will relocate? Then I am certainly not needed. Is there a sacred ground superior to this place?"
"Yes. It is inferior to this place, but there is a place suited for me. AndI will be going there in the near future anyways. There is no problem if I go now, right?"

Assassin's expression, which had been cool up to now, clouds up.
Caster smiles as if she's satisfied.

"Yes. Our victory is certain, so I'm going to go receive the prize ahead of time.
A new territory and the Holy Grail. And I also have another piece called Saber. With all this, I am sure my uninterested Master would have no complaints with my policy."

That is true.
No matter how much Caster's Master, Kuzuki Souichirou, stays silent, he would be forced to fight if the conditions are set so perfectly.
But what is more certain is that…

"The boring war will end. There will be nothing to fear once I obtain the Holy Grail.
…Yes, nobody would be able to stop me!"

Bitches is crazy

Music: Stop

I can't keep my consciousness.
I'll fall asleep if I let my guard down.
…No, first of all, I'm not too sure if I'm conscious or not.
I don't know how I got home from that rooftop nor why I came home.

Music: Ever-present Feeling

…My thoughts become vague.
The only sure thing is my thumping heart.

…Tohsaka told me to not involve myself.
Because I'm powerless and I don't have a reason to fight anymore.

But that's wrong.
I knew more than anyone that I'm powerless.
My reason to fight is something different.

But that's only when my enemy is someone else.
I can't lose against myself.
There's no element that would make me lose if our powers are equal.
To admit defeat against such an enemy is to declare that I'm wrong.

The wound distorts.
Blood stains the bandage.

…Even if I was wrong from the start, there is nothing wrong with the path I took.
I wanted to be a superhero so that incident wouldn't just become a sad memory.
A time where everyone would be happy and shed no tears.
I have held that ideal for ten years.

"Tohsaka, no matter how much you tell me…"
If I believe it is right, I will believe in this path until the very end.
I won't stop, and I won't let her fight by herself.

…That's why I will sleep now.
I won't let her call me a burden.
I'll heal this wound up in one night.
And when I wake up in the morning