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Part 192: Search and lure / Infinite…

I owe her bigtime.
I can't forfeit until I repay her for that.

"…And she always screws up at the crucial moment… And she's so unreliable that I can't let her be alone."
I adjust the shinai bag on my shoulder.
…I know I won't be of much help and that she will object.
But I can't obtain peace of mind until I see Tohsaka's face.

…This is just a what-if…
But if she gets injured away from me, I can't even be there to help her

Wow, I'm going to have to swear off Archerkins jokes for at least 3 updates now.

Music: Stop

"…Damn. I knew it wasn't going to be easy, but I didn't think I would find nothing."
I knew from the start that I had no way to find Tohsaka.
I let my luck take over and searched through the town, but I couldn't find her, nor any traces of her.

"…The other Masters aren't coming out either… I guess there's no need to attack me now that I don't have my Command Spell."
I sigh and lay back.

I'm making no progress like this.
Tohsaka hasn't left any trace, and my last resort of using myself as bait to lure out other Masters is failing so far.

"It's still noon. I won't let that happen so easily."
I get back up.
I ignore the renewed throbbing in my shoulder and leave the park.

They have to do this to me after I've promised NOT to make these kinds of jokes.

Music: Whirlpool of Fate 2

A desert as far as I can see.
The numerous swords stuck in the ground do not have a wielder.
The sky is stormy and there is no forest, town, or sea within my sight.
A hill of blades stretching to infinity.
A graveyard of steel without any wielder or bearer.
I knew from the start…
That this is the scenery inside that hero's mind.

If true heroes are those who have legitimately earned the title, these are a different kind.
They were forced to the throne of heroes because of their fate, and they should be called Avenger, the anti-hero.
They are the opposite of heroes, but they were praised as heroes regardless.
Even those that hated humans and those the humans hated are summoned as guardians.

I was mistaken.
Heroic spirits, familiars called Servants.
…Humanity's power to control called the "guardians".
They are summoned into every age to prevent humanity's extinction.
But the only condition for their summoning is "destruction brought on by humans".
Naturally, destruction brought on by an outside factor is solved not by human power, but by the world's restraining power.

Music: Stop

"…Sorry, I fell asleep. I guess I'm tired."
"That is understandable. You have not slept since last night. Should we postpone this if you are not feeling well? We do not have to go get them right at this moment."
"…No, we can't take our time. Since we know where Caster is, we should settle this right now."
After saying so, Rin realizes that her body is warm.
Her familiar, Archer, must have kept her warm using his cloak.

"…Heh. You knew I was asleep, huh? And you didn't wake me up?"
"Well, it's rare to see someone sleeping while they are standing. I was fascinated, so I had to observe it."
"That's even worse. Who are you to be staring at a girl's sleeping face?"

"Do not worry. I have done nothing so rude.
But I did hear something else. I can close my eyes, but I cannot close my ears."
"……I see. What was I saying, Archer?"
"I heard a few scary phrases, like how you're so angry."

"Oh, that's good."
Rin sighs with relief.
The dream she saw should not be discussed.
She can't have Archer know about it.
She likes their relationship.
…To maintain it, she has to hide the fact that she knows about Archer's past.

"Let's go, Archer. I know a bit about the church. I can guess where she might be hiding."
She brushes away Archer's cloak.
Archer silently protects from behind her.
"Hey, Archer. Have you ever regretted your own actions?"
She asks without turning around.

"I don't want to if I can help it. I want to grit my teeth and be stubborn, even when I'm completely beaten.
But I'm sure that's hard. Harder than I imagine, I suppose."

"That would depend on the person.
There are those who can and those who cannot do so. You are the former. Such people will not make mistakes, let alone consider them."

The knight in the red cloak praises her.
Rin blushes at his answer, but keeps asking without turning around.

"…Then what about you? Do you think you would be able to believe in yourself until the very end?"
"Hm? I'm sorry, but that question is meaningless."
"…Why? It's something you're able to answer, right?"
She sounds a bit nervous.

To that…
"The 'until the very end' part is meaningless.
Did you forget, Master?
I met my end a long time ago."
…The knight in red gives this reply.