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Part 193: Confrontation

It's about time.

The wound on my left shoulder is throbbing with pain.
I don't know if it's opened up, or if the bandage is getting loose.
…Either way, I can't spend too much time on the search.
It'll end up like last night if I can't find a clue.

"…Man, where could she be?"
…I recall when I parted ways with her last night.
It's already been a day since she told me to run to the church since I can't fight without Saber

"Oh. The church."
There is a clue.
I thought about it when I started the search this morning.
The supervisor of the Holy Grail War.
The priest at the church might know where Tohsaka is

"…It's irritating to go ask that priest for help, but this is no time to be hung up on that sort of thing"

…No, I shouldn't go see that priest, regardless of my feelings.
He's a priest, but Kotomine Kirei is not a man that should be approached.

In the Nasuverse, that sentence is redundant.

I don't want to go ask him for advice, but he's the only one I can count on right now.

"…I'll consult him just this once. That shouldn't be a problem."
I convince myself and move my aching body.
It's almost seven o'clock.

…To be honest, I don't like the church.
Maybe that building itself is a forbidden place I shouldn't approach.
The fire ten years ago.
The church took care of all the orphans at that time, so it reminds me of that incident whether I like it or not.

My temples are hurting.
I lose myself and feel a chill, as if my body is splitting in two like a shedding insect.

"This is weird."
I bear the headache and start running.
It's because of the hunch I've had since yesterday.
The conviction that Tohsaka is in Shinto.
That sensation is assailing me now and causing the headache.
Thensomething should be going on in there

Despite the participants it is not, in fact, lesbian sex.

…I'm curious about it, but now's not the time.
If there's blood, it means someone's hurt.
And this much tootheir life must be in danger.

I feel a sharp pain in my head. Dull heaviness settles in my body.
I ignore it, take out the wooden sword, and start walking quietly.

I follow the trail of blood.
It's coming from in between the columns.
A dark stairway that you would normally not notice.

"…A descending stairway… This place has a basement?"
This is a church, so could it be a mausoleum?

…I don't have enough energy to just stand here and think.
I cautiously step into the darkness.

Tohsaka confronts the "enemy" before her with Archer's protection.
In front of herin front of the altar are two people.

The magus in a purple robe, Caster, and her Master, Kuzuki.
And on the altar behind them is…

Saber, who is looking down and panting painfully.

My heart jumps.
My pulse is beating faster than normal.

The situation is obvious.
Two pairs of Master and Servant are confronting each other in the temple about five meters below me.
They haven't noticed me standing above them, as they're too absorbed.

Tohsaka and Caster are looking for an opening to strike.
It would be suicidal for them to look up in a situation like this.

My heart beats even faster.
My head pounds and my shoulder aches as if seared by a hot iron.