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Part 195: Desperate projection

I don't even use the stairs.

I have jumped down behind Tohsaka without even knowing it.

But that's it.
My wooden sword is destroyed by Kuzuki's fist, going for Tohsaka's head.

Everyone's astonished by the sudden intruder.
Except for one man, who reacts as though it's perfectly natural.

He does not hesitate.
It does not matter for this man who the enemy is.
He has no emotion for the one who appeared.

Music: Premonition of a Storm

Video: Desperate Projection (mirror)

Death's scythe is thrust.
There's no way to block it.
I'll have my neck snapped like a flower.
How pitiful.
It's meaningless if I won't last even two seconds.
…Will not be able to do anything, not even save Tohsaka


It does not matter how great the work is.
If it has been accomplished, there is no problem with recreating it!


up Kanshou and Bakuya.

That cannot be a problem.

No, it cannot be.

I will die if I reproduce swords?
Of course not.
This body is a Magic Circuit specialized for this purpose alone.
I have been saved by swords, and I have lived with swords.
I do not know about others, but it is impossible for me to destroy myself by reproducing swords!

Music: Stop

I repel it.
The same weapons are in my hands, and my enemy is the same.
Kanshou and Bakuya are in my hands.
The reproduced Noble Phantasm of Archer has repelled Kuzuki's fist once again.

It stops right there.
Kuzuki must have figured out this would turn out like last time, as he takes a step back.

"Haa, guh……!"
My lungs explode.
The breath I've been holding escapes my mouth in a rush.

I don't feel my left shoulder.
My wound has completely opened up and the blood stains not only my bandage, but my shirt as well.

It's not damage brought on by using the projection magic.
Two attacks.
I only repelled Kuzuki's attack twice and my shoulder got destroyed.
I bet my shoulder would have been dislocated with one more attack, and my arm would have been ripped off.

"Haa, haa, ha"
But I can't show that.
I ready my twin swords and protect Tohsaka's back.

She has stopped and is complaining to me.

…I'm relieved.
My choice wasn't wrong.
I'm glad her good-heartedness is still there.

No, now's not the time.
It's too early to tell if my choice was right or not.
We have to get out of here alive.

"Sorry, complain to me later, Tohsaka. I'll listen once we get out of here, so let's take care of them first."

Tohsaka nods silently and readies herself behind me.

Music: Footsteps of Destruction

"I knew you were going to do something, but I did not think you would jump down."

Kuzuki is watching us, his fists ready to fight.

…He has no intention of letting us go.
He's standing there so he doesn't let one of us go.
If either one of us moves, he should react right away

But I can't be taking my time.
…The wound on my shoulder is getting worse by the second.
My concentration fades as more blood is lost.
My body won't last long to start with.
If we are to run, we should do so as fast as possible.

…But we can't run away that easily.
Kuzuki will react if I move. When that happens, Tohsaka will be the first one to die.
I have to defeat Kuzuki to let Tohsaka go. But I don't have the power to beat Kuzuki, and he's not our only enemy.

Behind Kuzuki are Caster and the betrayer, Archer.
…No, in the worst case, Saber might also become our enemy.

Was there no exit to begin with?
There is no miracle that will let us escape from here.
I want Tohsaka to escape at the very least, but even that would require so much luck that it makes me sick

…Yes, it looks like you have given up. You came out, so you don't mind dying, right?"

…She's coming…!
I'll resist with all my powers. I ready my twin swords and stand in front of Tohsaka.

Released intent to kill.
Right before it reaches us…

Music: Stop

"No. Hold on, Caster."
The knight in red stops the attack with an emotionless voice.

Music: Whirlpool of Fate 2

"…Archer. I thought you would know that you have no right to say anything here."

"No, there is something I forgot to tell you. I want to give one condition for me to side with you."

"…A condition?"

"Yes. I gave you my freedom without resistance.
As compensation, I would like for you to let them go.
They are useless as Masters now. There is no merit to killing them."

His proposal sounds objective.
Tohsaka watches it intently.

"Let them go? …Heh, you are more good-natured than you act."

"I was born as a human. It will leave a bad aftertaste if I kill my master right after I betray her."

"Oh. You are a traitor, but you say such a thing in front of the one you betrayed?"

"…Fine. I shall let them go this time. But I will kill them if they get in my way again, no matter who stops me.
Is that fine, Archer?"

"Of course. If they are stupid enough to continue fighting in this situation, they deserve to die."

…That must have concluded the negotiation.
The intent to kill filling the temple goes away, and the restraining enmity fades.

Now, run like the dogs you are."
I glare at Caster.
Tohsaka pulls on my arm silently.

"Let's go. She's right."
She whispers in my ear.
I calm down and turn my back to the enemy.

We don't run but slowly make our way to the stairs.
The distance that seemed so great is covered in just a few steps.
A footstep.

Tohsaka takes a step onto the stairs and turns back to Caster.
…No, that's wrong.
Tohsaka did not look at Caster, but at the man smiling beside our enemy.

"It is wrong to curse me, Rin.
It is just that this woman is a better Master than you are.
If the difference is clear, I will choose the stronger one."

"You're right. But you'll regret it. I will never give up.
I'm going to defeat Caster and get you back. I won't forgive you even if you apologize to me at that time."

"That is just vain effort. Well, I will not stop you if you want to throw away your life."
She turns away and starts to walk.
She's biting her lip in anger.
But she does not speed up, and Tohsaka leaves the underground temple in a magnificent manner.

Music: Stop