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Part 198: Rin's smile / Plan determined

Music: Surrounded by Smiling Faces

…Then there are limited possibilities.
People who are magi and have a reason to fight against Caster.
It'll be other Masters.

"Tohsaka, don't get mad and hear me out. Um, do you think it's feasible to cooperate with other Masters?"

"……All right, why do you say so? You must have a plan."
"Well, that's not the case, but Caster isn't someone the other Masters can just ignore, right?
So I thought we might be able to cooperate just to beat Caster."

"…Yes. I was actually thinking of the same thing. I didn't say it because I thought you'd object."

She says so unenthusiastically.
She must not like the idea, but she must know that's the only option we have.

"Well, there are two remaining Masters now. Lancer's Master and Berserker's Master.
There's no way to negotiate with Lancer's Master because his identity is unknown. But we might have a chance with Berserker's Master, Ilyasviel."

Berserker's Master.

The white girl and the statue-like giant I met on the night when it all began.
She sounded dangerous, but I don't think she's cruel.

"…Yeah. I think she would at least listen to us. I don't think she'll ask for much in return, either."

"You idiot. She's the most dangerous for you.
She was only looking at you, Shirou. I don't know what she'll do to you."

I do and I wish I didn't.

"W-What do you mean? I've only met her once, so that can't be possible. Quit scaring me like that, Tohsaka."

"……Humph. We'll stop the negotiation right then if that does happen."
Tohsaka averts her gaze and gulps down her tea.

"…But we can only bet on Ilyasviel for now. If Archer is right about Caster's identity, Berserker would be her natural enemy.
They knew each other when they were alive, so he should know Caster's tricks. Berserker can handle Caster and Archer by himself. We can take care of Kuzuki while he does so."

"That's an optimistic thought. But does Berserker really know Caster?"

If Caster really is that witch, Berserker might know her through the Argo Expedition.
It's just like how I don't get along with Kirei. Everyone has a natural enemy."

Yeah, but all Japan is Kotomine's natural enemy. It's not quite the same.

But I'm sure everyone would dislike that priest.

"Then it's decided.
But how should we find her? She hasn't appeared since that night. We should be able to find her because of her large magical energy, right?
But we can't find her in spite of that, so doesn't that mean she's not in this town?"

"I'd assume not. Ilyasviel must be having fun, watching the Holy Grail War from a faraway place."
"…Faraway place? Is she keeping watch over the town like how Caster was doing at the Ryudou Temple?"

…I heard from my dad that the Einzbern family has a villa in the forest on the outskirts of town."

She says so with a tense voice.
A villa inside the forest…
Tohsaka's expression tells me how dangerous the place is.

Music: Stop

Drowsiness fills my body as soon as I do.

I stare at the dark ceiling.
We are going to Ilyasviel's hideout tomorrow.

No matter what kind of negotiations take place, it's obvious that we'll need energy.
Tohsaka said we wouldn't get good results with tired bodies, so we decided to head out after we sleep.

"…It's five hours until dawn. We have to go talk to her after that."

The young Master that appeared on the night I became a Master.
If Saber is a Servant excellent in all aspects,
Berserker is a Servant specialized in battle.
There is no Servant that can match Berserker in simple combat.

"How can I talk to such monsters?"
Saying it makes me believe it's impossible to negotiate with them.

Strangely, I don't feel any uneasiness.
I think Ilya will understand us if we talk to her.
…Just like Tohsaka, she will classify enemy and ally as a magus, but I think she's a proper girl with all that aside.

"…Man, what wishful thinking when I haven't even talked with her yet."
I bet he would scorn me, saying that it's a convenient fantasy.

Shirou already misses the pillow talk

But what's wrong with believing?
Is it wrong to have hope for someone you haven't met yet?

I realize that I'm gritting my teeth.
The man who told me to drown in my ideals and die betrayed Tohsaka in front of me.
A guy with that much trust and power switched his allegiance so easily.

My mind darkens.
No, it's freezing.
My head cools down thinking about what he did.

I'm angry.
I can't forgive him for betraying Tohsaka.
I can't forgive the fact that he cast away his partner.
Iwill swear here.
Even if that may have been the very best action and even if it turns out that it was the right choice to survive, I will never do something like that.

…His words are correct.
The superhero my father talked about is just a fantasy,
and I accepted the fact that I would have to become like him to get as close to the ideal as possible.
Not wanting to do so, I openly denied the idea even though I accepted it in my mind.

…But this isn't on such a level.
I can't approve of him.
I can't approve of his action no matter what the circumstances may be.
I won't be able to keep standing if I approve of him.