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Part 210: Choice

Music: Footsteps of Destruction

Protected by Kuzuki, Caster looks around the temple.

…This is it.
The surprise attack won't work on Caster anymore.
Tohsaka is tired and I can only project two more swords.
If Caster uses "her" in this situation, we will never make it out of here alive

"……Phew. I thank you, Master. I would have been defeated without you."

"You do not need to flatter me. Just get Saber. We cannot take them lightly."

"Yes. That is a good decision, Master."
Caster points to the woman on the altar.

The visible binding of the curse.
And when Caster tries to release it…

Music: Stop

Video: Trace, on (mirror)

Caster moves.
Above her Master…
Above Kuzuki Souichirou's head…

Are floating numerous swords.

Music: Church on the Hill

She must have figured out that her injuries will prevent her from blocking them with magic.
Caster uses her body to protect her Master.

The murmuring voice from above says those words.

Kuzuki is silent.
In front of him is the skewered Servant.
…Maybe there's no need to hide it now.
The robe is removed from her head, and the woman walks over to her master with a bare face.

"AhAh, ah"
…Her body is collapsing.
With a dying body, the woman looks up at her master who has not twitched a brow.
Her slender fingers run across the expressionless face.

"Ohare you okay, Master?"
Her voice seems clear.
There is no change in Kuzuki.
He only answers with a simple "yes" and does not even look at Caster.

"Good. It would trouble me if you died."
She looks as if it is fine.
…No, the woman smiles knowing what kind of man he is.

"But this is cruel. I finally found a wish…"
The fingers running along his cheek fall down.
Beginning at her toes, Caster's body is disappearing.

"You do not have to grieve. I will make your wish come true."
She smiles at the simple answer.
She smiles as if seeing a short-lived dream.
"That is impossible. Because my wish…"

Was being fulfilled until now.

Music: Stop

The witch collapses as if going to sleep.

…The purple robe falls.
The robe without its wearer fades and disappears as if following her.

Kuzuki does not even look at her. His attention is focused on the man above.
The knight in red who should be above me.

I get a headache.
It's not just because I've abused projection.
The muttered spell…
The spell he said is smashing my brain with nausea.

'Trace, on'.
That's what he said.
He said the exact words of the spell that shouldn't be used by anyone else but me.

Archer comes down the stairs and stands in the temple.
Tohsaka is watching him with surprise.

He is only watching his enemy, Kuzuki.

Music: Wandering Shadow

"…Treacherous friend, huh? You were going for this from the start, Archer."

"Yes. But this is more like the Trojan horse.
I had to defeat the Greek hero. So this is more appropriate as a comparison."

Archer shows no guilt even though he has betrayed Caster in front of us.

"I see. I guess it was Caster's mistake for drawing in a guy like you."
Kuzuki does not change his tone even in front of a betrayer.
He still has the will to fight.
He is not a magus and he has lost Caster, but he has the will to continue fighting.

As Caster is gone, Kuzuki's strength must have dropped substantially.
His "snake" is still there, but Caster's strengthening that made his fists into steel is gone.
But still, Kuzuki faces Archer like before.

"I see. I will not stop you if you want to continue."
Archer readies his twin swords.
Their duel has begun.

Is that all right?
Kuzuki said he has no interest in the Holy Grail.
A Master in name only, he merely went along with Caster.
Then there's no reason for him to fight now that Caster's gone.

"Hold on. Why are you continuing, Kuzuki? You were only doing as Caster told you. Caster's gone now, so there's no reason for you to fight anymore."
I glare at them, gritting my teeth against the pain.

Kuzuki narrows his eyes a bit.

"Right. I do not have a reason to fight. Like you, I had no interest in the Holy Grail."


"But this is something I have started. I cannot stop midway."

That is both awesome and incredibly sad at the same time.

That's it.
That's all the reason he has.

The battle starts.
The battle should end in one blow.
Even if Kuzuki has superhuman fighting abilities, he's fighting a Servant.
He can't be a match just by being "superhuman".