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Part 211: Ideal / Reality Marble

Music: Wandering Shadow

If I can save him…
Is it wrong to want to prevent his death if I can?
I don't care if I'm called soft-hearted.
I know it's just hypocrisy.

To defeat another Master means killing them.
We fought, prepared to kill each other.
I know how unfair it is to stop them now.

But still.
I decided to fight so that I could save people. I can't ignore a life that can be saved.

"Stop. The match is settled. You guys don't…"
I suppress my headache and try to stop them.
At that instant.

Music: Stop

Kuzuki moves.

Any ordinary man would have his skull crushed, but Archer does not dodge it.
His head moves from the impact.
The knight in red takes Kuzuki's blow,

and pierces Kuzuki Souichirou's chest at the same time.

Music: Wandering Shadow

…I have a headache.
Is my Magic Circuit compressing my nerves?
Or can I not forgive Archer for killing Kuzuki?
Or am I pissed at myself for not having the right to say anything to him?
I can't tell, and my headache only gets worse.

Music: Stop

I turn around at the sound.
With Caster's disappearance, the bonds must have broken.
Saber is on the floor in front of the altar.

"Ah… Hm…"
Saber painfully breathes on the floor.
That makes me forget about my headache.


I run to her.
Even this short distance is an annoyance.

She raises her head.
Saber sighs in relief as she sees me run to her and

She tackles me with her shoulders and pushes me away.

I land on my back.
I shake my confused head and look up.
At that instant

I hear steel hitting steel.

Music: Confrontation (Realta Nua)

Saber is there, fully armored.
Numerous swords lie on the floor, right where I was standing before Saber tackled me.

"Damn, I missed."

Says in a bored voice, facing Saber.

Saber, who can barely keep her body standing, glares at Archer.

I don't even need to ask why she's glaring at him.
He shot those swords from behind to kill me.
Saber saw that and instantly pushed me away.

Tohsaka watches him in astonishment, and Saber readies her sword while breathing heavily.
Their situations are different, but they both have wonder in their eyes.
Why is Archer trying to kill Emiya Shirou when Caster's dead already?

…The reason behind it…
If "that" is really the reason for us not being able to approve of each other…
It is natural for him to want to kill me.

I get up.
Saber must have been desperate.
She tackled me without holding back, so I can't breathe properly.

That just makes me more determined.
This is all she could manage when she tackled me with all her might.
She doesn't have enough power left in her to even fight me.
It's suicidal for her to confront Archer in such a state.

Tohsaka draws near Archer.
…It's natural.
Archer switched to Caster's side to attack her by surprise.
Now that it succeeded, there's no reason for him to attack me.

"The acting's over, right? We beat Caster, so I won't let you do anything selfish now…!"

"Let me…? I do not get it. Why do I have to ask for your permission? You're not my Master or anything."

"Eh… Archer…?"
"Our contract has ended. I am free now. Do you think I will subject myself to human control?"

After staring up at the knight in astonishment, Tohsaka gasps in sudden realization.

"No way, Archer…"

"I will act to achieve my objective.
But it is troublesome to have you around."


Tohsaka jumps back.
She gets away from Archer, tries to run towards me, who is still on my knees, and…

Her movement is stopped cold.

It's a circle big enough for one person to fit in,
and Tohsaka is trapped inside.

"I will not let you interfere after I've come this far. Our contract has ended, so the binding of the Command Spell does not exist anymore.
That is the only reason I sided with Caster. I needed to break the contract to nullify that Command Spell."

Turning his back to the imprisoned Tohsaka, Archer starts to walk.
Not towards Saber, but towards me, still on my knees.

"I thought sobut why, Archer!? Do you still want to kill Shirou…!?"
"Yes, I will kill Emiya Shirou with my own hands.
This is the only wish I have after being reduced to a guardian."

She musters her strength and moves between Archer and me.

"Archer. Do not tell me you are…"

"…Yes. You asked me once, right? Whether I had pride as a hero or not.
Of course not. I cannot have such a thing. Only regret fills my mind.
Saber, I shouldn't have become a hero."

The aggression fades from Saber.
…What did she figure out? Her enmity towards Archer is gone.

"That's it. Step back, king of knights. You'll disappear right away if you act recklessly when you don't have a Master.
Emiya Shirou does not have his rights as a Master. Your wish cannot be granted even if you support him."

"I cannot do that. Even if he is not a Master, our contract will not go away. I have sworn to protect him and to be his sword.
…He knew nothing about the Holy Grail War, but he responded to my oath. I cannot betray his trust."

She readies her invisible sword.
But I don't see the usual valor or strength in her stance.

"I see. Then you can die here along with the fake master."

Twin swords appear in Archer's hands.

…! Saber can't even take those swords right now…!

"You idiot. Run, Saber…!!"
I get up and reach for Saber.
Did she do it to get away from my reach?
Saber pulls herself together, kicks the ground, and charges at Archer.

…The sword isn't even in Saber's hands now.
After resisting Caster's Command Spell for so long, she has no magical energy left.
Unable even to breathe, she puts her hands on the floor, desperately trying to hold her disappearing body together.

Archer raises his swords.
The twin swords are swung down onto Saber.

Music: Stop

I jump in from the side and stop them using all my might.

I ready my twin swords.
I hold the instantly-projected weapons and glare at the knight in red.

Music: Footsteps of Destruction

"…Hm. I thought you would stay quiet for a bit longer. But I guess you cannot bear having a woman killed in front of you."

"Shut up. I'm the one you want to kill. Fight the right opponent."

I confront him.
We both have twin swords in our hands.
Our physiques are different, but our stances are the same in every regard.

"It is real if imitation goes that far. Butcan your body withstand that magic?"
A sneering voice.
…My limit is near, as he says.
My headache does not stop and my Magic Circuit has its limiter full from all the projection magic.
…My brain will explode before I get slashed if I fight him while retaining the image of the twin swords.


"I warned you before. I told you that you cannot use projection. A magic beyond your powers will destroy your body. You are now paying the price of the magic that has kept you alive, Emiya Shirou."
Archer charges in.

"Kushut up, dammit!"
To that.
I frantically move my swords as if slashing my headache away.

An imitation can get close to the original, but never surpass it.
I could not match this man from the start.

The man told me to drown in my ideals and die.
The man said that my life is a false life.
I could not object to those words because he was my ideal.
A power to make the impossible possible.
An existence that saved many people and became a heroic spirit.
It was I who wanted to become such a person.

That's why I can't match him.
The man in front of me is the end of that road.
He is my ideal, becoming strong to save people, so

…I can't stay conscious.
My body isn't hurt, but my insides are bleeding and about to give out

Video: I announce! (RN) (mirror)

Music: Into the Night

Tohsaka's gallant voice echoes through the temple.

I roll on the floor and get away.
Archer clenches his teeth, but looks at Saber instead of pursuing me.

"Obey me! Then I shall entrust my fate to your sword…!"
Tohsaka reaches out towards Saber from within the prison of swords.
Saber runs to her using her last power and…

"I will accept your oath under the name of Saber…!
I shall accept you as my master, Rin!"
A contract that should have originally been made…
Saber finally obtains a Master that is appropriate for her.

Violent wind rages.
She must have gotten back her true powers by obtaining a true Master.
Saber is unlike anything she was before.

", Wha-"

I'm not the only one that gasped.
Even Archer is fascinated.
Rising swirls of magical energy and armor that can never be damaged.
There seems to be no end to this overwhelming power.
This is Saber.
The heroic spirit of the sword said to be the strongest Servant!

"Damn. I was going to let her make a contract with Rin, but the order is getting mixed up."
Archer murmurs while looking at Saber. He must not have enough to spare to pay attention to me now.

"I believe I told you, Archer. My oath with Shirou will never go away."
Saber is firm.
Archer clucks his tongue and grips his twin swords again.

Now will be the time to rethink. You do not think you have a chance to win against me now, right?"

Saber's warning is true.
Saber would not lose even to Berserker now.
No matter who he may be, Archer cannot match Saber.
He should know that more than anyone, but…

Archer charges.

Saber receives the blow like nothing.
Neither the size difference nor Archer's momentum matter.
Saber repels Archer's swords without flinching.

Archer, the one who attacked, is the one who retreats.
The attack made with all his strength, a blow that should not need to be repeated, is
Not only is it blocked, but his body loses balance as well.

Archer can only defend against her attacks.
Saber's sword will kill him if he tries to counter.

No, first of all, he does not have anything to spare for a counterattack.
The only resistance Archer is allowed is to block Saber's attacks until he runs out of energy.

And that should not take long.
The magical energy in Saber's sword scrapes away Kanshou and Bakuya with each attack.
The twin swords cannot take any more, and Archer's arms should be powerless by now.

Archer blocks it by crossing his twin swords in front of him.
The battle is at an end.
Even though he blocked Saber's blow, Archer cannot move.
Saber's sword will split his head in two if he loosens his power on the twin swords.

Archer puts power into his arms to stop Saber's blow.
Sweat forms on his forehead and he's breathing hard.

In contrast, Saber's breathing is normal.
It is impossible for Archer to beat Saber in hand-to-hand combat.

"This is it, Archer.
It might have been different if you were in perfect condition, but you cannot fight on with your depleted strength."

"You were worried about me earlier,
but that goes the same for you. You should have no magical energy left since you used that many Noble Phantasms to defeat Caster.
Furthermore, you do not have a Master to keep you in this world. What can you do when you have no supply of magical energy?"

"Hahthat is needless worry, Saber.
Servant Archer has the ability to remain even after the Master is gone. I should be able to stay in this world for two days even without a Master. That is enough time for me to kill that kid."

"Ridiculous. Are you still talking about such a thing…!? Are you saying your wish is not the Holy Grail, but to kill Shirou…!?"
Archer doesn't answer.
His cold eyes stare at the troubled Saber.

"…How can it be? Archer, your wish is a mistake.
WhyWhy do you wish for such an end? Even if you do so, you…"
Will not be saved.
Saber bites her lips and stops herself from saying so.

"…Heh. I'm mistaken, huh?"
The muscles on Archer's arms bulge.
He looks at Saber once,
"That is my line, Saber.
How long are you going to hold on to that foolish wish of yours?"
He says so with eyes staring far away.

Music: Stop

Saber's sword loosens up.

Using that opening, Archer gets up and kicks Saber with his freed leg…!

Even though she's knocked back, Saber lands gracefully.
The situation hasn't changed at all.
Saber is protecting me and facing Archer, who has Tohsaka trapped within a cage of swords behind him.
The distance between them is five meters again.

"…Phew. I knew it, but I cannot match you in sword techniques, huh?"
With that, Archer empties his hands.

The twin swords disappear and he confronts Saber unarmed.

"…Archer. Does that mean you will give up now?"

"Of course not. You're misunderstanding me. I'm Archer. I'm not someone who fights using a sword to begin with."
With those words…

Video: Unlimited Blade Works (mirror)

He begins this spell in a voice I can't hear.

"Stop, Archer! I do not"

"Saber. Someone will eventually appear to release you.
It does not seem like it is this timeand I will probably have a connection with you again next time."

His spell echoes through the temple.
…There's no change.
A long spell like that should affect the surroundings.
Magic influences the world.
But his spell does not affect the world, but instead

"But that is still far off. Right now, my objective is to kill Emiya Shirou.

If you are going to try to stop meI will not hold back against you even in this world."

He raises his left arm.
Does that complete his spell?

He clearly speaks out and changes the world.

Pain fills my brain.

I can tell.
I understand what this magic is, what this absurdity is.
I shouldn't be able to understand, but I can tell what this is whether I want to or not.
And that

…Makes my brain boil.

An almost infinite projection of weapons.
Innumerable weapons make this place seem like a wasteyard.
The knight in red reigns at the center of this kingdom of rubble.

Music: Whirlpool of Fate

"This is"
The confused voice is Saber's.
Inside the illusionary fire that is not even hot, she watches the knight in blank amazement.

"Reality Marble.
A great forbidden magic that puts form to the user's mind and violates reality.
So you're not a swordsman nor an archer, but…"

"Yes. I was a magus before I became a heroic spirit."
Tohsaka sounds disinterested.
…Could it be?
Did she… already know… Archer's true identity?

"Then Archer. Your Noble Phantasm is…"

"I have no such thing.
I did not wield any holy swords nor demonic swords. The only thing I have is this world.
If a Noble Phantasm is the symbol of a heroic spirit, this Reality Marble is my Noble Phantasm.
I can reproduce and store any weapon that I see the original of. This is my ability as a heroic spirit."

Saber gasps.
She looks with blank amazement at the extending graveyard of swords in the desert.
The ashen sky and steel wasteland, devoid of all life.

"This is… your world, Archer?"
"Yes. I do not mind if you would like to test it out.
I shall reproduce that holy sword of yours."

"My holy sword…? Are you saying that, knowing its true identity, Archer?"
"Of course. A weapon of such rank cannot be perfectly reproduced, but I can get it close.
What will happen in that case? Will the people around us survive when the two holy swords clash?"

"WhaArcher, you…!"
"Yes. Do not use your holy sword, Saber. I will have to oppose you if you do.
In that case, the ones to disappear would not be us, but the people around us.
…Knowing you, you would protect that kid at the cost of your own life. Even I will die if I project the holy sword.
In that case, only Emiya Shirou would survive. That would be pointless."

Video: Rapid Analysis (mirror)

"Do not oppose it.
You should not die instantly if you are lucky. You can have your Master heal you after it is all over."
Archer points to Saber.
The numerous swords point towards Saber.
All of these weapons are sure to kill.

"You can dodge them, but in that case, give up on the kid behind you."
And he gives the command.

"Trace, on."
I can't think because of my headache.
My Magic Circuit can only handle one more projection.
My insides are burned up and almost melted.
But such concerns vanished when I saw this world.
Before I realize it, I have jumped up, run to Saber, and am glaring at the annoying swords.

"Shirou!? No, quickly"

I don't care.
For now, the oncoming 18 swords. Analysis of all of them cannot be completed with my eyes alone, so my senses run wild and…

Go past the fastest speed, go faster and faster and faster…

I stick out my left arm.
I have no doubts.
I've copied him so many times.
If there is nothing wrong with the theory…
"Be ridiculous, dammit…!!!!"
…There is no way I can't reproduce the rain of swords in front of me!

"Haaah, ah, ha!"
…A hellish nausea as if my organs have come up to my throat.

After glaring at me in disgust…
"HeyArcher, you!?"
He takes out Tohsaka from the cage of swords and restrains her.

"……! …………!"
Tohsaka struggles to get away from Archer.
What did he do? Archer places his hand on Tohsaka's neck and renders her unconscious.

…And he leaves the temple.
With Tohsaka in his arms, Archer jumps to the stairs leading up.

"…Where are you going, Archer?"

"To a place where there won't be any intrusions.
I am out of magical energy as well. I do not have enough power to defeat both of you."

"Are you taking Rin as a hostage?"

"No, she is an exchange. As long as I have her, that kid has to come after me.
But more importantly, Rin is your Master now. Even if you want to protect that kid, you should not be able to put his life over your Master's."

I bear my nausea.
I strain my fainting mind and listen to what he has to say.
"The… outskirts."
I say so with a shaking throat, not even able to look up.

"I said the forest in the outskirts of the town. There's an empty castle there. We won't cause trouble for anyone there."


"You want to complain to me, right? Fine, I'll listen.
I also have complaints against you."

My vision flickers.
Even as I speak, I feel sick, as if in another dimension.

"The forest outside the city… I see, the Einzbern castle is there.
There certainly should be no interruptions there.
Hah, that is good determination, Emiya Shirou."
"…Shut up. But…"

I don't want to hear meaningless things.
If I do hear them, I won't be able to hold this nausea in and I might vomit out my organs.

"Do something to Tohsaka before then.
And I'll kill you with Saber for sure."
I make this oath.
I violently scratch my forehead, tearing off the skin in an attempt to silence my headache.

"All right. I shall guarantee a day of her safety in deference to the specification of the place.
But hurry. I don't have time, as I have no Master. My body should not last two more days.
I might kill my hostage out of anger if I cannot kill you in that time."

…Leaving an annoying laugh, Archer disappears.

I slump to the floor, unable to keep my eyes on him.

"Shirou…! It is too early for you to use the same projection as Archer…!"
An arm comes and supports me as I start to fall.

"……I'm sorry, Saber. He got Tohsaka."
I suppress my headache and manage to get up.

"Shirou… that is fine. Rin is safe. Archer should not do anything to Rin.
You are in more of a danger right now. You should leave Rin to me and rest at your place."

I can't even complain, huh?

"I will listen to you later. I will take you to your house for now. That is fine, right?"

…I don't even get to object.
Saber supports me and starts to walk to the stairs.

Music: Stop