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Part 212: Return with Saber

"Oh. So you guys are done, huh?"
I see a familiar spearman in front of me.

Saber glares at him while supporting me.
She's so tense that she might slash him if he takes another step.

"…No, you're mistaken, Saber. He helped us."

"Huh…? Did Lancer help you, Shirou?"

"…Yeah. …Don't fight him now if possible."

Saber stares at Lancer in astonishment.

…It seems he's enjoying Saber's reaction.

"I understand… but why, Lancer? Are you conspiring?"

"Huh? Oh, are you stupid? Of course I'm conspiring. I won't help someone unless I'm plotting something secretly."

Lancer's words are blunt.

I knew he was that kind of guy, but he's thorough as he's making fun of Saber as well.

"Yes, you were. I guess I was mistaken. It seems I do not need to support you if you are well enough to laugh."
Saber is mad.
…It's bad, but I'm relieved.

Saber is just like before.

Our connection is lost, but she's here just like before.
Thenwhat's there to regret?

"…Sorry. I guess I let my guard down. Now's not the time, right?"

"No. We should rest for now even if we are to rescue Rin. …Lancer, I do not know what your intention is, but your job should be over. Leave now. I will not fight you here."
With this, Saber goes down into the clearing.

"……? Hey, everything went wellor I guess not. What happened, kid?"
"Archer took Tohsaka. We're going to go rescue her."
Suppressing my dizziness, I meet his gaze and answer him.

…I'm sorry, but I don't have any energy left.
I'm not able to explain such a long story, I should go home and

"Archer's objective is to kill Shirou. He has abducted my Master, Rin, and requested a one-on-one fight with Shirou if we want her back.
Her life will not be guaranteed unless we go to him within a day."

It helps me out if you can do the explaining, but it does nothing to explain the situation to Lancer.

"Damn, he really did it this time."
He takes off his friendly face and grits his teeth.


"So, what? He betrayed that young lady not only once, but twice?"

"Uh… yes, that would be the case. What about it…?"

"This isn't the time for that. …Damn, I've changed my mind.
This was the only help I was going to offer, but let me help you a bit longer. I won't be able to have peace of mind like this."
Having said this, Lancer starts walking.

Saber watches Lancer silently.
…I understand how she feels.
He's saying that he'll come with us.

Saber sounds more shocked than amazed.
Unfortunately, I don't have the energy to reply, as my wounds are starting to hurt again.
…No, first of all…
I'm the one who wants to ask that question.