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Part 214: To the place of conviction

Music: The End of Reminiscence

When I heard this from the man I believed could save anyone, I felt resistance.

'Look, Shirou.
A superhero can only save the people he has sided with.'

I didn't like those words either.
I didn't want the superhero himself to say these things.

…Since that time, Emiya Shirou's whole life may have been focused on overturning those words.
There's no need for sacrifices.
Nobody will get hurt if you work hard and do your best.
My father should have yearned for that as well.

'YeahI'm relieved.'

Tohsaka told me such a life is unnatural.
…I know.
I realized that a long time ago.

There's no world where nobody gets hurt,
nor can one seek happiness without hurting others.
Such a utopia does not exist anywhere in this world.
Emiya Shirou's search for superheroism is just hypocrisy.

I know that without being told.

'It is a false life that can save neither yourself nor others.'

Even if it may be true, I won't let you say it.

I don't care if anyone other than him denies it.
But I won't let him say it.
We have the same beginnings, and even if I may eventually become like himno, all the more if that is the case. That is why I have to deny him.
As he does not approve of the former Emiya Shirou…
I will not approve of him as long as I exist.

…Even if this dream may be a distorted one.
If I have believed in it and if I am going to believe in it, I

Music: Stop

…It's been half a day since I came home from the church.
She must have watched over me ever since I fainted.

"Yeah, I'm awake. My body's fine. I'm not tired and my headache's gone."
I get up from the futon.
My limbs are fine now.
The Magic Circuit I overused is still exhausted, but it hasn't burned up.

"Are you going, Shirou?"
Saber suddenly asks.
The answer's obvious, so I silently nod back.

"…I see. Then I shall go with you.
But, Shirou. Rin is my Master. It is my role to save her. I will stop Archer, so…"

"No, you got it backwards, Saber. I'll fight Archer."
I interrupt Saber.
She looks at me uneasily.

"…No, Shirou.
Archer is your"
She hesitates to finish her sentence.

"I know. I've probably known who he was from the first time I met him."

I've opposed him without reason from the first time we met.
I stubbornly hated him, thinking that I could not approve of him.

…It's natural.
People can only look away when faced with their own mistakes.

"…Yeah. But that's why I can't approve of him. I have to settle my score with him."

I stand up.
My body feels great.
There's only half a day left until the deadline. …I can't spend any more time resting.

I'll fight Archer. Don't help me, no matter what happens."
I bow as I ask Saber.

"There is no need to act like that, Shirou.
I shall obey if that is your wish.
I have sworn to be your shield. I shall observe your fate until the very end."

Her answer is perfect.
Her clear voice sweeps away the uneasiness within me.

"Thank you. It's reassuring to know that you'll be watching me."

"Yes. I am glad you are like that, Shirou."
She smiles back.
We're prepared for departure now.

"Hey. You guys aren't listening to me, right?"

We both turn around.

Music: Time Together

Come to think of it, Lancer was still here.

"…Oh. You have more free time than I thought, huh?"
It just slips out.

He must be self-conscious, as he doesn't try to retort.

"Lancer. I do not know what you are planning, but there is nothing to gain from following us.
Archer is a Servant without a Master.
I do not think your Master would want to defeat such a person."

"I know, I know. I have no intention of fighting Archer. You can rest assured that I won't butt in on the fight."

"…Then why are you going to come with us? If you want to settle the match with me, I can do it right here."
"No, I'll pass on that. I have no intention of fighting against your Master. Rather, I want to sell her some favors. I want her to be in debt to me."

Lancer's thinking naughty thoughts.

and Lancer ignores her.

"Okay, do as you wish. We can use all the help we can get in saving Tohsaka."

"Shirou…! Lancer is an enemy. You cannot make such a rash decision"

"That should be all right. He's twisted, but he won't lie. First of all, he's not the sneaky type. He'd come fight us straight on before he would try to trick us."

"Hm… That is true, but…"

"Well, I'll turn him down if you don't want to. But he'll follow us even if we let him be. So isn't it easier for us to have him near us where we can keep watch?"

"Hmyou are getting better at making excuses, Shirou."
"Well, a lot has happened.
Well, that's it, Lancer. We won't concern ourselves with you, and you don't bother us. Let's go together if that's fine with you."

I say to the guy that's watching us with a smile.

"Good enough. Wow, you guys are a great combination.
Saber's stubborn, so I'm glad you're more mature now."

"T-That is not true! Shirou is the stubborn one. You do not know how much trouble I have been through!"

Are you going to tell me if I ask? Fine, we have some time until we get to the castle. Let's entertain ourselves on the road with your stories."

"! W-Why do I need to explain such a thing to you? You have nothing to do with this!"
Saber roars at Lancer.

I guess Saber doesn't get along well with Lancer.
But I never thought Saber would get angry like Tohsaka.

"Oh well.
Let's get going. We don't have time to be playing around. We have to get to the castle as quickly as possible."
I leave the two and start walking.

Lancer follows us from a distance.

Music: Stop

We'll probably get there around dawn.
We start to walk to the masterless old castle.