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Part 220: Contradictory Holy Grail

Music: Wandering Shadow

"DamnI was so close, and everyone's getting in my way…!"
He pushes the branches aside with one hand and runs while scattering wet dirt.
Leaving a trail of blood behind him, Matou Shinji heads to the edge of the forest.
He has not treated the wound he received from Lancer.
He does not feel his right arm anymore.
The wound is inflamed, and his arm will not move, as though dead.

"Hah… haa, ha, ah……!"
He must not be able to run with only one arm, as he slips and leans against a tree.
His dangling right arm is like a piece of trash.
As soon as he realizes that a part of his body is a useless piece of trash, Matou Shinji starts laughing.
"Hah… haha, ahahahaha."
The laughter comes out like a racking cough.

He can't stop laughing.
With that decision made, the pain becomes bearable.
He has a legitimate purpose now.
The first thing he would do is collect every possible arm.
There will be no exceptions.

"…Ha, that's great. I know whose arms I'll get first."
The girl that did not become his.
Since she is his favorite, he cannot allow her to be superior to him.
"Yeah, just you wait, Tohsaka. I'll make you inferior."
Laughing, Matou Shinji raises his head.

He looks at his Servant in surprise.
The golden Servant looks down at Matou Shinji as if looking at livestock.
"You are wounded. That must hurt."
And he says something that he does not mean.

Matou Shinji's face contorts.
Without realizing the true intention of his Servant, he glares at the man before him.

"So Lancer inflicted that wound of yours, huh? Then it must have been him that released that Master."
"Yeah, Tohsaka ran away because you were such a slowass…! It makes me want to puke, thinking about how I lost her to somebody who was almost dead!"
"I see. That is too bad."

"…! Why are you so calm!? We can't obtain the Holy Grail without Tohsaka, right!? Damn, everything's ruined because of you! Do you understand!? What are we going to"
"Do not worry. Everything is as planned. The Holy Grail can still be created."
The Servant's voice contains no emotion.
Matou Shinji does not realize that the red eyes aren't looking at him.

"How!? Kotomine said that even if we have the Holy Grail, we can't make it if there's no vessel! That kid's heart is not enough. That won't turn into a Holy Grail unless we connect it to a Magic Circuit, right…!?"
Matou Shinji walks up to his Servant and scolds him for his stupidity.
The golden Servant nods and…

"There is no problem.
There is another Master here that can be a vessel."
…He thrusts his arm.

Music: Stop

But he feels something funny in his stomach.
Looking down, he sees his Servant's arm there.
The fist is inside his body.
There is neither pain nor blood.
The Servant's arm is in his body, like the absurd spiritual operation he saw before.

"You want the Holy Grail, right? Then I shall give it to you. If you want it so much, do not let go of it."
"AhAh, ah?"
His blood vessels expand.
After feeling the sensation of billions of worms, squirming through his body and trying to get out…
"GiGi, gi?"
He becomes something that is not Matou Shinji.

It convulses.

The swollen object is literally a lump of meat.
There is no shape to it.
It is composed of exposed meat and blood vessels, quickly forming meat, and quickly decaying meat.

His sanity was lost long ago…

The balance of expansion and decay is about the same right now, but the Holy Grail should figure out its master soon enough.
Expansion should overwhelm the decay by then.
His Holy Grail should be completed in no time.