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Part 228: The beauties of nature

Video: Demonic Technique (RN) (mirror)

"Let us."

She has experienced the move before.
…The previous one only had an arc to surround his enemy and a vertical slash.
That is why she was able to avoid it and live up to this day.

But the real technique has three slashes.
A circular slash and a vertical slash. …And probably a horizontal slash that cuts anyone that escapes sideways.
There is nowhere to run if the three attacks are executed all at once.
Once in range, the other two attacks will cut you even if one is blocked.
One cannot escape sideways, and the longsword will reach out even if one retreats.

Music: Premonition of a Storm

The longsword trembles.
His body moves in with one step.
The distance to attack Saber.
Prison-like arcs are executed from a range that does not allow any defense!

Saber does not use her holy sword.
She cannot use her Noble Phantasm at this range.
No matter how fast Saber may be, Assassin's Tsubame Gaeshi is many times faster.
Her neck will be cut the instant she puts magical energy into her sword.
Therefore, her only weapon is pure technique.

Music: Stop

Silver armor passes through the gap beside his arm.
The opening between the swordsman's left arm and his waist.
Saber must have figured out that the small opening is the blind spot of the technique.

But that is not the surprising part.

It is her determination that kept her alive.
She trusted her insight and put all her power into the slight opening.
She shook off the fear that she would be slashed if she was even a moment late and charged into the small opening.
Her determination is the "strength" that defeated the demonic technique.

It is not easy to recover her stance from such a charge!

Her attack is a bit quicker than his.


He closes his mouth.
He shuts his lips tight and tenses up so that he will not fall down.
Blood from his lungs fills his mouth, but he swallows it so that it will not spill out.

The golden-haired girl is below him.
The way of the swordsman does not allow him to dirty her with his blood.

Saber does not say anything.
Her golden hair flutters down to the ground.
…It is a wonder that her head is still attached.
…It is a miracle that her limbs are still attached.
…She felt that her body would be slashed the instant she went into that opening.

That was the only difference.
The longsword…

The swordsman's technique would have stayed invincible if his longsword had not been bent.

The swordsman tells her without looking at her.
How much meaning was contained in that word?
Saber pulls out her sword and runs up the stairs.
She does not turn back to the swordsman.
She runs to fulfill her role.

"HahI thought she was a beautiful bird, but she turned out to be a lion."
He murmurs as if that was to be expected.
She avoided something that even a sparrow could not avoid, so she cannot be something that is admired.

"Hm. I was confident in my skills to see through women. I guess I need more training in that as well."
The swordsman complains with a shrug.
His elegant clothing has lost its colors already.
His stomach is pierced and his bloodstained feet are vague.
He looks down at them and sits.