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Fate/stay night

by seorin

Part 231: End of dream

Music: THIS ILLUSION (piano ver.)

The Holy Grail is breaking down.
The thing she sought, the thing that should have saved her.
She destroyed it with her own hands and finally realized her mistake.
One boy and one hero.
The man that got twisted at the end of his ideal was still a boy.

His crimes are so deep that they cannot be atoned for.
But there was something he did not give up on.
The knight in red finally arrived at an answer at the very end.
Thenshe has to move forward as well.
The end where she took her hands off of the sword.
She will run past that hill under her own will.

"But that is not my role. Shirou has Rin."
Her body continues to disappear and the knight vanishes from this world as if engulfed by the light.