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Part 236: Contact via phone

By request, here's the scene in Day 8 if you choose to contact Rin after molesting Issei.

Music: Surrounded by Smiling Faces

"Man… She was so ready to do something, but she went home already…?"
…This is getting stupid.
I can contact Tohsaka over the phone after I get home.

Music: Madder Red Town

"This is Tohsaka."
The voice is definitely Tohsaka's.

"Ohno… Sorry, I was just surprised. So, what's going on? It's surprising for you to call me."

"It's about Issei. We promised this morning to get this cleared up today, right? To tell you the result, Issei wasn't a Master. I'm sure of it since he didn't have a Command Spell."

"Really? …I'm surprised you really did check it out today. But Issei's innocent, huh? …Well, we're out of suspects, but I guess that's good as well."
I don't know if she's relieved or disappointed. I can't grasp her reaction too well over the phone.

"Well, thanks for your work. We'll think about what to do about the search tomorrow. So is that all the business you have? Then I'll be hanging up."
I don't have any more business.
But there's something I'm curious about.

"Tohsaka. You seemed to be surprised earlier, but did something happen over there?"
I can feel Tohsaka's bewilderment over the phone.
After a brief silence…