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Part 241: Bad Luck / Artificial Noble Phantasm / Tiger Dojo 21

On day 12, if you choose to go straight to the church instead of looking for Rin, this is the result. You're also forced here if you don't have enough Rin points.

Even if meeting up with Tohsaka and getting her help may be the best course of action, I have no way of finding her.
But that priest might know where she is, and maybe even how to fight against Caster.

"…Gu… Haa… Haa… Ha"
…This small hill feels like a wall to me.
But it'll end soon.
I'll be relieved from this heaviness once I go up the hill and reach the church.

"…Damn, my wound opened up…"
I don't think my weak will made the wound worse.
I should actually be resting.
So it's natural for my wound to open up if I push myself and move around.

"…But if I see Kotomine, even that will…"
He might not be able to treat me, but I'm sure he has some medicine.
His role is to protect Masters that are not able to fight anymore.
…This is ironic, but I am qualified to be under the church's care as I have lost my Command Spell.

…Only a bit more until the church.
I'm worried about where Tohsaka may be and how Saber's doing, but I just want to sit down and cool my body for now.

Music: Stop

The church is silent.

I don't see the priest.
…But I'm sure that he's here.
I feel a presence.
The church is not empty, as I hear sounds from deeper within.

Something's wrong.
What I feel and what I know are in conflict with each other.

"…Ah, hah…"
…I can't concentrate.
My wound is aching and I'm unable to judge what's wrong, what's happening, and what could be dangerous here.

"An earthquake?"
I stop myself before sitting down on the chair.
A shelf might have come down, as I hear things breaking and Kotomine's voice.

"…So he's in the back."
It's dark in here.
Then today might be a day off for the church and the priest might just be in the back.
I don't know if the church has a day off, but I don't think it's accepting visitors, since the lights are off.

"And on a day like this?"
It's hard to keep walking with this wound, but I can't just sit down.
I have to go see the priest to have this wound treated and to find out where Tohsaka might be.

I couldn't tell from the outside, but it seems this building has a small plaza in the middle.
The hallway surrounding the garden is splendid and it reminds me of a monastery I read about

I stop.
I think something that shouldn't be there was on the pillar right there

Music: Footsteps of Destruction

It doesn't matter which of these you pick. While there are three scripts to correspond to the three choices, all three are identical.

Music: Footsteps of Destruction

I swing my wooden sword in a world without any direction.
I don't feel it hitting anything and I don't hear the sound of its swing. I just use up my energy and worsen my wound.

"Do not worry. I won't kill you. You are valuable since you are rare. I shall rip off those annoying limbs of yours and use you as a wand for projection magic."

"Ah, gah."
My insides writhe.
My body won't even budge, but my insides are turning like laundry inside a dryer.

"…I'm surprised. Your body has not given up yet even though I have your mind. …Fufu, I like you all the more now. Saber will soon be mine, so I will treat you gently like I will her."

The nausea that almost causes me to throw up my organs stops.
The magus in purple reaches out with her finger, wet with someone else's blood.

"That man got away, but I will not let you go.
HereI shall let you see your beloved princess."

My vision is cut off.

I don't feel my limbs, and the only certain thing I feel is the pain in my shoulder.

Music: Stop

But that ends quickly as well.

Video: Tiger Dojo 21 (mirror)

This is probably my favorite of the UBW Tiger Dojos.

Music: Time Together

This is the corner that helps the unfortunate people who get run over by trucks once they enter a shortcut, the Tiger Dojo!

Well. The cause of death this time is pure misfortune.

It's the correct choice to go to the church, but I recommend looking around for Tohsaka-san by yourself for a bit.


……Hey. Why are you frozen, Ilya-chan?
Did you mistakenly eat something spicy?


Geez, shut up!!!!

It's not "am I awake"!
I was frozen from shock! Fainted! Ectoplasm!


"Why"? What was that intro!?
What is that? Isn't this the Tiger Dojo? I don't get it at all!

A magical girl is like that, you know?
You don't know that, Ilya-chan?

That expression of pity irritates me!
First of all, are you of an age to be a magical girl!? Out of everybody in Fate, the only one suited to be a magical girl is me…

I see. You wanted to be a magical girl too, huh?
But I'm sorry. It's impossible. There are the right people for the right things, you know?

But I'll work something out for you. You're pretty evil inside, so I think you'll make a good enemy, like Germanburuma or General Tiger-

I-I won't play such a weird character!
Go to hell, you drunk tiger!

Music: Stop