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Part 242: Sword and magic / Tiger Dojo 22

The next horrible death occurs if you decide attack immediately when you see Rin confronting Caster instead of waiting.

I can let Archer take care of Caster, so if I can stop Kuzuki for a while, Tohsaka can shoot him from a distance…!

Music: Nightmare



"Are you out of your mind…!? Why are you here…!?"
"What are you saying? You're the one who told me to go to the church.
I didn't think I'd run into such a situation here either."

Tohsaka gasps.
Good. I said that on a whim, but it seems Tohsaka understands now.

"I'm going to help you. I should be of use in this situation, right?
…Complain to me after we defeat Caster."

I slowly close in on Kuzuki so that I'll be able to protect her.

"…You idiot. You and Rin would have survived if you had not come out."

He mutters as if he's given up.
Before I realize what he means…

"Caster. This makes three against three. You should have no complaints. Get Saber."

Music: Stop

Kuzuki uses his Command Spell to order Caster.

…Saber's bindings are released.
The golden-haired girl falls powerlessly
to the ground and

"Yes. That's why I used the Command Spell and ordered her to kill you guys. It was my Master's order. I did not want to use it, but I had to, right?"

Music: Footsteps of Destruction

Her body is covered with her silver armor, and in her hands is a golden sword I have never seen before

"…You got me, boy. I only have one Command Spell remaining now. This is for my protection, so I cannot order Saber by force anymore.

…My plan to make the Holy Grail eternal has been foiled. I can only make one wish come true now, but"

Saber readies her golden sword and steps toward us.

…The final loyalty of the knight that understands he cannot protect his Master no matter what.

Saber and Caster begin their attack.
There's no way to counter-attack nor is there time to run away.
How can a mere human defend against it when even Archer has abandoned all hope?

Music: Stop

Video: Tiger Dojo 22 (mirror)

Music: Tender Scenery

It is time for the counselor of life, time to resolve all your secret problems.

This is today's guest.
The one living in Ryudou Temple in Fuyuki City, Caster-san (Pseudonym), 28 years old (Estimated).

Oh my, you are beautiful.
What's wrong? Someone as beautiful as you shouldn't have any problems.

Um, well… I think I'm not standing out… People say I'm plain compared to the other six, not a good character, and that I'm too old…

Oh, that's terrible.
Oh, what is this? It says here that you are a fortune teller.

…Yes. I actually want to be a housewife and raise a warm family. I returned to work in hopes of decreasing the burden on my husband, but I'm getting tormented at work as well…
What should I do!? I want to change!
I want to be a more lovable character!

Haha, that's impossible!

Give up your hope of being a cute character!

…Sigh. You're right. I kind of realized it, but it's just too painful…
I'm doing my best, you know? I secretly saved up, hired a guard, and set up surveillance cameras everywhere.

But my husband doesn't even thank me for my hard work! Just a while ago, my plan was foiled by these kids that suddenly appeared…
I'm working so hard, but I'm not getting compensated for it!
Fujimonta-san, can someone like me find happiness?

Music: Stop

It's your fault, Caster-san.