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Part 243: Refuse / One conclusion / Tiger Dojo 23

This dead end appears if you refuse Lancer's help at the end of day 13. If you don't try to save Ilya earlier in the day, Lancer never shows up in the first place. After Gilgamesh leaves, it cuts straight to the dead end (which begins, in this update, right after Lancer leaves).

Music: Footsteps of Destruction

"I see. Your partner is saying so, but what about you, young lady? You said you'd go along with his choice."

"I won't take back my words. It's meaningless to cooperate with you if Emiya-kun can't trust you."

"I see, you're right… This is disappointing. You really were my type."

Music: Stop

Lancer turns.
The blue figure does not look back and disappears in a flash.

Music: The End of Reminiscence

There's food and beds here. If we fix the walls, we can probably manage to protect ourselves inside the castle.

That's the best thing we can do if we want to protect ourselves.
But we chose the path to "fight" because we couldn't do so.

"…No, it's meaningless even if we fortify.
Any defense will be penetrated once Caster completely controls Saber.
…And even if we do survive here, it doesn't matter if Caster obtains the Holy Grail."

"Not only us, but the people in town will suffer as well.
…Then there's only one thing to do. We'll get Saber back before Caster controls her. We have to defeat Caster, Archer, Assassin, and Kuzuki-Sensei by ourselves."

I silently nod.
Since we could not get Ilya's help, that's all we can do.
…The sun will completely set soon.
We'll have to get out of this place before that and attack Caster before Saber is completely controlled

Music: Stop

It doesn't even matter if that only happens for an instant.
Caster is the weakest when it comes to hand-to-hand combat.
Even if she may be a Servant, there is a chance of victory if we can fight her two against one.
Tohsaka's jewels and my projection magic.
We can win if we use all of our abilities.

That's the result we came up with, and we go out of the forest believing in it.
We don't talk after that.
…There's only one reason not to.
We're desperately bluffing to try to deceive ourselves.

Music: Footsteps of Destruction

It should rain soon.
An impure gray sky.
The man is standing below the cloudy sky.

"So you did come. I know your personality. I knew you would be back with some sort of a plan."
He stares at her with cool eyes.

We have nothing to start out with. We thought for a day, but we couldn't come up with anything."


"You might not believe me, but we're here today to die honorably.
…But I guess we're still a bit lucky. If you're here, it means Saber is still opposing Caster."

So there's four enemies now.
If we pass Archer, we can fight Caster and Assassin head on.
Our plan is that we would fight Archer together and confront Caster with the two of us.
…That's the lie Tohsaka made up.

"I see. Caster and Emiya Shirou. The scales tipped to Caster, huh?"
Archer's question is a loaded one.

"Yes. I hate my own personality, but I guess I can't change it since I'm born with it. I'm inhuman at the very end."
Saying so with an emotionless voice, Tohsaka steps forward.

How stupid of her.
She didn't have to say such a thing.

"Don't worry about it, you idiot. I know your personality."
"You're not one to do anything without a chance of victory, right? That's why I knew. This is certainly the only way we'll have any chance of winning."

Her back shakes a bit.
That's all the apology I need.

"Go. I'll keep Archer busy. I'll keep him here at least until you make it into the church."
I control my breathing and turn the gears of the engine.

I feel great.
I should be able to project his swords in this state.

"Thanks. I'm sorry, Shirou."
Tohsaka runs.
…Archer lets her go as if he has no interest in her.

"Well done. It seems you understand your own powers."
He emits an intent to kill.

Music: Stop

"Ha, ah."
The sun is too far away for my outstretched hand.
It looks like the time from ten years ago…

Video: Tiger Dojo 23 (mirror)

Music: Madder Red Town

Well, this is a sudden announcement, but this is the last Tiger Dojo in part II!

Huh? But we have one more Tiger Dojo in part II according to the schedule.

Kaahhhh! Don't talk about the 24th one!
I have no business with a weakling that will die that way!

I don't quite get it, but this is the last Tiger Dojo of part II!?

There was a rumor on part I's final Tiger Dojo that this corner would be powered up, but I won't fall for something like that this time.
We will remain here alone and preserve this modest paradise.


Oh, that's a misunderstanding.
I'm just thinking that I might make you feel lonely because I can't be here often during part III.

Hm…!? You can't come to the dojo!? Could it be, Ilya-chan…!?

Yup. I'll be busy taking part in the main storyline.
It ended up like this in the Rin route, but part III is when my true worth comes out.

It seems you will be taking fewer parts in the main story.
My condolences to you. This is the difference between a heroine candidate and one who was not even considered to be a candidate.

Well, you can rest assured that I'll still be your friend even after I become a heroine. Let's see… When I take over the storyline, I can make you my servant…

What are you doing!? I'm saying this out of good faith!

I don't need it! I don't need love if it's this painful!
Actually, you're disqualified to be my student! You will be too bright in my eyes if you become a heroine!

…She's gone.

Well, this is fate. If my cute student will become a heroine, it is my role as her master to be hated.

Fight, Ilya-chan! Go after Sakura-chan and take her spot as the heroine!
Don't come back here! Because you'll take away some of my roles!

…Uhh. But it's kind of lonely that I have to do the last Tiger Dojo of part II by myself.

I'm lonely, but I'll do my best. Fight alone, me.

Well, this dead end is a bit special.
It's too reckless to enter battle with just Shirou and Tohsaka-san. There's no way you can win.
I know you might have something against him, but go ahead and shake hands with the "cooperator" that appeared.

For those of you for whom the cooperator didn't even appear!

You're a failure as a main character! How can you not save a girl that's about to die in front of you!?

The event at the castle is an important part of the story that reveals "a cause" that has been hidden up to now! You have to see it.
Tohsaka-san's route is also the main character's route. So go ahead and solve the problem.

Well, this is it.
Tohsaka-san's route is entering its climax.
There will be a series of fast events without a dead end after this, but let me give you one piece of good news.
Tohsaka-san's route has a "true end" and a "good end".

I can't tell what each of those is about, but the condition for seeing them is how faithful you were. It's either "only one" or "flowers on both hands". You get to find out after the battle.

Music: Stop