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Part 244: Heavens fall / Tiger Dojo 24

This final dead end occurs when you try to take Gilgamesh with you instead of refusing to give up at the last choice in the game.

Music: Breach

"No way"
I wrap the chain further around my arm.
I grab onto the chain so that it won't let me go.
"Don't come out into this world again…!"
I don't resist the pull and throw my body into the void.

"Foolare you insane……!!!!?"

Music: Stop

I roll down.
I fall into the eternal darkness while my body is being melted away.

A black mud that melts my skin, shaves off my flesh, and removes my bones.
My body is taken away and the soul called Emiya Shirou falls into the darkness.

Is it because the fall was so long?
I feel like I'm going up after a while, and…

I'm swallowed by a big, grail-like sun.

Video: Tiger Dojo 24 (mirror)

Music: Today's Meal

I have no advice to give!
Quickly go back to the choice and go finish the match!

Music: Stop

Since Taiga is gone…
Some special advice for all of you!

Music: Time Together

I bet everyone's troubled by how to get to Rin's good end, right?
This is a hint corner for people like you!

Bring back on the 3rd night.
Go see how she's doing on the 5th morning.
Make her happy on the 8th day after school.
Talk in the dojo on the 10th night.
Dojo on the 15th night.

Nope. You only have to do four of these.
There's two that you don't have to do.
You can't get past the 12th day if you're too occupied with Saber.

I guess that's how it is, so please start over from the 3rd day if you have some time!

Music: Stop

Since that's the last dojo, we can now access a new mini theater! It's just as as the last one and, thus, cannot be expressed in screenshots.

Video: Mini Theater 2 (mirror)

We've now seen everything that UBW has to offer. On to Heaven's Feel!