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Part 246: Trivial changes / Signs

Training (Magic Circuit)

Shirou inserts a burning hot rod into his backside. Totally not gay.

This part is the same as this update, only the choice at the end is actually a choice now.

Music: Quiet Voice

There are no dreams to dream.
The only things I recall from sleep are things I was taught a long time ago.
For example, about magi.
Even if I'm an amateur, if I'm a magus, it's only natural for me to understand the kind of world I live in.

To put it simply, a magus is an exception in conflict with modern society.
But even exceptions must band together to survive.
Father told me that the group of magi is called the "Magic Association".
…He also said that I shouldn't associate with them.

The group called the Magic Association hides magic and organizes magi.
They basically keep watch to see that magi do not affect society with magic, but the strange part is that they do not prohibit misuse of magic.

According to Kiritsugu, the Magic Association is only interested in the concealment of magic.
Even if a magus carries out his research at the expense of the lives of many ordinary people, the Magic Association will not punish him.
Their priority is that magic should not become public, so they do not ban magic.
So, they're crazy people who think you can do anything as long as you don't get caught.

Anyway, the surveillance of the Magic Association is thorough.
Most magical research would cost the lives of ordinary people, and as a result, the existence of magic would become public.
So, the Association does not allow research that would harm society.

So magi stay at home and research quietly, while the normal world carries on unmolested.
Hence, magi only try to hide themselves to escape the Association.
…So perhaps I just don't know it, and a magus lives in this town.

…Looking at it like that, we're thieves living here without the permission of the landlord.
Father was an outlaw who cut his ties with the Association and moved here without the consent of the administrator of Fuyuki.

The Owner doesn't know that Emiya Kiritsugu was a magus, and Kiritsugu didn't know who the Owner was.
With reasoning like that, I think our position is ambiguous.

Father, the real magus, has passed away.
And I, his son and pupil, don't know the Magic Association and have not the skill to be a magus.
…From the Association's point of view, they would want to catch an amateur like me doing things, but I've seen no movement yet.
No, I've heard that Japan is relatively hidden from the eyes of the Association, so I think I've just not been found out.

But that doesn't mean I can let my guard down.
People say that the eyes of the Association are everywhere. On top of that, if you commit a crime with magic, the heretic hunters of the church will come after you.
…That just means that whatever you use magic for, lack of care will create enemies.
I, Emiya Shirou, just have to study independently, taking that into account

Music: Stop

It's five thirty.
One of my strengths is waking up at this time, no matter how late I go to sleep. I do sometimes make mistakes and wake up late like yesterday, but I usually wake up early.
I think alarm clocks are degenerate, so I haven't used one since I was a kid.

"Alright, breakfast…"
Since I let Sakura do all the work yesterday, I have to return the favor this morning.
I should finish preparing before Sakura arrives.

Music: Gentle Everyday

"All right, that should do."
It's almost six o'clock.
I finished earlier than expected, so I have some extra time.
So, what should I do?

This option only shows up if you've viewed "Taking Sakura home, advanced chapter" from the last update, which itself required clearing UBW. We've already seen option 1, and we need to pick 2 anyway to continue on Heaven's Feel.

Music: Today's Meal

"…Hmmm. I could cut and salt the cucumber, or cut the potatoes and serve them vinegared…"
But those are both things I could do in a couple of minutes, and they're better fresh.
It'll be half an hour until Fuji-Nee and Sakura arrive, so I should make a dish right before they get here.

In that case, this is free time I can't make much use of.
Is there anything I can do in thirty minutes…?
"There's some chicken, so…"
I could cook some bite-sized meat rolls with vegetables, or something like that.

I cut the meat and tenderize it.
At a glance, the meat tenderizer is really evil. It's like a hammer, but it's flat on four sides and has lots of spikes coming out of it.

If it were bigger, it would make a great instrument of torture.
I flatten the meat with the scary object, put some carrots and kidney beans on it, roll it up, cook it in the pan, and steam it with wine.

Now I'm both hungry and frightened for Shirou's sanity.

"…Huh!? Hold on, what am I doing…!?"
At that point, I regain my sanity.
I was trying to make a side dish, as the saury was already the main dish.
So what am I doing, making another main dish…!?

Music: Stop

"…Honestly. I must have let my guard down, cooking just to pass the time."
"Eh? You were cooking just to pass the time, Senpai?"
"Yeah. The thing is, I was trying to make a side dish. But before I realized it, I was using the knife. Well, I guess habit is a scary thing… of course, that's just an excuse."

"But isn't that alright? It's a bit big for breakfast, but since you made it, I don't think there'll be any leftovers."
"You think so? No, that's not the problem.
There's no need for two suns in the sky. I'll have to ask one of them to leave."
"What!? You're not going to eat it, Senpai?"

"I will. I wasn't planning to, but I'll pack lunch today. That way, it won't be a waste."
"Wow… Senpai, you're going to make lunch right now?"
"It'll be close, but I think I can at least get my"

And then.
I finally realize someone's behind me.

Music: In the Sunlight

Sakura greets me with a smile.
It's not unusual for Sakura to come into the kitchen at this time.
She always rings the bell as she comes in, but sometimes I don't notice, like this morning.

"Oh, yes. You're perfect again today, Senpai."
Sakura's voice is lively, as if she's happy about something.

…And Sakura comes into the kitchen instead of going to the table.

"Senpai? You're making lunch, right?"
"Hm? Yeah, it turned out that way. It's a good dish for lunch, so I thought I'd make some side dishes."

"Um, then can I help? I'll make my own, so…"
"Oh, wait. If you don't mind having the same thing, I can give you some of mine."

"Yes. I was watching and I wanted to have some of yours."
"All right. Can you cook the rice, then? We don't have enough for two. There should be a fast rice cooker over there."

Silly Shirou. She wasn't talking about food.

"Yes, I'll take care of it. I'll go and start that, then."

I hear the sound of her footsteps, and of her tying her apron.
"Senpai? We're okay with two cups of rice, right?"
"Hmm, I think that'll be enough."
With quick movements, Sakura comes to help in the kitchen.

A little past six-thirty.
Thirty minutes after Sakura, Fuji-Nee arrives as usual.

"Good morning, Sensei. Please wait a little longer for breakfast."

"Yep, I'll wait. …Oh, Sakura-chan, are you making breakfast with Shirou?"

"No, Senpai made breakfast on his own. We're making lunch right now."

Sakura's voice is really lively.
We're not doing anything particularly fun, so I don't know what she's so happy about.

"I see, so of course you're in a good mood. Cooking and Shirou, so much fun stuff. Okay, we don't have much time, but take it easy."

Laughing, Fuji-Nee sits at the table and pours some tea.

"Sorry, Sakura. I made you do extra work before club activities.
I wanted you to relax since you did a lot yesterday."

"Huh? Don't worry about that at all. Like Fujimura-Sensei said, I find cooking fun."

She smiles.
Well, I know she likes cooking… but still, it must be hard for her getting up at five o'clock to make lunch.
Besides, Sakura comes and makes dinner often.
So if I'm getting her to cook in the mornings too, she might have no free time at all.

"…Phew. I'm grateful for the help, but you should relax, Sakura. You should sleep in during the mornings, and after school is for playing around. You don't have to come and help around my house."

"Well, I am relaxing. You made breakfast today, and I got some food from you for lunch too."

She smiles.
It's been a year and a half since Sakura started to help out. Now, she keeps coming back like this no matter what I say.

"That's different. You have your own life too, so you can't just take care of me and Fuji-Nee. If you're taking care of us, you won't be able to do all the things you want to."

"Ahaha, that's fine. My only hobbies are archery and cooking. In fact, my goal is to beat you at cooking, and I think I'm almost there."

Sakura puffs her chest out boastfully.

She's not boasting, she's trying to get some fucking attention for once.

I want to argue back, but it's true as she is about to beat me.

I'm helping you to pay you back for showing me this great pleasure, and for my own benefit."

"…Hm. Does that mean you're stealing some of my skill every day, Sakura?"

"Yes. I improve quickly just by helping you. So please be ready. I'll make you admit defeat someday."
I can't believe she said it so bluntly!

"…Man. If I'd known this was coming, I would never have taught you to cook. You never even heard of oil before coming here, but now you're after me like an enemy. Really, why are you chasing me like this?
Can't you just be happy making food?"

"Of course I'm after you. You can't be better than me."
I'm not sure what's so bad about that, but we should start setting the table for breakfast.

I check the saury.
Placing my chopstick on the well grilled stomach, I check how cooked it is.

"I guess that's done. Here, Sakura, can you take this to the table?"

"Yes, thank you Senpai."

I hand the plate of saury to Sakura.

Then, as if remembering something important, Sakura stops dead.

"Sakura? What's wrong, did you leave something at home?"
Sakura may seem shrewd, but she actually forgets things a lot.
It's not unusual for her to remember something and stop like this.
But… it seems like that's not the case this morning.

There's no answer.
She just blankly stares at my hand like she's still in a daze, then…

She asks me a strange question.

Music: Stop

I look down at the hand she's talking about.

"Huh…? You're right, there is a bruise. That's weird, I don't remember hitting it anywhere."

For some reason, there's a big bruise on the back of my left hand.
It's quite an impressive welt, and it looks like it came from some sort of a cut.
Even on my own hand, it looks bad.

Perhaps Sakura's not feeling well as she's very quiet.

But for some reason, I'm worried about Sakura, who looked awkward and downcast.

Music: Gentle Everyday

"Sakura, are you sure you're all right? You can skip your club if you're not feeling well."

"No, I'm fine. It's just a light headache, so you shouldn't worry about it. I only look bad because you imagine it. I'm doing really well today."
She says so with a smile.
…But anyone can tell she's just bluffing.

"Really well, huh? Even though you couldn't eat any breakfast?"

She looks away awkwardly.

Without looking up, she replies…
"…Please excuse me. You're the one who should be resting, Senpai."
With those words, she leaves.

"Honestly, what's wrong with her?"
She had been in such a good mood, but after seeing my bruise, Sakura suddenly became quiet and started to make lots of mistakes.

She overfilled the tea, drenched the omelets with soy sauce, and sat down at the table with her apron on.
And on top of that, she ate nothing and went to school looking pale.

"Maybe she caught a cold or something."
I mutter to myself while cleaning up.
It's the first time I've seen Sakura like this.
I got to know her during the summer four years ago, and she started coming here to help a year and a half ago.
In that time, I've never seen her look this ill.