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Part 247: sunny day

Music: Tender Scenery

"Hm… that's funny. I don't see it."
After searching the entire shed, I don't find anything I could have cut myself on. I start to wonder if I cut myself while cooking, and both Sakura and I were too busy to notice.

Music: Stop

Just then, I feel an ominous presence behind me. It reminds me of

Music: Footsteps of Destruction

I quickly scan my surroundings for something I can use as a weapon. I just searched through here, so

"Emiya Shirou. Will you not turn and face me like a man?"
An unfamiliar voice calls out. I'm sure that I've never heard this voice before, and yet… something about it seems familiar.
I turn around.

"Hm. You are pathetic, as I expected. Do you want to die here, Emiya Shirou?"

What is this guy saying? Of course I don't want to die.
I've never seen this red knight before in my life, but somehow I know I just can't get along with him.
Escape… I have to escape, but
He's blocking the only exit.

"You… Of course I don't want to die. Are you crazy?"

"So, you'll desperately cling to life, will you? You leave me with no choice."

Music: Stop

"We'll just have to train hard to toughen up that weak body of yours."

I don't even know this strange man's name, but… I have no choice. I have to follow him.

He leads me across town and up the hill where the Western style mansions are located.
There, amidst the many houses, we enter

…this. It's messy, but… this man has seen my shed, so I have no room to complain.

Music: Pursuing Minds

"There is no time to waste, Emiya Shirou. I will take a good look at you so that I can see what part of you needs training most."
I want to argue with him. I want to argue, but… this is something I have to do.
I've known it all along.
Ever since that day…
I knew something like this would eventually happen.

I hate that self-confident grin, but seeing it, I know that everything will be alright. From here on out, there are nothing but carefree days ahead.