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Part 254: Will to fight, fighting sword

"Yeah. I heard about my father and what kind of a relationship he had with the Einzbern family. He also warned me about what I should do. He's more talkative than he looks.
He recommended a lot of things to me."

"Huh…? T-That priest was cooperative?"
I don't know what's wrong, but Saber is bewildered.

"Fuck, that priest was supposed to kill him so I could find a new master. Even now he opposes me…"

I must have had a strange expression because Saber draws near and peers at my face.


"So what did he do to you, Shirou…!?

Point to the place where he touched you.

Your wound has not healed yet. You should know something like last night could happen again if you let your guard down…!"
Saber draws even closer.


"Please show me your wound, Shirou! I am partly responsible for it. I cannot let you die without returning my debt. I have not helped you as a Servant yet. I cannot allow our contract to end like this…!"

Saber reaches for my shirt as if to rip it off.
She doesn't look scary at all, but rather…

Music: Tender Scenery

Great proofreading, guys.

Her hand stops.

She realizes what I've been trying to suppress and glares at me.

"Shirou. It is not good to enjoy someone else's confusion."
Her protest is so entertaining that it brings a smile to my face.

"KuhI'm sorry. I was just surprised because you were in such a panic. Um, it was a fortunate misunderstanding, or something like that."

"…A 'fortunate misunderstanding,' eh? I feel some hidden meaning in that. Are you going to explain to me what it means?"

I must have hit a nerve because she gets even more emotional.
Saber's like the class president type.
She seriously gets mad when I do something stupid. And since she's serious, her real character appears.

"What are you smiling for…!? Is it that funny that I misunderstood your condition!?"

"No, that's not what I'm talking about. It's just that this is the first time I've seen your real personality. I'm glad I can see that you're a girl."

Saber jumps back.

"W-What are you saying? The gender of the Servant does not matter. We are here only to fight, so please do not get happy over such a thing."
She glowers at me, probably because she's mad or astonished.

But I somehow don't feel bad, and I'm still smiling.

Even though she's a Servant, she's as human as she appears.
I don't know about the other Servants, but the girl I made a contract with is not just a familiar that only knows combat.

She said she has not helped me yet.
She saved me from Lancer and she tried to let me escape from Berserker.
She saved my life twice, but she still thinks she hasn't helped me yet.

"I wonder if she's good-natured, or just a perfectionist."

"W-What is that look? Even if you are my Master, there are some remarks I cannot ignore. I have appropriate plans if you say anything more."

"All right, all right. I understand, so don't get too mad. I'm just saying I'm glad you're the one I made a contract with."

I did not make a contract with you out of choice. You were the one who chose me."

"It was only an accident, though. …Yeah, that's what I regret. I wanted to make the conscious choice to choose you."

I hold out my right hand.
This is something I wasn't able to do at the very beginning.
I have to make the promise I should've made before.

"This is a bit late, but can I? This is the only way I know how."

Without a word, Saber walks over to me and shakes my hand.
Her slender fingers.
I feel her warmth through my hand.

"Will you fight with me from now on? I need your help, Saber."

"My oath will not change. I was summoned to be your sword."

I will borrow your strength to obtain the Holy Grail. If you trust me, I will do my best to live up to that trust."