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Part 258: A usual morning?

I turn over and look away from the light.
I still feel sleepy.
Judging by the feel of the air, it's around 5:30.

I went to bed late last night.
I came home from the church, forced Saber to sleep in the other building, and finally went to sleep myself around 3AM.
…I don't know if I can cope with getting only two hours of sleep.
It was a frenetic, exhausting day yesterday.
Nobody can blame me if I sleep for another 30 minu

…Come to think of it, I feel someone's presence.
I feel restless, as if someone is watching me. So this means

Music: Tender Scenery

"Yes, what is it, Shirou?"
"W-Why are you in my room!? I gave you a separate room last night!"

I leap up from the futon to my feetno, I stop myself at the last second.
I can't show her my lower half because… um… it's morning.

"H-Hold on, just get away from me…!
Just get away, please get away, no, I'll get away if you won't…!"

Saber looks at me with wonder.

Man, what does she think of a healthy guy of my age!?
I get nervous from just having her close to me, so it's really shocking if she's sitting by my side when I wake up. And it was a surprise attack too! If my composure were an army, that would've just annihilated it.

…and the game says she doesn't have an anti-army noble phantasm.

"Shirou. As I was saying."
"Ugh… you mean the room?"

"Yes. We should sleep in the same room to be safe.
The boundary field on this house is excellent, but it only serves as a warning. It will do nothing to shield you if we are attacked here."

Saber has a point, but I wish she would consider the state of my nerves.
I'll go crazy before any enemy attacks us if I sleep in the same room with Saber.
It's not like I'll be with Saber all the time, so we should distance ourselves

I totally forgot about it.
I have school today…!

"Shirou? Why are you so pale? I have noticed that you make that face whenever you are about to suggest something foolish."

This may be Saber's best line in the game. I dare you to top it.

She's sharp.
Her previous aura of loyalty is gone, and she keeps me at bay with a distrustful look.

"Well, there's something I forgot to tell you."
I kneel and face her.
How can I phrase things so that she'll approve of me going to school?