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Part 259: Saber-san displeased / Ready?

I feel her staring at me, and it hurts.
Saber is sitting Japanese-style while I cut the tofu…

Music: Gentle Everyday

…Staring at me with that expression of hers.

'I will go to school like usual.'
We never reached a compromise after I said that.
Saber objected, of course.
She says it is dangerous for me to be alone.
But I have my personal life too.

"Masters fight where there are no people, right? Then I'll be safe during the day. Nobody will attack me unless I go someplace deserted."
But Saber insisted that it's not going to be enough.
…Her excessive concern pissed me off, so I stubbornly insisted that I'm going to school, and this is the result.

The moral of the story is…
She'll bear a big grudge if you make her mad. And she gets out of hand because she is emotional.
So I should be careful not to act stubborn again.

"…Man, you inflexible blockhead."

"Did you say something, Shirou?"
"No, I'm just talking to myself. This tofu's really tough."

Heaven's Feel must be the one path where Shirou shows off these glimmers of intelligence.

…And she has sharp ears. She's not the type you want to get into a cold war with.

"Huh? It's that time already?"
After the doorbell, I hear the front door opening.
And I also hear the familiar tone of Sakura's voice.

"Oh, so I lost 30 minutes while I was arguing with Saber."

But breakfast is almost ready.
I thought about having bread to please Saber, but it seemed too much like bribery, so I changed my mind.
Japanese people eat rice.
I'll counter her violent glare with pressure of "when in Rome, do as the Romans do".

"Yeah, I'm pretty much done. Good morning, Sakura. Fuji-Nee should be coming soon, so help me serve the food."

"Okay! I'll be helping you."
Sakura sets her bag down in the living room and greets Saber.

"Yes. It was not a familiar room, but it was not a problem since I am familiar with this house."
…Oh, they're talking.
They didn't talk much yesterday, but I guess Sakura's gotten over it after one night.

"Can you get one big plate and four small ones? The salad's done, so you can serve it."

"Okay. Wow, we're having German potato salad this morning?
You're elaborate this morning, cooking Western food."

Sakura is surprised, but she scoops out the salad onto the big plate.
The salad is the only Western food I made.
…You have to understand, I'm not giving in to Saber. I'm just… proactively trying to clear the air between us.

"Hmm… Oh, it really is sweet. That's not… onion, is it?"
Licking her lips, Sakura tries to figure out the ingredients.

Her gesture surprises me.
I should be used to seeing Sakura sample my food, but when she's so close, I can't take my eyes off her.

Sakura must really like it, as she happily scoops the salad onto the big plate.
There's nothing unusual about it.
The surprise fades, and I sigh with relief.

Music: Stop

"Oh, hold on, Sakura."

"Yes? What is it, Senpai?"
She's the same as always.
She's no different from yesterday.
It should not concern Sakura even if Shinji was a Master or even if her family is a family of magi.

There's no way Sakura would be involved in the conflict.
There's no way, but…
"Sakura. Let me see your right cheek."

There's a bruise on her right cheek, as if she's been punched.

There's only one person who Sakura would make excuses for.
She's been like this for a long time.
She would be strangely lively or unnaturally depressed.

It always meant Shinji was taking things out on her. When I first found out about it, I went and punched him.
…But he's never done something this bad before.
About half a year ago, I spotted a bruise on Sakura's arm.
I hit Shinji when I realized he'd done itbut he's never punched a girl's face!

I hear a sharp crack.
It seems I broke the chopsticks in my hand.

"I'm pissed. I told him never to hit his sister again, but he couldn't keep such a simple promise…!?"

"No, Senpai. You've got it all wrong. I just fell, really. I fell when Nii-san bumped into me."

He's been acting weird since last night. He's really annoyed, so he might say odd things to you."

Sakura is defending her brother.
If the person who got hit isn't complaining, I definitely can't.

…And I know why Shinji's acting strange.
Shinji was abnormal last night.
His rights as a Master were taken away, and he was humiliated by his own grandfather.
He must have taken out his anger on Sakura after he went home.

Sakura doesn't know anything.
Nobody's told her about her brother, or about the secret of the Matou family.
Thenis it safe for her to live with Shinji when he's in such a state?
He hasn't given up.
Sakura is a convenient outlet for his violent personality.

"…Um, Senpai? I'm sorry to trouble you so early in the day."
"You idiot. Don't say that."

I'm the one who caused the trouble.
I should've expected this when I fought Shinji last night.
I have to think of a way…
A way to keep Sakura smiling

Music: In the Sunlight

Sakura forces a smile as she puts on her shoes.

"Oh, don't push yourself too hard with your club activity. You always tried to go there even when you were sick, right? Just practice moderately and go sip some tea in the back. If Mitsuzuri says something, tell her I'll owe her one."

"Okay. I'm sure Captain would love that."
Sakura opens the door.
She bows and turns to leave

Music: Stop

…And walks right into the door.

Music: Today's Meal

She holds the nose she banged onto the door.

"A-Are you all right, Sakura!? Is your nose bleeding!?"
"No, I'm fine. I'd die if you saw my nose bleeding"
Sakura staggers and gets up.

Music: Stop

…It doesn't seem like it was Sakura's usual clumsiness.

Music: In the Sunlight

"…Are you really all right, Sakura? It looked like you fell. If you got dizzy, then…"

"Huh…? No, that can't be. I was just careless, so, um… this is embarrassing."

Sakura leaves, as if to shake off my worries.

I guess she's all right.
If anything, she's suffering from mental exhaustion.

"…And then there's Shinji. I can't just leave her be…"
But I have no clear solution.
I can't consult Saber, nor can I tell Sakura the truth. Fuji-Nee is out of the question, of course.

Everything I said about Shirou being smart in this path? I take it all back.

Music: Stop

The one person I can discuss anything with appears out of nowhere. It's almost too good to be true.