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Part 269: Shapeless island

Music: Midnight Interval

"…Oh. Can you go ahead to your room, Saber?"

"…? Where are you going, Shirou? Are we not finished for the night?"

"Yeah. I'll be back in a minute, so don't worry. I'm tired too, so I want to rest soon."

"I see. You must be worried about Sakura."

"Uh, I have to go take her some water. You go sleep in the room next to mine, Saber. Close the door, okay?"

"Oh, yes. It will do little good if we are not in the same room, but there is nothing to be done if you insist on being stubborn. I shall stand by in the room next to yours."

Saber looks discontented.
You're stubborn as well.

Music: Stop

I just hope he washed after.

I let out a heavy sigh.
There's only one simple explanation.
Sakura looked like she wasn't sleeping well, so I took time adjusting her blanket and bringing her fresh water.

Such simple tasks were really painful and difficult for me.
It's all because…
…Sakura looked so alluring in her sleep.

"I wish I had a blindfold or something."
That would've solved everything.
…Well, I had my eyes closed anyway, but a blindfold would've prevented me from giving in to temptation and opening them!

"Man, why am I so easily excited!?"
Man, I have a hyper imagination.
It's all Sakura's fault for growing so big.
How can she mature like that in just a year…!?

I'll close my eyes and clear my mind.
My body's tired, so I should be able to go to sleep right away

Music: Pursuing Minds

It's red.
I'm in the depths of pitch black sleep, but there's someone in this red classroom.

Fua, haa, ahit feels good, Emiya-kunit's in so deep…! …Ah, I can feel it all the way up into my head

I hear a familiar voice.
I hear dripping sounds along with smacking sounds.

…! Ah, don't mix me upnha, hah, nhaaaaa…!

I hear a perverted voice.
I feel skin beneath my fingers.
The haze in my mind clears a bit.
…I'm sleepy.
I'm sleepy, but if I hear that voice, I have no choice but to get up.

I open my eyes.
When did the sun set?
I'm joining in her secrecy in this desolate classroom.

Finding his right hand not nearly satisfactory enough, Shirou settles into a creepy motherfucking dream the likes of which should terrify him for the rest of his days. This should be enough to make you glad that I'm sparing you further details:

Her lovely voice echoes inside my head.
As we desire each other, I will stay in this dream until the afternoon ends