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Part 27: Girl rhapsody / Tiger Dojo 2

Music: Breach

"Tohsaka, this way…!"


I take Tohsaka's hand and start running.

Tohsaka moves between me and "the thing", as if to protect my defenseless back, and…

Music: Stop

I can feel my face stiffening as I turn around.
Tohsaka coughs up blood and looks down at the sword in her chest.

"Manwhat was I doing?"
…Does she mean trying to protect me, or trying to attack Berserker?
Tohsaka tilts her head in wonder, as if she knew it was useless from the start and…
"The church. Go to Kirei."
Leaving those words, she is thrown to the ground.

"Geez, you're useless…! I told you not to kill him easily, but you can't even do that simple thing…!? You good-for-nothing, I'll kill you to your last one if you disobey my orders again…!"

Ar, gh

"Huh…? He's alive…? He's still alive even though he was thrown all the way over here…?"

I can't breathe. My backbone is smashed, I can't… breathe.

"I see. You're alive, Onii-chan. You can't use any magic, but I guess there was still a reason you were chosen as a Master.

Good. There'd be no point in me coming to Japan if it wasn't like this."

The silver-haired girl holds my head.
Her cold white fingertips freeze my skull.

In that instant, when I am turned into something that is not me,

"Fufu. I'll turn you into an ugly doll that can't even die. Onii-chan is going to take Kiritsugu's place from now on."

Voting was half and half, so I'm just showing both of them. Starting with the...

Video: Tiger Dojo 02 (mirror)

Since you all seem to be overwhelmingly in favor of videos for these, how about the quality? I compress them pretty badly, and the video quality suffers. Should I ease up a bit and just upload bigger videos?

Music: Gentle Everyday

Senior student! Your name in this dojo is senior student!

Huh? Did you hear a weird sound just now?

The game keeps little encyclopedias on both heroic spirits and weapons, although we can't see either yet. As this dojo is the only way to see the Tora-Shinai, however, this particular weapon is an exception.

Nope. Anyways, what is the theme this time, Taiga?

Yes, our topic this time is about the sudden deaths.
It's sudden, but you die easily in "Fate" if you let your guard down.

Everyone basically shows no mercy, so it's proper practice to save every time you reach a choice. Shirou's everyday life is a scramble filled with red lights.

Yeah, Onii-chan is always so unguarded. As I thought, I have to protect him.

Ouuuch! Master, that shinai really hurts! Please use a more gentle shinai!

Request denied. A girl like you who kills out of love should run around the dojo three times. At once!

What? I'm against anything tiring.

You don't want this Tiger Stamp!?

Viewing each dojo gets you a tiger stamp. Collect all the stamps on one path to unlock a special 'mini theater' in the extras menu.

Ohh. All right, I'll go.

Well. The cause of your death this time is considering to run away from that very dangerous kid.

It's kill or be killed once you meet her.
Be careful, since a half-hearted choice will bring only death.

Tiger? There's a weird cat near the dojo.

Step on its tail and drive it off.
And don't call me Tiger.

All right. I made it go somewhere.

Very well. Then we are done.

The story is just getting started. Once you get through this trouble, the battle as a Master will finally… start… or maybe it won't start yet…

Which is it?

Even the Tiger Dojo admits that the next 6 game days are ridiculously boring.

I'll try to always keep status screen updates like this at the end of the relevant post.

'Tora' means 'tiger,' by the way.