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Part 270: Nurse Sakura

Why did it happen?
I went to bed, closed my eyes, and said good night… but in the next instant, my world turned red.

It's hot.

My mom woke me up before the loud noises did.
It was bright even though it was night-time.
My dad held me as he ran through the burning hallway.

It's painful.

I heard my mom's voice behind us.
My dad told me I should be fine by myself.
He patted my head and told me to wait here.
I nodded and did as I was told.

It hurts.

It wasn't much different outside.
My eyes were hurting because everything was red.
That's why I closed them and ran. I wanted to go to a place that wasn't hot.
When I looked back, my house was no longer there.
I probably got punished because I didn't do as I was told to.

My eyes hurt.

I cried as I walked.
I had to go back to my house and wait.
But I didn't know where my house was anymore.
I raised my head which I'd kept hidden with my hands until now.

AndI finally confronted the scene.

"Ahh, guh"
My skin was hurting.
My throat hurt when I breathed in.
My skin creaked by staying alive.
I moved my legs wanting to escape, but something heavy entangled around my legs like shackles.
I knew that it's the presence of death wanting to take me.

…But it sure was hot.
My nails tearing my throat were discolored.
The air I breathed in stung my burned esophagus.
My eyes abandoned their function, and my brain was being steamed inside my skull.

It's hot.
It's hot, it's hot, it's hot, it's hot, it's hot, it's hot, it's hot, it's hot, it's hot, it's hot it's hot it's hot it's hot it's hot it's hot it's hot it's hot……!!!!

I remember now.
This place was hotreally hot.
But it was colddreadfully cold.

It passed the boiling point to reach the freezing point.
The burning blood froze up, and everything in my view was inverted.
Everything was hot.
That's why it was cold.
And still, it was ridiculously hot.

What was the cause of it?

A black sun was in the sky.
I didn't find it strange that the sun was up during night or that the sun was black.
After all, everything was inverted.
So such things should have been normal.

But I ran away.
I got scared and ran away.
I wasn't afraid of the raging fires.
Compared to that black shadow, burning up and dying seemed like a human death.
That's why I ran away.
I knew I'd be taken someplace even worse if that thing caught me.

"It was a dream."
I sigh with relief in my futon.
How many years has it been since I sighed with relief after seeing a nightmare?

"…But… that was a vivid dream."
My temples feel hot.
I used to have this nightmare all the time.

…It all happened ten years ago.
Back then, my memories of the event were still terribly vivid, and I would wander through the fire every time I fell asleep.
I thought I would never be able to forget about that day.
That sky, the smell of the burning air, the surrounding wall of fire… Everything was real again once I fell asleep.

That doesn't change even now.
But the vividness should change.
Wounds heal, and memories fade.
For the past few years, all I saw when I had that dream was a field of red.
Why did my dream contain as far as the smell of the burning air?

And what was that?
I don't remember such a thing, nor do I recognize it.
No, first of all, I did not see such a thing.

"I'll get up. I'll wash my face and clear my mind."
My body is sweaty, probably because of the dream.
My pajamas are damp with my sweat, and my head feels light.

…My arm feels heavy.
I realize that I don't even have the strength to get up.

"Heywhat's going on?"
Damn, even talking takes effort.
When I place my hand on my forehead, I realize that it's hot.

"…Wow. Did I catch a cold…?"
I'm surprised.
This is the first time I've caught a cold.
I've had bruises pretty often, but I've never caught a cold.

"…That must be why I had such a dream. My body was hot, so the dream was hot as well."

Oh, that makes sense.
My head is blank, so it's natural for me to dream such a

Music: Gentle Everyday

W-W-W-W-Wait, what am I just lying around for!!!???

"Why!? How can this be!?"
I jump up.
I check inside my futon.
This isn't the time to worry about little things like being sick.
I have to check something far more important.

If "it" happened, I have to go take a bath, bleach and dry the evidence, or it'll hinder my future ability to have a say in anything.
To put it simply, the value of the Emiya Shirou stock in this house will plummet.

"Wait. It doesn't seem like it."
There's no one in my futon with me, and there's nothing wrong with my body.

"…It was a dream. Yeah, it had to be."
…I didn't go to school in my sleep, nor would Tohsaka ever want to… um… do it with me.
So it had to be a dream.
I have my pajamas on, and Saber was sleeping in the room next to mine!

"…Yeah. There's no way Saber would miss me leaving the house."
I sigh with relief.
The strength floods out of me, and I fall back to the futon.

"Shirou…? What was that sound?"
I hear Saber's voice from the other side of the door.
That's all it takes to alert Saber, so that had to be a dream. It's a dream. It's soooooo a dream. I'll never be able to look Tohsaka in the eye again if it's not.

"Y-Yo. Good morning, Saber."
I try to act calm.

"What is wrong, Shirou? It is not like you to greet me lying down."
"Well, something unexpected happened."

Saber tilts her head in wonder.
It's great that the whole event was just a dream, but the troubles keep coming.
My body feels heavy, and I can't stand up. How will I make breakfast?

Music: In the Sunlight

She gives me her diagnosis after looking at the medical thermometer.
…Well, that's about what I expected, but I didn't know a cold could make your body feel so heavy.

"So, does it hurt anywhere else? Does your throat or head hurt?"
"…? No, nothing like that. It's just that my body feels heavy and hot. Is that weird?"

"Hmm… I guess we should just be glad that nothing's hurting.
Then again, you might not have noticed the pain because you're the type who just deals with it. …I'll have some other medicines ready, just in case."

Fuji-Nee takes out some cold medicine and cough drops from the first-aid kit.
She's good at treating wounds, but I guess she's not used to treating sick people.

"Thanks, Fuji-Nee. And I'm sorry. I don't think I can cook breakfast."

"Don't say such a stupid thing. Which do you think is more important, food or Shirou? It's good Saber-chan came and got me. I would've been really mad if you tried to make breakfast like that."

I think we all know the real answer here.

Saber is so thinking about breakfast right now.

…And she's right. That should have been obvious.

"And you don't have to worry about food. Sakura-chan made some rice porridge for you, so you can eat that when you get hungry."
"What…? Sakura made some rice porridge…?"
…That must mean she's feeling better.

"Are you all right, Sakura? You seemed to be doing worse than me."

"You don't need to worry since I've recovered.
I wasn't scared at all at night, and I got a good night's sleep. It's all thanks to your treatment."

…That's good to know.
I thought she would take longer to get over the cold, but I'm glad she recovered in one night.

"Ohhh, I forgot about that. Sakura-chan was the one with the cold yesterday, wasn't she?"
"Huh…? That's true… but what about it? Stop making that face."

"Huh? What do you mean by that?"

"Oh, you don't get it? Sakura-chan's recovered, right? Then you must've done something. I hear that you recover from a cold if you give it to someone else."

I look at Sakura in confusion.

And I finally understand what Fuji-Nee is talking about.

"A-A-A-A-A-A-Are you stupid!? I just gave her some medicine yesterday…! Don't even joke about it, Fuji-Nee! That's rude to Sakura…!"
I can tell that my face is getting red.
My temperature shoots up another degree.

"…That's offending as well, but I'm glad the misunderstanding has been cleared up."

"Good, good. Then I'll report to the school about your absence, so you're to rest today. Please take care of Shirou, Saber-chan.
He'll keep trying to do something if you let him be, so you'd better just tie him to the futon."

"That is my intention. I am to look over him so that he does not escape, and feed him appropriately?"

"Wow, that's a scary way to put it, but you have the right idea. Please do."

Saber nods silently.
…Is it just me, or did I feel a chill run up my spine?

"Well, just listen to what Saber-chan tells you until we get home. I'll buy you something nutritious for dinner, so you're going to rest today and cure that cold of yours."

Fuji-Nee smiles at me while making unreasonable demands.
I notice Sakura behind her, looking like she wants to say something.

Music: Stop

Fuji-Nee waves goodbye and leaves.

Music: Tender Scenery

Even though it's past 7:30, Sakura comes to my room.

"Sakura? It's 7:30 already. You won't make it unless you leave soon."

When I realize she has the same expression as before…

"Um, Senpai. Can I stay here?"
…She raises her head and asks me a question.

Staying here means she's not going to school, right?

"…Oh. Are you still a bit sick?"

"……No, the fever's gone. But, um…"
Sakura's words trail off.

She does look a bit pale, and it seems impossible that she could recover in only one night.

"I see, so you were sick after all. But is it all right?
Don't you have to call the school and let them know?"

"…No. Um, I'm thinking of skipping."
She's going to be skipping… school?

"Why? You're sick, so you're not skipping school. You have to stay home if you're not feeling well."

Sakura hangs her head even more.
I don't get it.
What does Sakura want to tell me?

"U-Um. I think you caught the cold because of me."
"What? You actually believe Fuji-Nee's ridiculous story? Don't worry, it's not true. I take walks during the night, so that must've been it."

"I-I still don't care. …I'm feeling well, so I want to skip school and take care of you to show my appreciation for what you did for me yesterday…!"
She's so tense that she might shatter if I poke her.

I guess Sakura feels responsible for my cold.

To be honest, it's relieving to have Sakura here.
Saber has to sleep, so it'll be a big help if she can prepare my medicine and stuff.

"Um, Senpai…?"
"Okay, please do, Sakura."

"Y-You're right. Saber-san is here, so there's nothing I can do here

Huh, Senpai?"
"Yeah. Please take care of me, Sakura."

"Yeah. Saber has jetlag, so she sleeps during the day. It'll be a huge help if you can cook lunch."

I-I'll do my best, Senpai!"