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Part 272: A simple question

...and back to Day 6 for today's update.

Music: In the Sunlight

As soon as I try to get up, suspecting that my illness was simply caused by malnutrition…

"Oh, no, Senpai! You have to rest until your fever goes away."
…Sakura comes to check up on me.

I'm still resting because Sakura is dead set on looking after me, and to be honest, I'm still feeling a bit sluggish.

After bringing me the rice porridge, Sakura left the room, saying that she had something to do.
Saber is resting in the living room right now.
She was keeping watch in this room, but I had her move to the living room so that I could have a little peace of mind.
She objected, but then relented when I told her it'd only be for today.

"I'm getting better thanks to you. My body still feels heavy, but my fever's gone."

"That's good. Then you won't need to take any medicine. All you have to do now is to eat good food and rest."

Sakura goes into the next room and brings in a new futon.

"…? What are you doing, Sakura?"

"I'm getting a new futon. You've been sweating all day, so I thought you might want a clean one."
She lays the futon next to me in a skillful manner.
It doesn't stir up any dust, to my surprise.

"It's ready, Senpai. Please move over here. …Oh, you need to change before that. I'll go dry this futon, so please get changed while I'm gone."

Sakura prepares new pajamas for me in a flash.

S-She's perfect!
It's not just that she's good at this or that she's attentive.

"I did. I know I shouldn't be saying this, but I'm glad you skipped school today.
I really do have a better opinion of you now."

"That's natural. It's been almost a year and a half since I started coming here, so I know all about your house."
Sakura puffs with pride.
Her confident expression makes me smile.

"I see. Then I'll leave the futon to you. I'll act as a sick person and do as you say."

"Please do. I'm going to go cut some apples for you after I dry the futon, so look forward to it."
Carrying the futon I've been laying on, Sakura goes out into the hallway.

"Wow, she took all of it in one load."
Her enthusiasm surprises me, and I pick up the new pajamas.

I should towel myself off, change, and wait in the futon until Sakura comes back.

Music: Time Together

"Geez. You can't push yourself, Senpai."
…Sakura scolded me, and I have to keep lying here even though I'm recovered.

Haha, how cute, he thinks he's recovered. Someone hasn't read Tsukihime.

"So, did Saber help?"

"Yes. She said she was tired of doing nothing, so she helped me clean the guest rooms."
"I see. I kind of wanted to see Saber wring a floor cloth.
Did you two clean the hallway?"

"Yes. We both worked hard. Saber-san was saying something about how it was useful, though."
Sakura laughs, as if she's a bit troubled.
Even though she's used to Saber now, it seems she's still not entirely comfortable around her.

"…Well, thanks for your hard work. But don't push yourself too hard, okay? You just got over a cold. It's hard enough just to treat me, so you don't have to go around cleaning my house."

"That's not true. I spend my mornings here, and you always treat me to dinner. It's perfectly natural for me to clean this house, because…"

I'm part of this family.
Sakura murmurs, as if she wishes for it to come true.

"I'm sorry I was so reserved. There's nothing wrong with a family member nursing me back to health.
I'd do the same for you if you got sick, no matter how much you complained.
So it was stupid of me to be reserved."
Reflecting on my actions, I can only apologize.

The conversation stops.
After gasping for a brief second…

"Yes. I'm glad you understand. I think you treasure others too much."
…Sakura smiles happily and adjusts my blanket.


Music: Stop

That makes me realize.
Why this house is always clean…
Why even the unused rooms are maintained and feel lively…

Sakura. My friend's younger sister.
The girl I've come to know so well has protected my house even more than me.
Every day has been peaceful for the past year and a half.
…I probably didn't notice because it felt so natural.
But Sakura brought something that Fuji-Nee and I couldn't achieve by ourselves.

…Is it because of my fever, or because Sakura's so happy to take care of me?
Looking at Sakura's smile warms my heart and makes me drowsy.

Whatever she just said, it made my heart jump.


W-Were you awake…!?"
Sakura quickly jumps back.
I can feel myself blushing at her surprised reaction.

"Uh, um, Sakura…"

"I-I didn't say anything! I didn't say anything! Um, I was looking at your face because… um… yes! I was trying to take your temperature!"
Sakura takes out the medical thermometer in a hurry.

She must be in a panic, as she tries to pin me with one hand while holding the thermometer in the other.

I feel something soft.
…Um, I think it's Sakura's breasts rubbing against me.

H-Hold on, Sakura!!!"

I roll out of the futon using all my might.
I have to get away from Sakura's breano, from Sakura!

"I-It's fine! I can do that myself, so you stop right there!"

"…? If you say so.
Here's the thermometer, Senpai."

I can feel my face burning as I protest.


"Yesterday's dream?"
I must have acted really strange, as Sakura looks at me dubiously.

"Uhh… um. I had a bad dream.
I don't want to recall it right now, so please leave me alone. It's not your fault, okay? It's just that I need more training."

Sakura gapes at me.
…It's only natural. Anyone would be stunned in this situation.

"Um, Senpai. What kind of a dream was it?"
I-I can't tell her about such a dream…!